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Lo21° Wintry Mix


Hi31° Freezing Rain then Rain/Freezing Rain

Wednesday Night

Lo29° Wintry Mix Likely then Slight Chance Snow


Hi36° Slight Chance Snow then Cloudy

Thursday Night

Lo25° Slight Chance Snow


Hi33° Rain/Snow Likely

Friday Night

Lo26° Snow Likely


Hi33° Chance Rain

Saturday Night

Lo24° Chance Snow


Hi33° Rain/Snow Likely

For the record: Real estate

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Chelan County commercial sales

June 5

Second Floor LLC, 1 5th St., No. 200 and 260 (two parcels), Wenatchee, $1,445,000, sold to ZFWK LLC

Merrick Family Trust, 1100 N. Miller St., Wenatchee, $360,000, sold to Beal Co. LLC

June 10

Wehmeyer LLC No. 1, 511 Yakima St., Wenatchee, $538,000, sold to Mission Court LLC

June 13

Jose Angel Cruz Barrera, Property ID 64057, Sunset Highway, Cashmere, $35,000, sold to Cruz Investments LLC

June 17

Freddie McClaskey Jr. et al, 190 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $1,913,400, sold to Der Ritterhof Inn LLC

June 24

Gary and Sharon Howes, 323 N. Franklin Ave., Wenatchee, $165,000, sold to Sherry and Paul Erickson

June 26

All Seasons Building LLC, Property ID 21622, Independence Way, Cashmere, $40,000, sold to Gary S. and Karen S. Brennick

Chelan County residential sales

June 3

David D. Noyd, 6415 Summit View Place, Wenatchee, $380,000, sold to Tracey L. Lazzarino and Timothy E. Pettit

Leandro Anguiano, 303 Sullivan St., Cashmere, $217,000, sold to Donald M. Bottoms

Independent Bank, 322 W. Woodin Ave., No. 620, Chelan, $189,900, sold to Greg and Lynette Greene

James Berg, 3310 Manson Blvd., Manson, $230,000, sold to Leonard C. and Lesa England

Jerry W. Whetstine, 960 Klate Road, Manson, $267,658, sold to Doug and Kerry Stewart

Gary and Carole Jasinek, 1512 Millerdale Ave., Wenatchee, $236,000, sold to Russell T. and Melinda C. Burns

Laverne I. Amend, 163 Quail Run Blvd., Wenatchee, $169,900, sold to Diana Sands

June 4

Alex C. Gonzales, 1013 Meeks St., Wenatchee, $188,500, sold to Becky Lemons

Kim Shiflett, 3010 Jagla Road (two parcels), Wenatchee, $410,000, sold to KS Orchard Joint Venture

June 5

James A. Thompson, 1600 Washington St., Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Brian K. and Betty A. Karcutski

James L. Keselburg, 920 1st St., Wenatchee, $189,000, sold to Justin Johnson

Alexandra M. and Jeffrey L. Glover, 172 Evans St., Leavenworth, $255,000, sold to Jill A. Fineis and Jamie R. Pollitte

James R. Halford, 1095 Bear Mountain Road, Chelan, $625,000, sold to Kenneth A. Schenkman and Nancy D. Moreland

C&C Investment Properties LLC, 105 Lookout Way, Chelan, $265,000, sold to Stanley Y. and Jennifer K. Seo

Harold E. and Jeri A. Zaske, 162 Quail Run Blvd., Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Paula D. Zacher

Aaron and Desiree Jones, 20 Luther Court, Malaga, $335,000, sold to John and Susan Aumell

June 6

Wes Rush, 2317 Lester Road, Wenatchee, $222,000, sold to Kristopher A. Shelton

First Savings Bank of Perkasie, 1952 Stiss Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $52,000, sold to Randall P. and Rennea Lynn Smith

Helen Harkins, 1319 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $10,000, sold to James E. and Holly L. Lindsay

Ronnie L. King, 12722 Prowell St., Leavenworth, $275,000, sold to Kyle John and Katherine Mamie Peterson

James Feiten, 18940 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $150,000, sold to Ryan Shimp

