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Capitalism is being manipulated

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Pharmaceutical companies have informed us that they may not develop new antibiotics. Our over use of existing antibiotics has caused increasing health challenges. When profit is the only motivation the potential need for new antibiotics required for continue health is ignored on the basis of maximizing profits for those in control.

Pharmaceutical companies are just one example of the capitalistic system gone wrong. When profits rather than human need become the prime incentive everyone suffers. The system has been manipulated to favor the corporate executives and investors. Unfortunately, many benefit from corporate greed so there is insufficient public pressure to change the system.

Corporations are not moral entities. Their obligation is to produce profits for the investors and their incentive is not guided by compassion or morality. Profits are OK but if profits are the only motivation for our existence, the quality of our life will decrease, the capitalistic system will fail and life itself may cease to exist.

Seed companies aren’t interested in feeding the hungry or the welfare of the family farm. They are interested in profits. Now more than ever their determination is to monopolize the control and ownership of hybrid seeds so even greater profits can be realized.

Beef and chicken producers want quick production with maximum growth with the lowest cost per unit. If poultry or beef can be raised with higher profits by utilizing chemicals and antibiotics along with the poor treatment of animals, profits will always determine their actions.

Apple production with greater profits can be realized through the use of chemicals to produce the perfect apple even if the health of the orchard worker is compromised. Residual chemicals in apples can potentially harm the chemical sensitive consumer but the percentages of people hurt is low so collateral damage is accepted.

Even our education system has fallen prey to commercialism. Profits can drive the system rather than learning outcomes. In some areas charter schools have become a major source of profit to increase the wealth of the 1%. Charter schools have minimal local control and maximum profit potential so why not make money rather than educate. Even textbooks are edited to satisfy strong political forces maximizing profits for publishing companies rather than providing honest instructional material.

Government regulations are not the problem. The challenge facing the capitalistic system is the manipulation of the system by the ‘few’ along with corporations spending huge sums of money influencing the decision of the many to accept the greed of the manipulators. Many people refuse to accept the necessity of government involvement in our lives but without government involvement our welfare may be lost because of the greed of the powerful. We don’t like government involvement but let’s be honest when the desire for profits becomes the prime motivation the decision process does not provide the natural controls for a healthy capitalistic system to survive. 

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