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For the record: Real estate

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Chelan County commercial sales

Aug. 8

DLN LLC, 437 E. Penny Road, Wenatchee, $161,161, sold to OK Properties LLC

Aug. 13

Jack C. Rolen, 3601 Selfs Road, Cashmere, $250,000, sold to Country Cabins and Mobile Park LLC

Aug. 15

Stemilt Growers Inc., 123 Ohme Garden Road, Wenatchee, $1,592,000, sold to Cusick Holding LLC

Aug. 16

Cusick Holding LLC, 305 Ohme Garden Road and 2809 Euclid Ave. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $1,152,000, sold to Stemilt Growers Inc.

Aug. 23

Stevens Properties LLC, 200 Wapato Court, Manson, $675,000, sold to Mark and Tammy Van Dyke

Aug. 24

Douglas and Martha Funk and Jeff S. Kerr, 405 Ohme Garden Road, Wenatchee, $227,405, sold to Jeffrey S. and Mary E. Kerr

Carol George et al, Property ID 64252, South Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, $135,000, sold to Wenatchee Avenue Properties LLC

Aug. 28

Jerome J. Jefferson Jr., 1806 Rocklund Drive, Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Steve D. and Leigh Jessica Smith

Aug. 29

Daniel Durham, 1709 Madison St., Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Forrest and Anne Crain

Aug. 30

Debra L. Downing, 727 S. Mission St. (two parcels), $400,000, sold to Wilson Center LLC

Chelan County residential sales

Aug. 1

Jeffrey B. Ramshaw, 750 Kings Court, Wenatchee, $375,000, sold to Thomas and Jacqueline Andrewjeski

George R. Scherer TRT, 304 N. Garfield Ave., Wenatchee, $115,000, sold to Maria Tiznado

Mable L. Smith, 5883 Kimber Road, Cashmere, $233,500, sold to Steve W. and Carol J. Lautensieger

Jorilyn C. Delvo, 320 Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $270,000, sold to John J. and Hannah R. Schons

Commercial Street Properties LLC, 1213 Commercial St., Leavenworth, $129,000, sold to Commercial Street Estates LLC

Benton Burnett, 8590 Ludwig Hill Road, Peshastin, $150,000, sold to Roger Gifford

Gene Bendotti, 2669 Sumac Lane, Chiwawa River, $320,000, sold to Dimitri J. and Barbara N. Berk

Altmann Family LLC, 200 Crescent St., Chelan, $480,000, sold to Brian S. and Tamara L. Slettvet

Julie K. Tugwell, 24 Dietrich Road, Chelan, $330,000, sold to David R. and Jennifer K. Soderstrom

Richard A. Sundholm, 103 N. Park and Woodin Ave., Chelan, $10, O Towers Wholesale LLC

Aug. 2

Albert O. Sherman et al, 2321 Riter St., Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Joshua D. and Leah M. Jorgensen

Steven A. Minkler, 440 Sunnyslope Heights Road, Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Timothy M. and Sandra A. Clark

John A. Windus, 1601 Maiden Lane, A-102, Wenatchee, $172,500, sold to Allen and Ann Bridges

Brian and Sarah Behle, 512 Birch St., Leavenworth, $342,000, sold to Joy L. Juelson

Scott and Chandra Raab, 2306 W. High St., Chelan, $305,000, sold to Tyler and Maureen Boswell

James A. Yates, 13490 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $825,000, sold to Larry D. Allen

Jerry Martin, 120 Roses Lake Lane, Manson, $525,000, sold to Ronald Pilkinton

J. Michael Walker, 105 S. Elliott Ave., Wenatchee, $215,000, sold to Craig and Heather Currie

Aug. 3

Dennis D. Williams, 3644 Ridgeview Blvd., Wenatchee, $405,000, sold to Rebecca J. Heath

Robert H. Zahnd, 110 Icicle Road, H, Leavenworth, $148,000, sold to Travis and Monica Watson

John Mantz, 18846 Alpine Acres Road, Plain, $230,000, sold to Diane E. and Roger M. Perry