Jeffrey and Lori Cinnamond Revocable Trust, 25309 Castlerock Road, Chelan, $297,500, sold to Daniel and Marie D’Agrosa

S. Wayne Wardle, 29 Charles St., Wenatchee, $83,646, sold to Isabelle C. Merlin

June 7

Vera Ruth Boals, Property ID 11069, Highway 6300, Leavenworth, $14,000, sold to Mary V. Wilson

Neumann Family Trust, 1309 1st St., Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Stefanie J. and Leandro Anguiano

James R. Geary Jr., 408 Skyline Drive, Cashmere, $355,000, sold to Kurt and Leah A. Hammond

Ernest E. Gibson, 1601 Maiden Lane, B103, Wenatchee, $193,500, sold to Jian P. Wu-Larse and Heather M. Lee

Larry J. Smith, 2551 Indy Lane, Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Russell S. and Crystal L. Dejong

Frederick Simpson 401K Trust, Property ID 60368, Ivan Morse Road, Manson, $160,000, sold to Gleasman Family Orchard LLC

Clofas J. Abbott, 700 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $399,000, sold to Thomas P. and Teddi C. Pettigrew

Jared and Joy Pipgras, 545 Chrisand Lane, Wenatchee, $249,900, sold to Heidi Lee

Davy Enterprises LLC et al, 4170 Squilchuck, Road, Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Michael Brown and Kristina Nicpan-Brown

Saddle Rock View LLC, 2143 Citation Loop, Wenatchee, $149,500, sold to Luis A. Perez

June 8

James A. Ammons, 215 Pear Lane, Wenatchee, $223,000, sold to Corina R. Scroggie

June 10

LaVonne A. Winter, 2110 Honeysett Road, Wenatchee, $156,000, sold to Juanita L. Cunningham

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 123 West St., Leavenworth, $89,299, sold to Leavenworth Church of the Nazarene

Naomi Thorniley, 14901 Voss Place, Entiat, $192,508, sold to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association

Brandt and Lisa Westover, 3400 Highway 150, Manson, $778,000, sold to James Ferguson

Katherine A. Stallman, 1255 Millerdale Ave., Wenatchee, $170,000, sold to Eric D. and Kaila R. Didtel

Joyce Bos, 904 Orondo Ave., Wenatchee, $113,000, sold to Matthew S. and Kimberly M. Martin

Larry and Susan Ruddell, 1649 Amy Court, Wenatchee, $287,500, sold to Jared and Joy Pipgras

A Home Doctor Inc., 21 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $267,924, sold to Martin D. and Mindy Diggs

June 11

Tim Heidlebaugh, 1824 Orchard Ave., Wenatchee, $253,000, sold to Joseph J. and Brenda L. Rinehart

Christian Diede, 1505 Easy St., Wenatchee, $263,000, sold to D. Cody Stitt

Schley Family Trust, 10406 Simpson Road, Leavenworth, $350,000, sold to Scott Gunderson

SFG Properties LLC, 500 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $500,000, sold to Peregrine 500 Lakeshore LLC

Stanley Watson, 713 Highland Drive, Wenatchee, $179,900, sold to Nelson Apartments LLC

June 12

Travis M. Kovacevich et al, 433 Pearl St., Wenatchee, $179,900, sold to Stephanie Carolyn and Zachariah B. Ross

Bernice Diede Trust, 2405 Lester Road, Wenatchee, $215,000, sold to Edward and Ingrid Brooks

Derek and Garbrielle Scheffield, 11525 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $310,000, sold to Harlan and Angelyn Sheppard

Harrison McKeel, 109 Stehekin Way, Chelan, $390,000, sold to Thomas E. and Laurie L. Milne

Douglas A. Cooper et al, 148 Spader Bay, Chelan, $143,438, sold to Anita L. Rutter et al

Gayle E. Reid, 1448 Matthews Road, Wenatchee, $99,900, sold to James F. and Jeanne D. Giddings

June 13

Carson and Jaye Lutz, 220 N. Emerson Ave., Wenatchee, $137,000, sold to Samuel H. Sydloski-Tesch

