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For the record: Real estate

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Chelan County commercial sales

Feb. 5

Glen J. Roberts, 708 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $600,000, sold to Norman Arnold Jr.

Feb. 13

Robert O. Sailer et al, 414 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $239,000, sold to M.D. Michael and Kerry Travers

Feb. 26

Barney Nysater, 523 Ramona Ave., Wenatchee, $192,500, sold to Ismael V. Williams

Feb. 28

Robert D. Chase, 1398 Brown St. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $540,000, sold to RD6 Properties LLC

Chelan County residential sales

Feb. 1

Vanette Mrachek, 1118 Cedar St., Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Aaron and Tammi Zimmerman

Feb. 4

Leavenworth 24 LLC, 100 Ski Blick Strasse, A103, Leavenworth, $207,000, sold to Cossie L. Jr. and Kathy E. Smith

Ted and Judy Berry, Property ID 41766, Highway 150, Chelan, $5,500, sold to Gary D. and Michelle J. Lebert

US Bank National Association, 1016 W. Park ST., Wenatchee, $145,000, sold to Matthew S. and Kimberly M. Martin

Opal L. Richardson Revocable Living Trust, 300 S. Elliott Ave., No. 15, Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to James A. and Dorothy J. Thompson

Thomas E. Nadon, Property ID 64553, Highway 150, Chelan, $100, sold to Rodrigo Raul Campa Rodriguez

Feb. 5

Gary D. Carter, 1025 Canal Blvd., Wenatchee, $269,900, sold to James D. and Kristina L. Webb

Christian Chamberlin, 507 Red Apple Road, Wenatchee, $156,704, sold to American Home Mortgage Assets Trust

Feb. 6

Darren Steele, 2229 Honeysett Road, Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to Andrew and Linsday Johnston

American Home Mortgage Assets Trust, 1708 Stella Ave., Wenatchee, $133,350, sold to Flint and Jamie Hartwig

Beverly Linville et al, 12954 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $527,500, sold to Christopher D. and Heather F. Boll

Feb. 7

Fisk Family Living Trust, 103 N. Park and Woodin Ave., Chelan, $69, sold to Gene F. and Marianne L. Williams

Feb. 8

Leonard Hardman, 1929 Northfield Place, Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to Liesel Strong

Feb. 10

M.H. Raymond and Dorothy Louise Armstrong Revocable Living Trust, 1204 Gilcrest St., Wenatchee, $190,000, sold to Rod and Jane Giluntoli

Rod Giluntoli, 3013 Kona St., Malaga, $175,000, sold to Frank Robert Long

Feb. 11

Celesta A. Hatfield, 2407 Jeffrey Court, Wenatchee, $139,500, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

Mark A. Gilstrap, 3408 Highway 150, Manson, $2.3 million, sold to Rachael M. and Eric L. Sparwasser

Feb. 12

Siobhan L. Moore, 1905 Wellington Place, Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Joshua Manring

Springer Development LLC, 301 Kray Ike Court, Wenatchee, $409,000, sold to David C. and Sharon L. Abbott

Feb. 13

Darrin and Nery Rylaarsdam, 130 W. Whitman St., Leavenworth, $178,000, sold to Michael D. De Sisto

Feb. 14

Sharon A. Wilson, 118 N. Wilson St., Wenatchee, $130,000, sold to Gary P. and Marggie L. Simmons

Louella Barker, 634 Kittitas St., Wenatchee, $80,626, sold to Yale Investments LLC

West Edgemont LLC, 100 Edgemont Drive, Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Steven D. and Harriet Colwell

Feb. 15

Federal National Mortgage Association, 203 S. Western Ave., Wenatchee, $113,000, sold to Willow L. Merritt

Richard B. Kahler, 4100 South Lakeshore Road (two parcels), Chelan, $1,175,000, sold to Michael E. and Kathryn L. Stephenson

Frants Holm-Nielsen, 108 Riviera Place, Chelan, $250,500, sold to Chelan Investments Inc.

