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Lo32° Partly Cloudy


Hi47° Rain

Sunday Night

Lo35° Rain Likely then Mostly Cloudy


Hi53° Slight Chance Showers

Monday Night

Lo37° Partly Cloudy


Hi53° Slight Chance Showers

Tuesday Night

Lo39° Chance Rain


Hi53° Rain Likely

Wednesday Night

Lo39° Slight Chance Showers


Hi55° Slight Chance Showers

For the record: Building permits

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Chelan County

June 3

Larry Hutchinson, 74 Elizabeth Court, $211,274, single-family residence

Jim Batdorf, 144 Mirabella Drive, Chelan, no valuation, swimming pool

Carleton Orchards, 2300 Washington St., Manson, $77,944, accessory structure

Jose Blazquez, 6125 Highway 97, Peshastin, $33,986, residential remodel

Arlen Simon, 12360 Village View Drive, Leavenworth, no valuation, accessory structure

June 4

Kyle Wehmeyer, 468 Cherry Lane, $22,523, residential remodel

Lauren Bivins, 2311 Pine Tree Road, Leavenworth, $149,398, residential remodel

Keith Charrier, 10679 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $13,201, accessory structure

June 5

Ted McDaniel, 3595 Dianna Way, $188,454, single-family residence

James McCallum, 4900 Red Apple Road, Cashmere, $23,760, accessory structure

Robert Garlock, 93 Sun Valley Lane, $172,815, single-family residence

Stuart Freed, 16120 Cedar Brae Road, Lake Wenatchee, $52,000, residential remodel

June 6

Millbay Homeowners Association, Property ID 50815, Wall Street, Manson, $12,000, boatlift

Steve Boyd, 5357 Crum Canyon Road, Entiat, no valuation, mechanical

June 10

Ingalls Creek, 12355 Ingalls Creek Road, Peshastin, no valuation, mechanical

Robert Dwinnell, 650 Hyacinth Road, Manson, $106,818, residential remodel

Katrine Garrison, 628 Meadows Drive, $7,250, residential remodel

James and Barbara Nelson, 1217 Red Apple Road, $2,000, roof addition

June 11

Michelle Tevelde, 5216 Hinman Drive, Cashmere, $12,500, accessory structure

Callie Baker, 10216 Titus Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

June 13

Deb McLaughlin, 916 Easy St., no valuation, mechanical

GBI Holdings, 3537 Highway 97A, $7,000, commercial

June 14

Lifescapes Inc., 1914 Broadview, no valuation, swimming pool

June 16

Arturo Gonzalez, 1100 Russell St., $2,000, new deck cover

Randall Palmer Construction, 1607-E Maiden Lane, $45,000, roof and deck extension

June 17

Bryce Seigel, 3755 Stayman Flats Road, Chelan, $41,382, accessory structure

Wayne Perry, 15930 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, $1,164, retaining wall

Joe Adams, 16505 Lakeview Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $26,006, accessory structure

Pam Bissonnette, 19052 Gill Creek, Leavenworth, $75,268, residential remodel

Larry and Rosie Glickfield, 1907 Northwood Place, $15,656, residential addition

Full Circle Cycle, 322 S. Chelan St., $10,050, adding new metal workshop

June 18

Robert Sahlberg, 89 Capri Lane, Manson, $162,238, single-family residence

Morris Hall, 18030 Nason Ridge Road, Leavenworth, $79,568, single-family residence

David Follett, 3687 Chelan Blvd., Manson, no valuation, mechanical

June 19

Robert Lamar, 12430 Plain Ranches Road, Leavenworth, $15,000, accessory structure

Roberts Construction, 369 Allison St., $162,409, single-family residence

David Murray, 74 W. Mountain Brook Lane, $191,124, single-family residence

Lynn Madsen, 5825 Fleming Court, Cashmere, $5,400, accessory structure

Gary Fee, 3919 Joe Miller Road, Malaga, $40,500, accessory structure

Manson Growers, 1680 Manson Blvd., Manson, $1.2 million, commercial remodel

Jason and Jenny Black, 7830 Brender Canyon Road, Cashmere, $29,527, accessory structure

Cobra Bec Inc., 301 N. Chelan Ave., no valuation, commercial re-roof

June 20

Charles W. Cronenweth, 485 Lodge Pole Road, Manson, $29,700, accessory structure

Daniel Kellogg, 19669 Chiwawa Loop Road, Leavenworth, $10,710, residential remodel

