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Creation and Evolution are partners

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I believe that God created the heavens and the earth. God also involved evolution in the creative process. I don’t see a conflict with this partnership. It’s unfortunate that some people insist on reading the bible literally regarding all subjects. The Bible is an account of the ultimate love relationship not scientific concepts. The Bible stimulates our thoughts and emotions to struggle with our God relationship not answering questions raised by those who are seeking a do-it-yourself manual concerning all aspects of living on planet earth. It is unfortunate that some who understand evolution don’t recognize the involvement of God in this process

The truth we seek should not concentrate on believing the Bible literally especially as it relates to the details of creation. We should rather concentrate on the true message of God. Creationists make it difficult for God to reach people with the real message of love, forgiveness and compassion because they insist a six day creation process is essential to their belief.

The creation narrative has distracted too many people from hearing the real God message. Loving your enemy, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoner, providing shelter for the homeless are the real messages. The more we get sidetracked from this message the more we divide humanity into groups who fight to prove their version of the truth. Once divisions are created it necessitates zeroing in on other issues to make sure correctness is well defined.

Evolution has allowed creation to take many turns and twists and make adjustments as the process moves forward. God is love and love is a mystery without human understanding. Creation and Evolution will continue to be argued but God and evolution will continue working together.