Gerhardt Family Trust, 808 W. Manson Road, C102, Chelan, $198,000, sold to David and Jennifer Glick

Louella Barker, Wenatchee, $137,500, sold to Robert Gower

Feb. 17

Glenda A. Nelson, 1235 Malaga Ave., Wenatchee, $159,900, sold to Manuel Sanchez

Feb. 18

Bollinger Construction LLC, 2109 Yarrow Road, Wenatchee, $365,000, sold to Markus J. Stockman

Feb. 19

Michael D. Hartnett, 2995 Eagle View Drive, Malaga, $246,500, sold to James Owen III and Margaret E. Walters

Feb. 20

Lawrence W. and Devra J. Hembroff, 1829 Castlerock Ave., Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to Mathew and Melissa Wisen

Glenn A. and Calla Renee Rogero, 616 Lambert St., Wenatchee, $198,000, sold to Siobhan L. Moore

Mark A. Prater, 2510 Day Drive, Wenatchee, $266,500, sold to Cory and Heather Clark

Charles R. Dengate, 1716 Terrea Court, Wenatchee, $198,500, sold to Juan D.C. Valadez and Mariana Caberera Cuevas

Ursula S. Jochim, 2642 Cottonwood Lane, Chiwawa River, $255,000, sold to Brian T. and Jean R. Davis Revocable Living Trust

Sharon K. Ware, 1415 Seneca St., Wenatchee, $92,464, sold to Michael L. Holland

Feb. 21

Grace A. Huebner, 205 Le Maister Ave., Wenatchee, $183,000, sold to Thomas and Koreen Hart

Kimberly Ferderer, 1830 North Road, Wenatchee, $575,000, sold to Marcus and Richelle Pflugrath

Kimberly Ferderer, 1830 North Road, Wenatchee, $142,000, sold to G. Dale and Kathryn E. Jessup

Dale and Kathryn Jessup Trustee, 2220 N. Western Ave., Wenatchee, $142,500, sold to G. Dale and Kathryn E. Jessup

Matthew B. Wisen, 1613 Central Ave., Wenatchee, $209,000, sold to Patrick M.N. and Ewa Tracy

Tanya L. Banks, 4824 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $182,000, sold to Kristin A. and Isaiah P. Graham

Cal V. Reed, 2103 Chiwawa Court, Leavenworth, $133,980, sold to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

North Cascades National Bank, 873 Boetzkes Ave., Manson, $200,000, sold to Travis G. Vanderpool

Marlene A. Moody, 1310 Castlerock Ave., No. 27, Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Kimberly Ferderer et al

Feb. 22

Julie M. Steele, 13543 Davis Ave., Entiat, $167,000, sold to Leonard C. and Catherine A. Davidson

Erik J. and Kerry S. Peterson, Property ID 42741, West Campbell Avenue, Chelan, $40,000, sold to Bradley Wallace and Pamela Joy Reed

Irene E. Finnigan, 304 E. Nebraska St., Chelan, $80,000, sold to Ben C. and Jo Ann Higgins

Feb. 23

Joel and Gloria Rankin, 4340 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $419,000, sold to Levi and Andrea Heyden

Frank Michael Scheble, 15670 Cedar Brae Road (two parcels), Lake Wenatchee, $390,000, sold to James Kyle Bryan

Craig R. and Cappi E. Willey, 144 Monte Carlo Drive, Chelan, $451,000, sold to Alan and Carol Karlak

Feb. 24

Karen McOmber, 6478 Tripp Canyon Road, Cashmere, $100,000, sold to Gavin and Rebecca Gear

William and Marsha Henry, 21780 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $199,000, sold to Dena L. and Robert A. Wiseman

Feb. 25

Loretta J. Flones, 1434 Crabapple Lane, Wenatchee, $185,677, sold to Arthur F. and Joyce I. Clark

Dirk L. Andersen, 12348 Bretz Road, Plain, $399,000, sold to Brett R. Thurman

Dwight S. Van Brunt, 227 E. Highland Ave., Chelan, $177,500, sold to Keith D. and Deena L. Jenkins

Allen E. and Gayla C. Barton, 1016 Fuller St., Wenatchee, $163,000, sold to Rebecca A. Molitor

Feb. 26

Morper Living Trust, 2215 Sandy Brooke, Wenatchee, $470,000, sold to Patrick and Ann Appleby

Leanna Handschke, 327 Michael Place, Wenatchee, $229,900, sold to Eric Ramey et al

James M. Butts and Carri McDermott, Property ID 45600, Woodin Avenue, Chelan, $197,500, sold to Neal B. and Keri M. Gallagher

The Lake House Chelan LLC, 402 W. Manson Road (118 parcels), Chelan, $9,926,785, sold to Worldmark The Club

