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Don’t eliminate our future. Give us the Dream Act

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I’m grateful that I’m a citizen of the United States and I want all youth in our country to have the advantage of good education even if it costs me more. Why are the people representing the 12 District in the State Legislature opposing the Dream Act? Only they know the real reason. It appears as if most opposition to the Dream Act is within the Republican Party. I’m hope none of those representing us in the State Legislature are actually against education as such. The Dream Act is a legislative act to provide higher education for all children and eliminate the restrictions that have been placed on certain segments of our society.

I would encourage the three people representing the 12th District to work for passage of the Dream act and not oppose it because of Party loyalty or for fear of loosing the next election. For a few more years, the 12th “District will remain a Republican stronghold. The Future of the State of Washington and the Nation is at risk if educational opportunities are denied to some living within our boarders. Education opens the minds offering benefits for all not just the students directly involved. An effective learning process promotes a productive future and a civil democracy. What is obviously good for all should never be withheld from a few no matter the status of their citizenship.

The countries placing a high priority on education are the countries who will lead the world politically, socially and scientifically in the coming years. The United States is falling further behind in many categories because too many in our society have dedicated their efforts to protecting their tribes such as their religious tribe, their financial tribes and the most dangerous of all their political tribes. When those who can impact decisions live in fear of providing equal opportunities it destroys the future for everyone.

We need to begin thinking of our World as one family. It is obvious to those with a clear vision we must work together to improve all aspects of society and not restrict education and advancements to those who have reached a certain class structure within our society. To protect what we have received with a determination to deny others new opportunities gradually destroys humanity. Those with a shortsighted agenda enjoy brief feelings of ego victory before the pain of selfishness becomes obvious. 

Perhaps the State of Washington should change the name of the Dream Act to The Assurance for our Future Act. The Dream Act perhaps gives the impression of wanting to help those dreaming for a better future. It is clear, that for many within the Republican Party, helping diverse groups of people is not popular. Only the paranoid who live in fear of loosing the competitive edge act in a way as to deny education for some of our great youth. Working together always results in improving life for all. Those representing us in the 12th District should do what is best for our State and our Nation and not just what is expedient for party unity.