Wade C. Watkins, 2850 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $650,000, sold to Inku Hwang and Michele L. Sandberg

Frank Needles, 323 E. Iowa St., Chelan, $150,000, sold to Xochilt Valle and Carmen Narvaez Jose Del Valle

Aug. 6

Gregory C. Zacher, 2603 Austin Court, Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Mary and Rick Cozzalio

Myrtle G. Manor TRT, 2112 W. Terrace Ave., Chelan, $900,000, sold to Carlson and Carlson Properties LLC

Aug. 7

Ponhee A. Whaley Revocable Living Trust, 100 Quail Lane, Cashmere, $221,000, sold to Susan L. Gubsch

Ronald T. Pfiefle, 1410 Benoy Ave., Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Michael A. and Carolyn D. Beckwith

Ken MacDonald, 527 Pine St., Leavenworth, $210,000, sold to Mathew H. Karrer

Glen A. Kieso, 21840 Pinto Lane, Plain, $225,000, sold to Robert M. and Vernita L. Parker

Evergreen Property Management Inc., Property ID 62109, Lavender Court, Wenatchee, $5,000, sold to Stephen and Virginia Fiedler

Aug. 8

Serena Everts, 374 Highway 150, Chelan, $635,000, sold to Timothy I. and Julia P. McCord

HSBC Bank USA NA, 1115 Highland Drive, Wenatchee, $120,199, sold to Jake C. Miller

Juan L. Montes, 1127 Glenwood Ave., Wenatchee, $193,000, sold to Bank of New York Mellon

Aug. 9

Allan C. Berg, 3248 Allen Lane, Peshastin, $180,000, sold to Nicholas A. Tidwell

Federal National Mortgage Association, 512 E. Johnson Ave., Chelan, $89,000, sold to Levi Heyen

Jonathan Christopher and Lisa N. VanDerVeen, 617 Yakima St., Wenatchee, $152,000, sold to Todd and Alicen K. Gaytly

Joel L. and Dianna S. West, 1308 Kittitas St., Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to Ana E. Delgado and Claudia L. Delgado

Dan J. and Shawnee Moon, 2047 Methow St., Wenatchee, $206,000, sold to Joseph M. and Jennifer E. King

Aug. 10

Ruth Lamkin, 900 Stewart St., Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Walter Delgado

Susan Parker, 330 S. Division St., Cashmere, $186,000, sold to Douglas T. Martinson

Wayne and Eileen Allan, 2003 N. Broadway, Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to Dion Gotti et al

Donald W. Dodson, 10791 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $150,000, sold to Lester J. Stoltz et al

W. Joyce Pittsinger and Diane S. Verschueren, 7870 Stine Hill Road, Dryden, $321,000, sold to Andrew and Lisa Woods

Milda F. Russell, 915 Sunrise Drive, Manson, $175,000, sold to Vincent J. and Jolynn Geglia

George F. Leonhard, 75 Purtteman Gulch Road, Chelan, $85,000, sold to David and Janice Ellis

Robert L. Box, 201 S. Elliott Ave., 5, Wenatchee, $131,000, sold to Ruth Lamkin

Irene Morton, 201 S. Elliott Ave., 19, Wenatchee, $134,900, sold to Richard W. and Guenivere G. Foss

Aug. 11

KISA Investments LLC, 207 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $174,500, sold to Thomas Dougan and Sunni M. Couch

Aug. 12

Brooks M. and Gracia Gilbertson, 22006 Stirrup Road, Plain, $220,000, sold to Richard G. and Cindy Fowler

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 555 Saddle Rock Loop, Wenatchee, $260,900, sold to Justan L. Ham

Aug. 13

Abbey N. Smeltzer, 1018 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $134,500, sold to Joshua Zesiger

James McLaughlin et al, 4301 Anna Lane, Wenatchee, $385,000, sold to Devin S. and Nina E. Flavin

Monika Claire and Kirk Daniel Nicolson, 5960 Campbell Road, Peshastin, $108,444, sold to Kirk D. Nicholson and Michelle Gilmore