Evco Sound and Electronics Inc., 1510 9th St., no valuation, fire protection permits at Westside High School

Chelan County PUD No. 1, 1150 Hawley St., $120,000, building alteration

June 24

Robert Sealby, 1215 Pitcher Canyon Road, no valuation, pool

Jon Bolles, 4325 Anna Lane, no valuation, pool

Joseph Boehme, 1400 Black Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $15,632, garage

Ginger Pennington, 20 Bluewater Lane, Chelan, $25,000, commercial

Brad Gerrish, 2233 Riffle Drive, Leavenworth, $280,072, single-family residence

Brun Garfoot, 517 Coyote Trail Road, Manson, $237,844, single-family residence

Albert Martin, 229 Sun Valley Drive, $184,332, single-family residence

June 26

Brett Bergeron, 18852 Karl Road, Leavenworth, $80,040, single-family residence

Mark Hebert, 8970 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $121,752, single-family residence

City of Wenatchee, 36 Malaga Highway, Malaga, $65,000, commercial structure

Tom Evans, 22405 Shetland Road, Plain, $7,946, accessory structure

Absco Alarms Inc., 1101 Millerdale Ave., $310,000, fire alarm replacement

Wildheart Homes, 603 N. Mission St., $40,000, tenant improvements at Central Washington Sleep Diagnostic Center

Hanson Home Construction Inc., 1709 Toaimnic Drive, $196,408, single-family residence

June 27

Wendy Crater, 14121 Idlewild Road, Lake Wenatchee, $13,816, mechanical

Chuck Cox, 1364 Pitcher Canyon Road, no valuation, mechanical

Vince and Lorre Stimac, 6 Minneapolis Beach Road, Chelan, $216,949, single-family residence

Douglas County

May 13

Lexar Homes, 175 E. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $88,390, single-family residence

May 29

Boyer Mountain Door and Pool Inc., 112 McNeil Canyon Road, Orondo, $130,720, swimming pool and retaining wall

June 3

GG Richardson, 136 S. Ward Ave., $203,125, commercial storage building

Family Home Investments Corporation, 558 N. Montclair Ave., $74,545, single-family residence

Matthew Kozma, 154 S. Meadowbrook Lane, $36,000, residential remodel

June 4

True Built Homes, 2371 Road 20 N.E., Mansfield, $224,175, single-family residence

June 5

Chim Chimney, 423 19th St. N.E., no valuation, mechanical permit

Boghokian Construction, 1845 Country Club Drive, no valuation, decommission oil tank

Tom Owens, 879 N. Devon Ave., $5,000, bathroom addition

Lael Vickery, 2501 8th St. S.E., $14,300, residential addition

June 6

McCue Construction Inc., 225 Marine View Place, Orondo, $25,000, swimming pool

June 11

McCue Construction Inc., 246 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $30,000, swimming pool

Shane Fagan, 1823 N.E. Glen St., $6,885, residential remodel

June 12

BTO Construction, 16 Elite Drive, Brewster, $199,740, single-family residence

James Cook, 155 Wagon Road, Palisades, $14,400, pole building

Element Homes, 3408 Ashwood Drive, $197,670, single-family residence

June 13

Bonnie Morris, 567 Rock Island Road, $19,440, residential addition

Noe Sitio, 1380 Pear Lane, Rock Island, $3,000, manufactured home

June 17

Axiom Construction LLC, 687 N. Colorado Ave., $69,000, residential addition

June 19

Davis Foundations, 100 W. Marine View Place, Orondo, $3,696, retaining wall

Kenneth Swanson, 2627 Sunset Highway, $1, demolition

June 20

Wells and Wade Mechanical, 200 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, mechanical permit

June 21

Overall Construction Services, 1128 Barton Square, $4,035, residential addition

McLaughlin Construction, 2356 Monument Place, $18,490, deck

June 24

M&S Excavation, 4479 Rock Island Road, Rock Island, $75,000, storage building

June 25

Western Ranch, 6114 Batterman Road, $18,000, commercial storage addition

Courtright Construction, 2133 Valley View Blvd., $14,930, residential addition

June 26

Jeffrey Clemons, 1920 8th St. S.E., $15,400, carport

Dal Stevens, Rock Island Road, Rock Island, $500, fuel tank decommission

June 27

Graybeal Signs, 300 Rock Island Road, no valuation, commercial sign

Real Homes, 14 Dewie Drive, Orondo, $348,245, single-family residence

Aug. 1

Adam Brizindine, 31 Sageland Road, $260,790, single-family residence