Gilbert D. McKee, 318 Cottage Ave., Cashmere, $175,000, sold to Rosalio and Evangelina Reyes

Charles F. Comte, 268 Scholze St., Leavenworth, $174,000, sold to Charles and Julie Hamstreet

Donald G. Berdan Trust, 200 Joseph St., Leavenworth, $300,000, sold to Devin J. and Jennifer J. Wade

Brian McMahon and Linda Smyth, 7850 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $395,000, sold to Paul and Barbara DeMaris

David Stewart, 14140 Chiwaukum Creek Road, Leavenworth, $399,000, sold to Micah and Chelsea Lenderman

June 14

Wehmeyer LLC No. 1, 104 Birch St., Cashmere, $162,000, sold to Eric and Lisa Worthen

Doug and Janna Johnson, 12285 Village View Drive, Leavenworth, $502,000, sold to Edward S. and Judith O. Weaver

Curt Ellison, Property ID 30535, Jefferies Street, Peshastin, $16,300, sold to Jaleen Schmitt and Kim MacDonald

Albert and Cydne Cochran, 2104 Sage St., Entiat, $126,500, sold to Jared L. and Jennifer M. Homad

Craig M. Halpin et al, 17725 North Shore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $675,000, sold to Diederik C. and Jan C. Apgar

Todd M. and Teresa Subert, 11415 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $350,000, sold to Charles M. and Janice M. Lawell

Gene Banister, 1127 Glenwood Ave., Wenatchee, $194,000, sold to Arturo Huerta

Saddle Rock View LLC, 2143 Citation Loop, Wenatchee, $52,000, sold to Luis A. Perez

June 17

Dennis Paulsen, 103 Julie Ann Court, Cashmere, $178,000, sold to Bryan Robert Ishida

Marilyn R. Bailey, 5914 Larson St., Cashmere, $132,250, sold to Noel and Sandra Cornelio

Kenneth E. Hopkins, 14612 Diamond Ave., Entiat, $139,900, sold to Glen A. Hill

Charles S. Milne, 15990 Cedar Brae Road, Lake Wenatchee, $385,000, sold to William J. and Molly D. La Patra

Michael E. Flanders, 4135 Sunnybank Drive, Chelan, $550,000, sold to Scott J. Isaak

Lawrence J. Alves, 808 W. Manson Road, A203, Chelan, $210,000, sold to Donald M. and Susan L. Taylor

Selena and Samuel Leyva, 810 Cascade St., Wenatchee, $85,500, sold to Bank of America NA

Elliott M. and Danielle J. Salmon, 543 Saddle Rock Loop, Wenatchee, $226,500, sold to Martin and Deysi D. Rios

Judy L. Trobee, 3404 Dixie Lane, Malaga, 4137,900, sold to Omar Ornelas Leyva and Christa J. Chaparro

June 18

E. Carlton Highfill, 1919 Pensione Place, Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Jose Jr. and Flor E. Menddoza

Lerin Margitich, 110 Icicle Road, M. Leavenworth, $157,000, sold to Wayne Pravitz and Patricia Jefferson

Cindy E. Aston, 14601 Diamond Ave., Entiat, $132,500, sold to John R. and Dorothy E. McClanahan

Monte G. Templin, 22206 Stirrup Road, Plain, $139,000, sold to Jeffery V. and Maureen L. Scott

Carol S. McNeel, 8811 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $175,000, sold to Leroy C. and Patricia E. Johnston

James L. Clay, 711 N. Emerson St., Chelan, $130,000, sold to BD Chelan Properties LLC

Marty W. Morris, 47 Willow Point Road, Manson, $750,000, sold to Hoban Realty Interests LLC

June 19

Curtis and Cheryl Varner, 617 Grandview Ave., Wenatchee, $425,000, sold to Gary A. and Bridget E. Kamen

Jane E. Chapman, 26 N. Western Ave., Wenatchee, $435,000, sold to Jose H. Jr. and Yafira L. Luna