Aug. 14

George H. Rock, 11630 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $299,900, sold to Gary E. Crome and Christina L. Cavara

Robert and Sharon Hild, 351 High- point Lane, Chelan, $599,000, sold to Jay and Stephanie L. DeNoma

Kathryn Bangs, 16 Summercreek Place, Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Feaver Family Trust

Stella May Sherrill, 3965 Squilchuck Road, Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Aaron D. and Julie K. Seabright

Aug. 15

Tony Ray Miller et al, 17 Sunburst St., Wenatchee, $252,500, sold to Nathaniel M. and Joan E. Symonds

Opal M. Sweeney Trustee, 1250 Gallers St., Wenatchee, $158,000, sold to Roger P. and Nona K. Crites

Chang-Lin Xiao, 1905 Hideaway Place, Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Juan Manuel Martin and Lisbet Ramirez

W.W. Lindberg, 1531 Alpensee Strasse, Leavenworth, $449,500, sold to George J. Dunn Jr. and Nancy J. O’Brien-Dunn

Brian and Jennifer Shelton, 22112 Appaloosa Lane, Leavenworth, $68,000, sold to Steven and Karma Chelini

James Handly, 300 S. Elliott Ave., No. 13, Wenatchee, $162,500, sold to Joel and Dianna West

Charles M. Bork 201 S. Elliott Ave., No. 26, Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Beatrice L. Tait

Aug. 16

Keith A. Mickelson et al, 212 Brandi Lane, Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Darcy and Suzanne J. Haisly

Donald and Sandra Piro Trustee, 4041 Lakeview Place, Chelan, $485,000, sold to Eric M. and Kristi L. Cundy

Timothy and Sarah M. Stensby, 3430 Highway 150, Manson, $502,125, sold to HJI Chelan LLC and G3 Chelan LLC

James and Raynette Lewis Trustee, 12430 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $450,000, sold to Dale Mazon

Sunnyslope Meadows LLC, 151 Sunny Meadows Loop, Wenatchee, $90,000, sold to Curt James Taylor and Kate Elizabeth Scherer

Aug. 17

Susan L. Gubsch, 115 Oak St., Cashmere, $197,000, sold to Manuel J. and Rosa G. Brito and Sandra Brito

Shelby Lynn Robins, 7698 Roller Coaster Road, Peshastin, $274,000, sold to Mary Catherine Davis

Barbara L. Tindall, 140 Mirabella Drive, Chelan, $457,500, sold to Joseph and Gail Wenaweser and Barbara Tindall

Walter S. Tabler, 70 Division St., Manson, $385,000, sold to Curtis Lee Watson and Sharon Lee Gardner

Viola Babcock, 207 Village Drive, Manson, $255,000, sold to Renee Elia

Saddle Rock View LLC, 2134 Citation Loop, Wenatchee, $52,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Shawn Burnett

Stimac Construction Inc., 2134 Citation Loop, Wenatchee, $146,900, sold to Shawn Burnett

Aug. 20

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 212 Pennsylvania Ave., Wenatchee, $90,000, sold to Mario R. and Connie E. Fry

Jessup Home Design Inc., 281 Lilly Lane, Wenatchee, $260,000, sold to Kristi N. Bahr and Krista D. Gallentine

Kristi Bahr et al, 3432 Casandra Drive, Wenatchee, $174,900, sold to Tina M. and Ryan P. Irvine

Guild Mortgage Company, 1923 Lion Place, Wenatchee, $236,360, sold to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Darcy and Suzie Haisley, 1509 Alpensee Strasse, No. 6, Leavenworth, $360,000, sold to Roldon L. and Laura B. Gonsalves

Miles L. Merwin, Property ID 41642, Highway 150, Chelan, $3,500, sold to Donald K. and Shirley D. Franklin

Aug. 21

US Bank National Association, 1815 5th St., Wenatchee, $150,199, sold to Adam C. and Brandi M. Noble

William E. and Mary L. Cooper, 1902 Pensione Place, Wenatchee, $209,000, sold to Scott A. Becker and Andrea E. Barbknecht