Feb. 27

Sunrise Mountain Enterprises LLC, 718 Cherry Court, Wenatchee, $153,000, sold to Geoffrey Bullis

Michael E. Sr. and Rebecca J. Calkins, 828 Beacon Road, Wenatchee, $410,000, sold to Larsen Family Trust

Chad and Kimberly Elfstrom, 101 Eldorado Court, Chelan, $425,000, soldto Ronel and Jody Aquino

Randall and Vickie Anderson, 1265 Johnson St., Wenatchee, $170,000, sold to Fernando Coss-Palomino

Monte R. Lee, 1006 Walker Ave., Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Yale Investments LLC

Kevin and Julianne Precht, 1735 Vista Linda Terrace, Wenatchee, $375,000, sold to Leslie B. and Elizabeth Joan Slack

Feb. 28

Michael and Amy Everson, 5571 Squilchuck Road, Wenatchee, $73,000, sold to Jason and Joanna Hess

Bank of New York Mellon, 3509 Hansel Lane, Peshastin, $85,000, sold to Gary and Cynthia Collins

William A. Tucker, 62 Avalon Terrace, Wenatchee, $435,000, sold to Joseph Delvo Credit Shelter Fund

David and Denise Nichols Truste, 2612 Larch Drive, Leavenworth, $374,000, sold to Kelly L. Yamamoto and Anthony B. Reistad

Paul L. and Debbie L. Volkmann, 20 Dietrich Road and Property ID 42570 and 42571 on Lord Acres Road (three parcels), Chelan, $770,415, sold to KLN Investment Properties LLC

Chelan County land sales

Feb. 1

CAP Investments Inc., 187 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, $42,000, 0.29 acres, sold to Kenneth J. Tincher

Feb. 4

Shannon C. Prater, 18040 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $170,000, 0.41 acres, sold to Mark D. and Tamara L. Babcock

Feb. 5

Ruth and Ronald Lindmark, Property ID38542 and 38543, Braeburn Road (two parcels), Lake Wenatchee, $27,000, 0.34 acres, sold to Kenneth William and Kathy M. Anderton

Feb. 6

Springer Development Inc., 214 Sabio Way, Chelan, $95,000, 0.32 acres, sold to Ali and Lisa Moayeri

Feb. 8

Gerald Perkinson, Property ID 50507, Union Valley Road, Chelan, $65,000, 8.16 acres, sold to Jacqueline Craw

Feb. 12

Theodore Brisbine, 109 Pheasant Canyon Court, Wenatchee, $85,000, 1.1 acres, sold to William E. and Lori L. Knight

Mountain Brook Investments, 125 E. Mountain Brook Lane, Wenatchee, $100,000, 2.39 acres, sold to Roberts Construction LLC

Roger E. Gould et al, 734 Golf Course Road, Chelan, $50,000, 0.33, sold to Jeffery A. and Carol J. Bus

Feb. 13

Mountain Brook Investments, 127 E. Mountain Brook Lane, Wenatchee, $75,000, 0.53 acres, sold to Roberts Construction Inc.

Feb. 15

Jeff and Shelly Oberfelder, 80 Rolling Rock Road, Chelan, $89,000, 1.7 acres, sold to Home Doctor Inc.

Feb. 16

Phillip C. Stout, 18001 Bradshaw Lane, Leavenworth, $130,000, 3.03 acres, sold to Thomas and Beverly Asaif

Feb. 18

Joseph Anderson, 70 Two Rivers Road, Entiat, $145,000, 5 acres, sold to Brian D. and Laura L. Eslinger

Feb. 20

Cashmere Valley Bank, 110 Granite Ridge Loop, Chelan, $80,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Chelan Lookout LLC

Springwater Homes LLC, 392 Allison St., Wenatchee, $89,900, 0.29 acres, sold to Birmingham Estates LTD

State of Washington, Property ID 64552, Highway 97, Peshastin, $20,000, 0.51 acres, sold to Crown D LLC

Josephine A. Barnett Trustee, Property ID 25189, $2,500, 3.03 acres, sold to Dale and Anna Hall

Feb. 21

CRS Financial IV LLC, 72 Holiday Lane, Leavenworth, $120,000, 1.1 acres, sold to Robert and Elisa S. Webb

Brian Hammons, 3005 and 3009 Riviera Blvd. (two parcels), Malaga, $57,000, 0.65 acres, sold to D&D Investments LLC

Feb. 22

Jane Rohman, 3037 Riviera Blvd., Malaga, $37,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Home Doctor Inc.