Lane D. McDonald, 2980 Mission Ridge Road, Wenatchee, $465,000, sold to William L. and Lorna J. Bentley

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 3411 Ingalls Lane, Peshastin, $25,000, sold to Samuel and Katherine Boettcher

Joe R. and Lyndsie J. Youngren, 4275 April Drive, Wenatchee, $665,000, sold to John and Martha Erickson

Mandy and Craig Robertson, 2009 Maple St., Wenatchee, $455,000, sold to Gary L. and Rachel A. Schoessler

June 20

James A. Heacock, 108 Julie Ann Court, Cashmere, $177,000, sold to Kenneth D. and Elizabeth L. Hemberry

Gerald Bassett, 3914 Lovell Road, Wenatchee, $662,000, sold to Mandy and Craig Robertson

Jon Delvo, 1435 Love Lane, Wenatchee, $435,000, sold to Shawn and Nicole Cox

Josie M. and Ted L. Bryan, 2626 Le Maister Ave., Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Jeffrey Savid Miller and Sheena Nicole Stone-Miller

Charles A. Hovland et al, 15970 Cedar Brae Road, Lake Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Gary and Diane Owen

Jon H. Courtright, 319 Butte Road, Chelan, $383,500, sold to Donald J. and Patricia J. Dill

June 21

Gary and Carole Jasinek, 20 S. Delaware Ave., No. 11, Wenatchee, $161,500, sold to Theresa J. Farrell

Wyssen Cablecrane Sales and Service, 11190 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $230,000, sold to Rudy Prey Jr.

Guy R.K. Goldsworthy, Property ID 34997, Leavenworth, $60,000, sold to Wayne Rayfield

Amador Rodriguez et al, 787 Third St., Chelan Falls, $145,000, sold to Miriam Hernandez et al

June 23

Floyd and Dorothy Copeland, 2211 Stephanie Brooke, Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to David A. and Kristin J.W. Lodge

Brian P. Sand, 437 Rolling Hills Lane, Wenatchee, $609,000, sold to Ryan H. and Robyn C. Demirjian

June 24

Daniel A. Wohlhuter, 208 Brandi Lane, Wenatchee, $260,000, sold to Gerald M. and Patricia J. Kyle

David J. Murphy, 160 Prospect St., Leavenworth, $296,000, sold to Kirk D. Laird

Robert L. Norling Revocable Living Trust, 12605 Icicle Lane, Leavenworth, $395,000, sold to H. Steve and Debbie Morgan

Eric and Stacey Erickson, 215 San Remo Lane, Chelan, $303,534, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

Harley Medgard, 109 Highway 150, Chelan, $400,000, sold to Larry A. Lehmbecker

June 25

Terry and Jesse Lane, 6427 Stemilt Loop Road, Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to David M. and Sara E. Hillestad

Rosa E. Herrera, 10425 Titus Road, Leavenworth, $129,649, sold to Maria G. Vizcaino-Rodriguez

Chuck and Denise Allison, 406 Cedar St., Leavenworth, $315,000, sold to Esther M. Christian

The Johns Retirement Plan Trust, 56 Union Valley Road (two parcels), Chelan, $360,000, sold to Kene and Jillaine Christensen

Jerri Rasmussen, 10 S. Cove Ave., No. 19, Wenatchee, $80,000, sold to Jay D. Page

June 26

Evelyn B. Johnson, 300 Sunset Ave., Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Michael R. and Bettylou Strong

Joseph Delagrave et al, 3408 and 3404 Ingalls Lane (two parcels), Peshastin, $152,000, sold to Randy and Judy Coleman

Building Investment Group LLC, Property ID 20999 on Pioneer Avenue, 102 Pioneer Ave., Property ID 21013 on Mission Creek Road and Property ID 21096 on White Birch Place (four parcels), Cashmere, $285,000, sold to BOA Construction Co.