James D. Wolgamuth, 14985 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $263,000, sold to Keri Anne Carlton et al

Lonny D. Kruger, 480 Nancy Way, Chelan, $285,000, sold to Nicholes John and Siriporn Thanghe

Aug. 22

Robert D. Shouse, 22307 Shetland Road, Plain, $162,500, sold to Rachelle L. and John S. Byrd

Vince and Lorre Stimac, 15472 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $1.5 million, sold to Timothy J. Bean

Alan and Carolyn Hill, 409 Dogwood Lane, Wenatchee, $305,000, sold to Diane M. and Joel A. Peters

Jeffrey L. Cockrum, 1235 Leanne Place, Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Omar and Elvia Mancilla

Aug. 23

Warren R. Smith, 5369 Highway 97, Peshastin, $195,000, sold to Nathan M. Melody

Brett R. Sisco, 22614 Corral St., Leavenworth, $287,500, sold to Tomas J. and Melissa M. Clauson

Guy P. Michelson et al, 4412 Chelan Blvd., Manson, $635,000, sold to Rob and Debbie Duvall

Conley Family Investments LLC, Property ID 64211, Stine Hill Road, Dryden, $122,000, sold to Dennis L. Conley

Aug. 24

Tom and Anne McRae, 1832 McKittrick St., Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to Lynn A. Sadler

Aug. 27

Kenneth Lathrop, 23 S. Garfield Ave., Wenatchee, $114,000, sold to Alexandria E. Graves

David D. Trammell, 20795 Kahler Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $153,500, sold to Torsten K. and Lisa L. Arnold

Rusty D. Wakefield, 122 Pinnacle Place, Chelan, $345,000, sold to Monti J. and Maryanne Ackerman

Aug. 28

Patricia A. Nash, 1247 Marble St., Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Joel B. and Sharlyn R. Shiflett

Jon and Lauri Mattsen, 289 Whitman St., C, Leavenworth, $130,000, sold to James C. Christenberry Jr.

Donald M. Barth, 1620 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $605,000, sold to Janet Lanford and James Byers

Dennis A. Augustine, Property ID 41396, Highway 150, Chelan, $4,250, sold to Robert and Jacalyn Fojtik

William I. Phillips, 808 W. Manson Road, A202, Chelan, $202,000, sold to Steven W. and Lynn M. Busser

Donald F. Paris et al, Property ID 48909, South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $75,494, sold to James E. and Marcia A. Paris

W. Harvey Simpson, 1064 Highway 150, Manson, $111,500, sold to Jerry K. and Susan K. Knipe

Nathan E. Warden, 1045 Kittitas St., Wenatchee, $167,000, sold to Robert L. and Patricia R. Johnson

William H. Cooper, 1885 Broadway Place, Wenatchee, $435,000, sold to Dale W. and Donna L. Hill

Aug. 29

Jerry D. Dodson, 5381 Majeska Lane, Cashmere, $412,000, sold to Edward M. and Bertha J. Price

Nancy J. Brady, 116 Heather Lane, Wenatchee, $340,000, sold to Patrick A. and Karen L. Roth

Ann E. Baker et al, 1201 Gallers St., Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Charles C. and Loretta Graves

Hans Norr et al, 331 Orchard St., Leavenworth, $279,000, sold to Mark E. and Sally Warrington

Bert Albert et al, Property ID 29055 on Mountain Home Road and Property ID 29056 on Dye Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $140,000, sold to David M. and Alyssa N. Smith

Brett Hoppen and Karen Griffith-Hoppen, 2102 Sage Grouse Road, Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Brookfield Relocation Inc.