Feb. 24

William H. Pellett, Property ID 33720, Roundy Drive, Entiat, $43,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Amelia Quezada-Castro

Feb. 26

Ruth and Ronald Lindmark, Property ID 38544 and 38545 (two parcels), Braeburn Road, Lake Wenatchee, $22,000, 0.34 acres, sold to Kyle and Angela Morton

Kyle and Angela Morton, Property ID 38545, Braeburn Road, Lake Wenatchee, $22,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Douglas and Elizabeth O’Conner

Feb. 27

Whidby Island Bank, Property ID 34927, Beaver Valley Road, Plain, $200,000, 2.6 acres, sold to Shawn H. and Jennifer A. West

Feb. 28

JBA Development Corporation, Property ID 41047, Winesap Avenue, Manson, $550,000, 5 acres, sold to Steven D. and Sharon G. Patonai

Douglas County commercial sales

Feb. 6

Carletta L. Berger, 1686 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $540,000,sold to SPS Wenatchee LLC

Douglas County residential sales

Feb. 1

Leroy and Verdella Sweigard, 1380 Eastmont Ave., No. 1203, East Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Janice L. Ludtka

Richard D. Mueller, 455 9th St. N.E., space 28, East Wenatchee, $20,000, sold to Jo Dee Wixom

Feb. 4

Ralph Craig, 9 Desert Rose Place (two parcels), Quincy, $350,000, sold to Math J. Jr. and Lorene S. Hipp

Erayna L. and Robert B. MacKay, 2060 6th St. S.E.(two parcels), East Wenatchee, $188,000, sold to Corey J. and Tanya L. Davis

Alma D. Negrete, 575 Nelson Place, East Wenatchee, $33,000, sold to Maria P. Diaz

Feb. 5

Roselle K. Longacre, 1800 Sunset Highway, space 1A, East Wenatchee, $5,000, sold to Porfirio Nieto U

Feb. 6

Lucille D. McCown, 1087 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $145,000, sold to Bertha M. Goehner

Feb. 7

Gordon K. and Challis A. Brett, 704 Clarissa Lane, East Wenatchee, $293,000, sold to David P. and Patricia A. Wilde

Feb. 8

Ralph Herron Jr., 310 Sonora Place and Parcel ID 81801400200 and 81801400400 (three parcels), Coulee-Hartline, $19,500, sold to Michael and Judy Anne Jarrett

Stimac Construction Inc., 2705 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $144,131, sold to Angella D. Kirschner

Pauline Y. Bonwell, 1510 5th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $135,000, sold to Daniel A. and Erin C. Griggs

Feb. 11

Randy W. Cooper, 2452 N.W. Columbia Ave., No. 11, East Wenatchee, $316,500, sold to Diane L. Cooper

Dee Builders Inc., 2685 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $158,400, sold to Clinton A. and Molli J. Dunckel

Fidelity National Title Insurance, 5 19th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $93,750, sold to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

Feb. 12

Max and Margaret R. Marshall, 1031 N. Lyle Ave., East Wenatchee, $240,000, sold to Daniel and Pamela Clark

Adam and Jennifer Brizendine, 2605 6th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $294,000, sold to Aaron M. and Erin D. Kelly

Feb. 13

Matthew Warner, 1450 N. Baker Ave., No. 1-14 (14 parcels), East Wenatchee, $1,127,000, sold to BLYE Properties LLC

Feb. 15

Northwest Trustee Services Inc., 4042 Bluecrest Drive, East Wenatchee, $148,446, sold to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 301 N. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $115,000, sold to Sean Madsen-Partee

Michael W. and Gayle A. McCarl, 507 N. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $140,000, sold to Megan J. McCarl

Dee Builders Inc., 2700 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $167,131, sold to Erick Figueroa

Feb. 19

Chad L. and Gwendy M. Darling, 2905 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $209,900, sold to William A. Critchfield III

Lewis E. Roche, 1304 Bel Air Drive, East Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Robbin L. McCowan

Feb. 20

Kenneth B. and Carole R. Eidsvoog, 1494 Eastmont Ave., No. 70, East Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Richard I. and Norma C. Wainscott