Lonnie L. Avery, 3416 Highway 97A, Chelan, $985,000, sold to Thomas D. Clark

Barbara E. Robertson, 548 Chrisand Lane, Wenatchee, $256,000, sold to Norman D. and Erin A. Mooney

Randall and Caroly Lake, 1482 Songbird Lane, Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to M. Catherine Jarecki

June 27

Frank J. and Mary L. Braun, 35 Pershing St., Wenatchee, $232,500, sold to Harry A.C. and Karen A. Knell

Warren R. Smith, 5375 Highway 97, Peshastin, $190,000, sold to Collin Smith and Sally Sukwa Wong

Ward G. and Diane S. Larson, 137 Heather Lane, Wenatchee, $282,000, sold to Patrick and Carol Mullins

Elaine A. Dahle et al, 1801 Heritage Haven, Wenatchee, $165,000, sold to Jon C. Martin

Reinhard Wemmer, 9425 Mountain Home Road, Leavenworth, $512,000, sold to William F. and Alicia R. Schmidt

J. Michael Cooney, 203 Orchard View Drive, Chelan, $330,000, sold to Stephen and Patricia Siebens

Harry and Wanda Bostick, 205 W. Okanogan Ave., Chelan, $250,000, sold to Michael and Janice Cooney

K&L Homes LLC, 462 Hilltop Place, Chelan, $274,200, sold to Bradley B. and Jennifer L. Wilson

Hansen Home LLC, 100 Sun Valley Drive, Wenatchee, $309,900, sold to Roger A. and Lila J. Brandt

June 28

Judy Hulsey, 617 Palouse St., Wenatchee, $90,000, sold to David G. and Patty M. Talbot

Kenneth E. Martin, 549 Mountain View Drive, Leavenworth, $293,950, sold to Graham A. and Kara D. Simon

Darrell McLean, 900 Main St., No. 204, Leavenworth, $324,000, sold to Jeffery Erbstein and Brooke M. Beresh

Michael L. McGrath, 8207 Depot Road, Dryden, $155,000, sold to Miguel and Maria I. Rodriguez

Daniel McCormack, 1350 Cooper Gulch Road, Manson, $237,000, sold to Harisoa M. and Richard Allen Didra

Whisper Investments LLC, 462 Hilltop Place, Chelan, $63,000, sold to K&L Homes LLC

Jeff and Shelly Oberfelder, 100 Rolling Rock Road, Chelan, $373,000, sold to Timothy C. House et al

June 29

Noel D. Siminiski, 1246 Millerdale Ave., Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Charles M. and Lindsay D. Quiroz

Lee M. and Melissa Yanik, 303 Butte Road, Chelan, $413,000, sold to Jeremy B. Schroder et al

Chelan County land sales

June 3

Boyd Monroe, Property ID 47620 and 47632 (two parcels), Lower Joe Creek Road, Manson, $124,500, 38.85 acres, sold to Kathy Stocker

June 4

Cascade Property Ventures LLC, 129 Hillcrest Place, Chelan, $57,000, 0.24 acres, sold to James V. and Beverly Ann Cooks

June 5

Paul Miller, Property ID 37217, Entiat River Road, Entiat, $38,000, 0.98 acres, sold to George H. Rock

Lakeview Orchards Inc., Property ID 45913, South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $160,000, 1.39 acres, sold to Gary R. and Sharon H. Seidenstricker

Carolyn Lee Johnson, Thomas J. Gaffney and Nik J. Halladay Co-Trustees, 979 Cloudless Drive, Manson, $115,000, 0.36 acres, sold to Eric C. and Pamela G. Granstrom

June 6

James R. Halford, Property ID 62936, Bear Mountain Road, Chelan, $50,000, 2.23 acres, sold to Kenneth A. Schenkman and Nancy D. Moreland

June 7

Boundary Leasing Inc., Property ID 14493, Piere Street, Wenatchee, $4,767,952, 6.84 acres, sold to Riverside and Ninth Apartments LLC

Pine Tree Villas LLC, 90 Milan Drive, Manson, $45,500, 0.34 acres, sold to John and Christine Jamieson

June 10

Strain Investments LLC, Property ID 26964, Pine Street, Wenatchee, $200,000, 2.09 acres, sold to Ray and Dorothy Armstrong