Brookfield Relocation Inc., 2102 Sage Grouse Road, Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Paula J. Holt

Aug. 30

Echo Holdings LLC, 916 Main St., Leavenworth, $275,000, sold to Quilters Heaven LLC

Sarah L. Spoonemore, 8550 Nahahum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $188,000, sold to Kenneth M. and Kristine Lathrop

Kenneth A. Anderson, 12092 W. Shugart Flats Road, Plain, $325,000, sold to Michael and Cindy Beverick

Saddle Rock View LLC, 407 Saddlehorn Ave., Wenatchee, $52,000, sold to Bradley D. and Savanna Nicole Williams

Stimac Construction Inc., 407 Saddlehorn Ave., Wenatchee, $189,905, sold to Bradley D. and Savanna Nicole Williams

Aug. 31

Charles H. Kauffman and Elizabeth Brousseau, Property ID 41914, Highway 150, Chelan, $350,000, sold to Kenneth L. and Lynn M. Clenin

William L. and Sirinda L. Krueger, 212 Key Lane, Chelan, $592,500, sold to Stephen A. and Chion Antonia Dworkin

Chelan County land sales

Aug. 1

Steven Bogart, 1812 McKittrick St., Wenatchee, $80,000, 0.32 acres, sold to Jason Bollinger

Aug. 3

D. Michael Tomkins, Property ID 23419 on Northridge Drive and Property ID 23420 on Knowles Road (two parcels), Wenatchee, $75,000, 44.37 acres, sold to C&C Investment Properties LLC

Village at Lake Chelan LLC, 528 Village Drive, Manson, $65,250, 0.12 acres, sold to Gary Lee and Susan Candace Henriksen

Aug. 6

Run to the Roses LLC, 220 Roses Lake Drive, Manson, $86,621, 0.84 acres, sold to Colby R. E. LLC

Aug. 7

Steven Gray, Property ID 23182, Tripp Canyon Road, Cashmere, $75,000, 47.11 acres, sold to Gregory W. and Karen Baughman

Daniel G. and Lori L. Parker, 9120 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $60,000, 5.17 acres, sold to William C. and Stephanie K. Hill

Aug. 8

Plain Sixty Five LLC, 38 Dell Place, Leavenworth, $93,000, 2 acres, sold to Haakon R. and Jenny S. Sorensen

Aug. 9

Brooks and Gracia Gilbertson, 7183 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $205,000, 0.32 acres, sold to Bradley and Koreen McNutt

Village at Lake Chelan LLC, 602 Havenwood Drive, Manson, $57,000, 0.15 acres, sold to Lyle and Leslie Burns

Aug. 10

James M. Williams, Property ID 39618, Wending Lane, Lake Wenatchee, $69,000, 2.41 acres, sold to Robert D. and Carey Anne Erickson

Aug. 13

Glen A. Pirnat, 3155 Monterey Drive, Malaga, $30,000, 0.22 acres, sold to A Home Doctor Inc.

Michael G. Nichols, 20616 Haight Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $65,000, 0.3 acres, sold to Richard L. and Paula D. Robinson

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 72 Firenza Lane, Manson, $38,000, 0.48 acres, sold to Sylvia L. Erskine

Aug. 14

Allen Wycoff, 22409 Shetland Road, Plains, $74,500, 0.31 acres, sold to James H. and Judith A. Jordan

Kevin M. and Kaila S. Brownlee, 1517 Seneca Place, Wenatchee, 0.2 acres, sold to Chris L. and Chelsea T. Ewer

Aug. 16

Americanwest Bank, Property ID 44182, West Webster Street, Chelan, $199,950, 1 acre, sold to Old Mountain Property LLC

George F. Leonhard, Property ID 48059, Chelan Boulevard, Manson, $150,000, 2.21 acres, sold to Mark C. and Suki Heidel

Village at Lake Chelan LLC, 501 Oakwood Drive, Manson, $297,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Jeffrey and Brenda Zeiger

Robert Witheridge, 11765 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $56,000, 1.13 acres, sold to Allen N. and Pamela Kay Robinson

Aug. 17

Longview Timberlands LLC, Property ID 34637, Highway 2, Leavenworth, $475,000, 641.82 acres, sold to Western Rivers Conservancy

Aug. 20

BCW Investments LLC, 145 Deep Powder Lane, Leavenworth, $105,000, 2.5 acres, sold to Jeffrey Duzak and Joanne Birkner

Aug. 21

Gordon Irle, Property ID 22349, Mill Road, Cashmere, $50,000, 0.3 acres, sold to Jorge and Soledad Olguin

Dennis L. Pobst, Property ID 31520, 31521, 31528 and 31529, Deadman Hill Road (four parcels), Dryden, $262,500, 195 acres, sold to Willow Springs Orchards Inc.

