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Thanks Jack. Continue promoting Electric Vehicles

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I applaud Jack Anderson for his efforts promoting electric vehicles. You should also work to convince the local PUD’s to be more forward thinking and encourage the management and commissioners to promote the future. Since there are now options for new PUD Commissioners, why not get a commitment from the new candidates to support electric or hybrid vehicles. If Douglas and Chelan PUD’s used a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles it would encourage others to consider this excellent option.

Considering an electric vehicles or even a plug in hybrid is a challenging decision for most households. We recently purchased a Ford C-Max energi which is a plug-in- hybrid. After two months of driving we are thrilled with its performance. For several years I wanted a Chevy Volt and still feel that the Volt is an excellent technology but the practical factor of a temperamental back and an uncomfortable driver’s seat in the Volt encouraged us to look at other options. I realize the driver’s seat should not determine future technology but unfortunately it is critical to the driver.

A pure electric vehicle has technological challenges of having limited driving range. Since we could not afford two vehicles and since we wanted to reduce our use of fossil fuel the plug-in-hybrid was our solution. We have solar panels producing 400 KWh per month. We estimate the C-Max energi consumes 60 to 80 KWh per month for charging. We have driven 1000 miles in the two months since its purchase and the on-board computer indicates an average gasoline consumption of 204 miles per gal. We rarely drive more than forty miles in a round trip. Our daily driving requirements are ideal to maximize the efficiency of the C-Max energi. If our transportation required consistent longer trips the miles per gallon would definitely decrease.

If you can’t afford two cars and are considering an electric vehicle the challenge is determining your daily driving requirements and perhaps be willing to adjust your driving habits. You mat need to consider public transportation or rentals for some of your transportation needs unless you have a second vehicle. Even with increased numbers of charging stations, it is not likely that most people will be willing to stop for forty minutes to charge batteries every forty or eighty miles. If your finances or driving habits don’t allow consideration of an electric vehicle at least consider a plug-in-hybrid.