CCB Holdings LLC, 46 Lorene Young Road, Peshastin, $90,000, 2.51 acres, sold to Patrick K. and Elizabeth Terry

Mona Blount, 12764 Shore St. Leavenworth, $252,000, 2.43 acres, sold to Keith A. and Michelle M. Satterfield

June 11

Howard C. Elmore et al, 7047 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $40,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Dwight L. and Lynn Stoddard

Douglas L. Rosser, Property ID 30097, Fox Road, Leavenworth, $170,000, 5.37 acres, sold to Mark and Ann Bibbee

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 72 Capri Road, Manson, $68,500, 0.58 acres, sold to Kenyon H. and Linda J. Rau

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 22 Capri Road, Manson, $66,900, 0.54 acres, sold to Alfred L. and Joan K. Mayor

June 12

Robert R. Smith, 22603 Corral St., Plain, $49,000, 0.33 acres, sold to Martin and Barbara Cramer

Scott West, 16038 and 16032 River Road (two parcels), Plain, $85,000, 1.39 acres, sold to Tibor C. Lak et al

Martin G. Venneberg, Property ID 40193, South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $110,000, 3.51 acres, sold to Michael D. and Eva M. Anderson

Roberts Construction LLC, 1411 Benoy Ave., Wenatchee, $125,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Nikki Birmingham

Aleksander Rini, 2110 Yarrow Road, Wenatchee, $330,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Rocky W. and Valquiria Flynn

June 13

Gregory R. and Leslie C. Peterson, 774 Majestic View Drive, Wenatchee, $275,900, 5 acres, sold to Christopher W. and Sara M. Kocher

Lone Pine LLC, Property ID 30377, Lone Pine Orchards Road, Leavenworth, $290,000, 1.44 acres, sold to Kevin Sullivan

Sunnyslope Meadows LLC, 39 Sunny Meadows Loop, Wenatchee, $95,000, 0.41 acres, sold to A Home Doctor Inc.

June 18

Roy T. Vespier, 1709 Toaimnic Drive, Wenatchee, $60,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Adam J. and Tomomi MacDonald

June 21

William H. Moultrie, 78 Alta Vista Lane, Chelan, $125,000, 0.66 acres, sold to David and Chanyn Kirtman

June 24

Safari Land and Development Co., 44 Via Vista, Chelan, $147,000, 0.53 acres, sold to Donald H. Riddell and Carol M. Jelinek

Springer Development LLC, 237 Sabio Way, Chelan, $100,000, 0.63 acres, sold to Milton C. and Nicolette S. Blanchard

A Home Doctor Inc., 39 Sunny Meadows Loop, Wenatchee, $388,503, 0.41 acres, sold to Anita K. and Ralph E. Olson

June 25

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 115 Milan Drive, Manson, $45,500, 0.47 acres, sold to Kenyon H. and Linda J. Rau

Wells Fargo Bank NA, 181 Milan Drive, Manson, $69,500, 0.47 acres, sold to Kenyon H. and Linda J. Rau

John J. Corning Trustee, Property ID 51295, Evergreen Camp Road, Chelan, $30,000, 10.06 acres, sold to David R. and Jennifer K. Soderstrom

June 26

Richard A. Norris, Property ID 51790, South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $160,000, 10 acres, sold to Thomas W. Burnett

June 27

Joel F. Corey, Property ID 23518, Knowles Road, Wenatchee, $64,000, 3.26 acres, sold to MB IT LLC

Sue E. Gavin, Property ID 36447, River Road, Plain, $215,000, 8.04 acres, sold to Ross E. and Jenny C. Wiltse

North Cascades National Bank, 238 and 244 Hawks Ridge Road (two parcels), Chelan, $360,000, 52.93 acres, sold to Moondance Properties Inc.

James E. Aitkins, 312 Village Drive, Manson, $45,000, 0.12 acres, sold to Donald G. and Judy L. Davidson

June 28

Shelley A. Dewey, 200 Sun Valley Drive, Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.29 acres, sold to Russell Kopak

Douglas County commercial sales

June 4

North Cascades National Bank, 1015 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport, $185,000, sold to Family Health Centers

June 17

William J. Luebke, 863 Valley Mall Parkway, East Wenatchee, $100,000, sold to First Street Real Estate Holdings Inc.