Mason and Edel Liu, 801 Cloudless Drive, Manson, $115,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Rickey L. and Jacquelyn L. Hyler

Aug. 22

Dawn C. Fike, 8158 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $195,000, 1.01 acres, sold to Adam Jon and Allison Marie Bergstrom

Aug. 23

Brad and Keely Springer, 21306 Stetson Road, Plain, $72,000, 0.31 acres, sold to Bradley G. and Tina S. Wittman

Bradley D. Neal, 318 Village Drive, Manson, $45,000, 0.11 acres, sold to Victor C. and Beth K. Cox

Aug. 24

Wendell Carlson, 34158 Stevens Road, Stevens Pass, $500, 0.28 acres, sold to Frank W. and Fride B. Fulleton

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 56 Milan Drive, Manson, $45,500, 0.36 acres, sold to Shona Morin

Aug. 27

Family Home Properties LLC, 131 Monte Carlo Drive, Chelan, $75,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Dale and Denise Smith

Aug. 28

Longview Timberlands LLC, Property ID 34639, Highway 2, Leavenworth, $127,000, 600 acres, sold to Mike L. Dickinson

Aug. 29

Catherine J. Pariseau, Property ID 38261, North Shore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $297,850, 0.13 acres, sold to Wallace S. Gibbons

Fredio Samples, 112 Apple Ave., Chelan, $116,000, 0.32 acres, sold to Michael J. and Deborah K. Donohoe

Cascade Property Ventures LLC, 108 Hillcrest Place, Chelan, $59,950, 0.28 acres, sold to Eben L. and Jennifer J. Cox

Aug. 30

Alice E. Peterson, Property ID 20577, Camas Creek Road, Peshastin, $85,000, 5.4 acres, sold to Jasmine R. Hutchinson et al JTROS

Aug. 31

Theodore Brisbine, 437 Lars Lane, Wenatchee, $66,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Ray S. and Jennifer S. Douglas

Miller Construction Company Inc., Property ID 22323, Skyline and Valley View, Cashmere, $52,500, 0.25 acres, sold to Hector A. Gomez and Maribel Rodriguez

Longview Timberlands LLC, Property ID 32726, Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $40,000, 40 acres, sold to Cold Creek Excavation LLC

Longview Timberlands LLC, Property ID 63423, 64210, 64209 and 64208 on Stemilt Loop Road and Property ID 64040 on Jumpoff Road (five parcels), Wenatchee, $246,000, 119.2 acres, sold to A&T Mathison LLC

Donald M. Barth, Property ID 64329 and 64330, South Lakeshore Road (two parcels), Chelan, $343,156, 0.33 acres, sold to Vincent G. and Lorre A. Stimac

Douglas County commercial sales

Aug. 22

Orondo Fruit Company Inc., Parcel ID 60900000601 and 60900000603 on Highway 97, 13954 Highway 97, 214444 Highway 97, 21 Orondo Loop Road and Parcel ID 60900000901 on Orondo Loop Road (six parcels), Orondo, $2,985,100, sold to Trout-Blue Chelan-Magi Inc.

Aug. 31

Roger D. and April Taylor, 338 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $260,000, sold to Fasteners Properties Inc.

