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Leita A. Crossfield | Writer Profile Series: Ronald Griffith

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About the author: Age: 72, retired and lives in Wenatchee


Q: What type of writing you do?

A: I write short stories for the Senior Center Writer’s Group, short stories based on my life experiences, scripts for a video I made for Twin Rivers Productions, formerly Senior T.V.

Q: What are some recent projects or works in progress?

A: I’ve made a video of Make A Difference Day now being shown on channel 98 (community access) on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. 4 and 8 p.m this month. I’ve done videos for Twin Rivers on my missionary trips to Cuba, Belize, Ethiopia and a sister city trip to Misawa, Japan. I’ve also had three articles published in the Good Life magazine, one on Cuba, Belize and Russia. I just e-published my book of my Army experiences titled “Four And Out.”

Q: What led you to write?

A: When I was on the road long-haul trucking in 2002 to 2005, I started writing about my experiences in the Army Security Agency. I also had numerous pictures from my Army experience. I decided I wanted to share them. This evolved into my e-book with 80 full-color pictures of my time in the Army. I also joined the Senior Writer’s Group at the Senior Center four or five years ago.

Q: Why do you write/what inspires you?

A: I’ve had many life experiences I want to share with my friends. There is also the possibility I could make some money from my writing.

Q: Who or what has influenced your writing?

A: The Senior Center Writer’s Group has provided a lot of feedback on the stories I’ve written.

Q: How does the local area (North Central Washington) impact your writing?

A: I was born in Wenatchee and have considered it my home. My parents moved here from Okanogan County around 1939 and are buried here. I have either produced or will produce several short videos based on the pictures I’ve taken over the years. I have one on the Tyee Fire and the Appleyard Explosion. I have pictures from the Hanford “B” Reactor and Apple Blossom floats from the late 50s. I also have other material especially about trucking I’ll be making into a video or two.

Q: What is the writing project or work you are most proud of and why?

A: My book. If I were going to do it again, I would have a printed copy with black and white pictures. Almost every documentary book or video is about combat or direct combat operations. As I understand it, it takes seven men to support one in combat. Very little has been written about those activities. I also have an interesting twist because I was in the top-secret world of the Army Security Agency.

Q: How often do you write?

A: I continue to write short stories for the Writer’s Group. I will do additional work on videos for Twin Rivers.

Q: What is something that people probably don’t know about you that might surprise them?

A: In the spring of 2007 I had a minor stroke. At that time, I lost fine motor skills in my right hand and the ability to talk. Within 10 days I had recovered to the point my speech appears normal, most of the time. I still struggle with my speech and I can’t do what I used to do. Most of the time you wouldn’t recognize the small defects I notice. Two months after I suffered the stroke, I was on my way to Thailand on a mission trip.

Leita A. Crossfield is the project coordinator of the Writer Profile Series on behalf of Write On The River, www.writeonthe Contact her at 425-344-7599 or Leita writes about community, culture, and women’s issues.

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