Douglas County residential sales

June 3

Robert B. and Tona D. Culver, 918 Fawn Circle, East Wenatchee, $282,500, sold to J. Lee and Roberta S. Daniels

J. Lee and Roberta S. Daniels, 103 27th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $234,500, sold to Eric D. Bangs

Clara L. Ortiz, 3946 N.E. Blueridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $195,000, sold to Ramon A. and Andrea Noelia Tevez

NW Trustee Services Inc., 2454 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $168,152, sold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

NW Trustee Services Inc., 460 N. Joseph Ave., East Wenatchee, $91,188, sold to Citibank NA

June 4

DRO IP LTD, 314 E. Ash St., Waterville, $45,000, sold to Timothy S. Skinner

Scott and Beverly King, 227 4th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $148,907, sold to Justin L. and Kiley J. Green

James D. and Erma R. Early, 128 N. Joseph Ave., East Wenatchee, $205,000, sold to Robert A. and Linda M. Christiansen

Douglas G. Wood Estate, 2115 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $55,000, sold to Eric K. Schell

June 5

Paul M. and Stacey S. Roeder, 375 14th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Jessie Laya

Brandon D. and Lori E. Hills, 1002 1st Place S.E., East Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Duane W. and Cheryl C. Arndt

Paul D. and Joeann M. Norton, 4985 Tumbleweed Way, Coulee-Hartline, $25,000, sold to Edward B. and Carol L. Helvey

Jose A. and Donna M. Limon, 213 Cascade View Court, East Wenatchee, $315,000, sold to Tyler and Alita Pike

Daniel L. and Jennifer L. Hubbard, 2365 Spring Wheat Road, East Wenatchee, $196,000, sold to Dannie and Linda Erie

June 6

21st Mortgage Corporation, 831 Garden Plaza, East Wenatchee, $35,000, sold to Van Osten Properties LLC

Angelina Dominguez, 929 Maple St., Space 44, Bridgeport, $12,000, sold to Hipolito Adan De Jesus

T.J. Smith, 3330 and 3320 N.W. Fir Ave. (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $5,300, sold to Ronald L. and Claudia M. Balzer

June 7

Rosa Maria Lopez, 341 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport, $41,851, sold to Nancy Saucedo

Highland Ridge Development LLC, 1972 S.E. Legacy Place, East Wenatchee, $314,950, sold to Gordon M. Thomas and Karen E. Adams-Thomas

Kimberly A. Linderman, 2299 Veedol Drive, East Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Wendy and Donald Lundine

June 10

Billy Jr. and Tiena J. Nobles, 1109 2nd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $199,000, sold to Martha Louise Emmerton

Robert A. Matthiesen, 228 Hamilton St., Mansfield, $65,000, sold to Tom and Linda Thompson

Joseph M. Trollman, 2148 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $124,000, sold to Louis K. and Jennifer J. Vimont

NW Trustee Services Inc., 543 S. Mason Ave., East Wenatchee, $209,500, sold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

June 11

Jabulani Industries LLC, 816 Garden Plaza (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $119,900, sold to Joel Silva

Yvonne Walker, 1206 S.E. Jean St., East Wenatchee, $240,000, sold to Matthew L. and Cynthia A. Castle

June 12

Travis Hofstetter, 1001 S. Webb Place, East Wenatchee, $590,000, sold to Mark W. and Kristen Peterson

Linda C. and David B. Pidduck, 48 Cedar Ave., Brewster, $105,000, sold to Leonardo and Ana Bertha Lopez Garcia

Santana Ruiz Uriostegui, 2400 Tacoma Ave., Space 20, Bridgeport, $4,000, sold to America Luna Oliva

Rebecca E. Cole, 1027 N. Dolfay Lane, East Wenatchee, $110,000, sold to Nathan M. and Kaylie S. Reynolds

June 13

Greg and Colleen Ackerman, 2607 Fancher Heights Blvd., East Wenatchee, $334,900, sold to Gregory D. and Isla M. Bell