Northwest Trustee Services Inc., 1608 Hannah Way, East Wenatchee, $453,317, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

V&Z Builders LLC, 360 9th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $138,900, sold to Ibeth Zavala

Lucia Zavala, 401 S. Kentucky Ave., Space 45, East Wenatchee, $6,000, sold to Guillermo Torres Rodriguez

Feb. 21

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 5100 Highway 28, East Wenatchee, $122,500, sold to Kenneth J. and Roberta Kay Hunziker

Paul K. and Candace L. Satterfield, 2015 Valley View Blvd., East Wenatchee, $259,900, sold to Derek E. Mendoza

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 1810 N.E. Gary St., East Wenatchee, $213,455, sold to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Feb. 22

Cashmere Valley Bank, 605 E. Poplar St., Waterville, $200,000, sold to Robert W. and Shannon Smith

Christopher D. and Jandell Koontz, 123 W. Poplar St., Waterville, $55,000, sold to John and Cheryl M. Bingisser

Feb. 25

William and Ellen Barton, 411 N. Warren St., Waterville, $70,000, sold to J. Walter and Marilyn V. Gearhart

Bromiley Group Investments LLC, 2621 2nd St. S.E. and Parcel ID 75000001502 and 75000001504 (three parcels), East Wenatchee, $142,500, sold to Cal-Neva LLC

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2335 Canyon Hills Drive, East Wenatchee, $172,000, sold to Equity Trust Company Custodian

Feb. 27

Federal National Mortgage Association, 629 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Matthew W. Clubb

Kerry D. Neuberger, 300 S. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $189,900, sold to Esteban Najera

Feb. 28

Quality Loan Service Corporation, 1112 Cherry Circle, East Wenatchee, $259,065, sold to Metlife Home Loans

Northwest Trustee Services Inc., 1661 N. Anne Ave., East Wenatchee, $202,500, sold to UW Bank National Association

H&H Construction NW LLC, 2754 N. Breckenridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $319,900, sold to Gregory A. and Sandra K. Moser

Douglas County land sales

Feb. 1

Highland Ridge Development LLC, 2010 S.E. Legacy Place, East Wenatchee, $328,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Thomas Hackenmiller

Feb. 4

David M. and Krista K. Boyle, Parcel ID 23202630004, Northeast McElmurry Lane, East Wenatchee, $200,000, 2.56 acres, sold to Richard Montoya

Badger Mountain Hunters LLC, Parcel ID 24211040003, Waterville, $14,000, 20 acres, sold to Jonathan E. Corning

Feb. 7

Smile4U, Parcel ID 81801001900, Coulee-Hartline, $2,900, 1.01 acres, sold to Wayne P. Mays

Feb. 8

Prime Properties, 2705 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $37,369, 0.21 acres, sold to Angella D. Kirschner

Feb. 11

Cardinal Technologies LLC, Parcel ID 81801303800, Coulee-Hartline, $4,953, 2.1 acres, sold to James B. Patton

Prime Properties, 2685 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $40,000, 0.22 acres, sold to Clinton A. and Molli J. Dunckel

Feb. 14

Connie and John Michael Corwell, Parcel ID 24211030004, Waterville, $500, 20 acres, sold to Connie Corwell

Feb. 15

Prime Properties, 2700 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $37,369, 0.19 acres, sold to Erick Figueroa

Feb. 19

Shirley J. Robinson, Parcel ID 75100002202, East Wenatchee, $40,000, 0.48 acres, sold to Martin and Maria B. Mendez

Michael and Pam Spengler, Parcel ID 81701404100, Coulee-Hartline, $500, 1.4 acres, sold to Wayne L. McNeil

Feb. 22

Betty A. Johnson, Parcel ID 50000005600, Waterville, $20,000, 20.03 acres, sold to David C. and Heidi K. Holmes

Feb. 27

Clay D. and Karen A. Crook, Parcel ID 81801001700, Coulee-Hartline, $1,000, 0.97 acres, sold to Upland Enterprises LLC

Mark A. Countryman, 212 31st St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $60,000, 0.92 acres, sold to Roger D. and Mary Ellen Gill

Feb. 28

Beebe Ranch LLC, 49 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $70,000, 0.76 acres, sold to Dana M.W. Tubbesing

Terry B. Smiley, Parcel ID 42900701000, East Wenatchee, $550,000, 0.46 acres, sold to Michael and Rebekah Blakley