Douglas County residential sales

Aug. 1

Lynn D. Thompson, 1201 N. Grover Ave., East Wenatchee, $205,900, sold to Elmer Edward Douglas Martin

Jim Harris Construction Inc., 343 N. Newark Ave., East Wenatchee, $232,700, sold to Jerry Tanneberg

Church of the Rock of Wenatchee, 3 French Ave. and 166 9th St. N.E.(two parcels), East Wenatchee, $218,000, sold to Maria Esther Santos Cruz

Aug. 3

Stephen K. Brisbine, 151 14th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $40,000, sold to Joseph Edward and Janette Putney

Frank and Anitta Trovato, 2487 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $262,000, sold to Benjamin M. and Karen K. Ray

Joshua and Jamie Benedict, 2387 Combine St., East Wenatchee, $215,700, sold to Michael N. and Julie A. Becker

Aug. 6

Valerie Griffith, 325 N. Kansas Ave., East Wenatchee, $251,900, sold to Monty R. Griffith

Aug. 7

Lisa Day, 1494 Eastmont Ave., No. 16, East Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to One Corporation

Wayne Gifford Living Trust, 708 Daniels Drive, East Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to George A. Cox

Aug. 8

Nick and Kathryn T. Kusak, 129 Ironwood Place, East Wenatchee, $219,000, sold to Elaine F. Janes

Pershall Properties LLC, 346 N. Newton Ave., East Wenatchee, $72,900, sold to Roland G. and Shirley R. Weiss

John O. Pouley, 204 Ferry Ave., Coulee Dam, $95,000, sold to Shelly Jean Gilliland

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 667 4th St. N.E, No. L-202, East Wenatchee, $70,000, sold to Scott D. and Janice Dinham

Aug. 9

Steve Baughman, 1520 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport, $43,000, sold to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

Gabriel Urrutia Reyes, 455 9th St. N.E., Space 20, East Wenatchee, $10,000, sold to Antonio M. and Idalia Zertuche

Aug. 10

Silvia Torres, 1405 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $102,699, sold to Carlos Torres

Aug. 13

Roger W. Elton, 2498 Aviation Drive, East Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Peggy J. Hill

Aug. 14

Cherie A. and Dean T. Dieckman, 1167 3rd St. N.E., $202,000, sold to Brice D. Shipowick

Martin S. and Jeanne S. Ritter, 2800 Mikayla Lane, East Wenatchee, $605,000, sold to Kim Newton Rose

Bobby C. Gilstrap, 1405 N. Anne Ave., East Wenatchee, $195,600, sold to Martin Perales

Shirley M. Sanderson, 949 S.E. Tedford St., $135,000, sold to Sharon E. Johnson

Roger R. and Patricia K. Cook, 531 Nahalee Road, East Wenatchee, $164,000, sold to Ray L. Wainscott

Aug. 15

Joe Trollmann, 1801 Rock Island Road and Parcel ID 4100000100 on Rock Island Road (two parcels), $132,000, sold to Lane E. Frazier and Nora Abou Ammo-Frazier

Lawrence Pusey, 826 N.E. Manzanal St., East Wenatchee, $228,000, sold to Michael W. and Jericho N. Tonge

Aug. 16

Joy Ryan, 720 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $38,483, sold to Victor Garibay

Aug. 17

Jacinto Bedolla, 1929 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Darrel R. Sexton et al

Koenig Properties LLC, Parcel ID 55000000800, Blackstone Court, East Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Robert and Carolyn Faulconer

Aug. 20

Charles E. Durham Jr. and Susan Ritter, 2335 Veedol Drive, East Wenatchee, $209,500, sold to Dannie J. and Shawnee Moon

Perry W. and Debra E. Smith, Parcel ID 24210210010, Red Field Road, Waterville, $48,000, sold to Hyrum and Yolanda Stohel

Aug. 21

Donna M. MacPhail, 455 9th St. N.E., Space 27, East Wenatchee, $2,000, sold to Joseph Lavallie

Aug. 22

Dale E. and Candy L. Gullickson, 25 Cambridge Ave., Rock Island, $78,000, sold to Kevin L. Edwards

Robert D. and Vicki S. Beaty, 214 Ridgemont Drive, East Wenatchee, $184,400, sold to Rodney R. Rumbolz

Kathryn H. Little, 32 Orondo Point Lane, Orondo, $425,000, sold to Leland B. and Margaret A. Adams

Aug. 23

Robert W. and Jamie L. Akers, 1815 Manhattan Drive, East Wenatchee, $270,000, sold to Charles Jr. and Nancy Peterson

CMH Homes Inc., 2468 N.E. Nickel Lane, East Wenatchee, $75,000, sold to Robert and Jamie Akers

Aug. 24

Cari L. Helvey, 1140 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Venancio Velazquez-Pina

Edward M. and Bertha J. Price, 979 Briarwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $602,000, sold to Mardon E. and Janice F. Newman

George L. Sellar, 558 Canyon Drive, East Wenatchee, $148,000, sold to Wayne G. Mummert Sr.

Aug. 27

US Bank NA, 301 N. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $146,149, sold to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Marsha J. Nesler, 625 N. Gale Place, East Wenatchee, $190,000, sold to Saul Tovar Morales

Aug. 28

Devin R. Gooch, 103 Falcon Ridge Road, Waterville, $192,600, sold to Patrick L. Belt

Jamie M. and Adam R. Jennings, 2551 Aviation Drive, East Wenatchee, $182,500, sold to Tracy D. Gelb

Aug. 30

Amy Edwards, 1271 Wheatridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Daniel C. and Tammy L. Hollis

Scott and Sara Lienemann, 1612 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $179,900, sold to Marcus J. Orr

Daryl R. Dietrich, 320 S. Franklin Ave., Waterville, $140,000, sold to Todd Brown

David and Frances Whale, 910 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Isabel Barrera and Rosa Mendoza De Barrera

Aug. 31

Bradley N. Kesterson, 416 W. Ash St., Waterville, $114,569, sold to Freedom Mortgage Corporation

US Bank Trust NA, 410 S. Jarvis Ave., East Wenatchee, $152,900, sold to Scott P. Clifton

Douglas County land sales

Aug. 3

Jessup Home Design Inc., 3409 N.W. Cascade Ave., East Wenatchee, $251,191, 0.31 acres, sold to Manya Dobaj

Steve and Ellen Merrill, 109 Crest View Drive, Orondo, $70,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Jeremy B. and Naomi B. Jones

Aug. 6

Claudie C. Pitttack, Parcel ID 51300300200, North Aurora Avenue, East Wenatchee, $42,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Prime Construction LLC

Aug. 7

Aaron and Maxine Hickethier, Parcel ID 81400900300, Ephrata, $3,500, 0.93 acres, sold to Ron Colvin

Aug. 13

Steve and Tami Church, 9 Red Tail Drive, Chelan, $72,000, 9.33 acres, sold to Scott and Lindsay Williams

Aug. 14

Myron and Joanne Wolfington, 140 Beach Drive, Orondo, $75,000, 0.15 acres, sold to Jeffrey L. and Melanie D. Ziegler

Aug. 20

Blue Heron Shores LLC, 22 Dewie Drive, Orondo, $250,000, 1.04 acres, sold to Jeoff Ping

Walter Blake Hudson Trust, Parcel ID 81700303700, Coulee-Hartline, $700, 1.04 acres, sold to Robert Fabian Piriz

Aug. 21

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 202 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $161,000, 1.42 acres, sold to Russell S. Clark

Aug. 28

Marvin L. and Jeanette L. Manly, Parcel ID 81701106500, Coulee-Hartline, $4,000, 1.69 acres, sold to Mark and Deborah Goewey

Aakers Acres LLC, 43 Corral Creek Drive, Chelan, $95,000, 10.1 acres, sold to Raymond and Sandra Warner

Andrew and Shelly Hooper, Parcel ID 10101600300, Cambridge Avenue, Rock Island, $15,800, 0.12 acres, sold to Dale E. and Candy L. Gullickson

Aug. 29

Russ Evans et al, 470 W. Beach Drive, Orondo, $90,000, 0.24 acres, sold to Mark D. and Kristine Mitchke

Beebe Ranch LLC, 137 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $94,000, 0.82 acres, sold to Mark A. and Gina J. Blondin

Aug. 31

James M. and Patricia Ruesken, 2595 Fancher Landing, East Wenatchee, $72,500, 0.26 acres, sold to Robert D. and Klara Higgins