June 14

Greg and Marilyn Sexton, 2864 Blue Heron Lane, East Wenatchee, $379,000, sold to Sharel R. Rogers

NW Trustees Services Inc., 645 W. Emerson Drive, Orondo, $101,500, sold to Dennis Bennett

Leon E. and Boninta G. McKinney, 1380 Eastmont Ave., No. 103, East Wenatchee, $195,000, sold to Jack R. Standfier

RMH-HR Inc., 801 N. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $150,000, sold to SLH Holdings LLC

Federal National Mortgage Association, 500 S. Manson Ave., East Wenatchee, $199,900, sold to Kristi L. Burger

Linda D. Thistle, 455 9th St. N.E., space 53, East Wenatchee, $19,250, sold to Jesse and Fran McKinney

Allen M. and Barbara J. Lake, 29 Hamilton St., East Wenatchee, $115,000, sold to Melissa Kiser

Karl G. Winchester, 210 39th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $199,000, sold to Ryan T. Buermann

June 18

Richard and Brenda Barstad, 896 Garden Plaza, East Wenatchee, $97,900, sold to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Agustin G. Valdovinos, 1337 Douglas Ave., Bridgeport, $180,000, sold to Marbella Cancino Valdovinos et al

NW Trustee Services Inc., 28 S. Mandolin Ave., East Wenatchee, $268,022, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

Donna L. Pipkin, 510 15th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $262,000, sold to Ryan A. and Wendi L. Thompson

Deborah M. Campestrini, 1822 Manhattan Drive, East Wenatchee, $254,000, sold to Gary and Carole Jasinek

June 19

Jean M. Langdon, 2830 Blue Heron Lane, East Wenatchee, $389,000, sold to Joe R. and Lyndsie Youngren

Duane D. Gilbreth, 820 N. Ladd Ave., East Wenatchee, $196,500, sold to Candise M. Myers

Lorena Higgins Trustee, 1380 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $211,000, sold to Gregory A. McEwen

James and Christine Lyon, 49 Mini Farm Lane and Parcel ID 30253430005 on Highway 173 (two parcels), Bridgeport, $208,500, sold to Andrew Lowrey Jr. and Klair Wilks-Lowrey

June 20

E&M Cross Holdings LLC, 1812 3rd St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $199,900, sold to Debra Ann Larson

David M. and Sara Hillestad, 425 Titchenal Canyon Road, Waterville, $29,500, sold to Gary and Margaret Rich

Robert A. and Elaine T. Hanson, 365 Lakeview Ave., Orondo, $475,000, sold to Chad and Kara Evans

Royce D. and Heather E. Graham, 112 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $254,900, sold to Katharine C. Grove

June 21

Shannon Revocable Living Trust, 562 Canyon Drive, East Wenatchee, $168,000, sold to Betty Mae Dart

Mary Lee Shelton, 1151 Cherry Circle, East Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Kevin S. Knemeyer

Billye and Marc E. Lester, 814 E. Locust St., Waterville, $153,000, sold to Devin L. Coonan

Maria Ester Santos, 578 N. Grover Place, East Wenatchee, $207,000, sold to Brian and Jessica Slater

Charles Lawell, 12 Logan Road, Orondo, $378,000, sold to Norman C. Walker

Joshua and Rachel Toftness, 715 N. Lyle Ave., East Wenatchee, $190,000, sold to Linda Lee White

Julie Kay Pelfrey, Parcel ID 27252640004, Mansfield, $44,000, sold to Daryl A. and Nichole L. Greninger

June 24

Lori L. and Bruce R. Nutter, 1806 Manhattan Drive, East Wenatchee, $269,900, sold to Joshua and Rachel Toftness

Justin W. Horton, 104 35th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $349,750, sold to Jason M. and Julie M. Sissons

Eric L. Forhan, 845 N. Devon Ave., East Wenatchee, $205,000, sold to Jason R. and Elizabeth A. Williams

June 25

Richard L. Bardwell, 410 N. Perry Ave., East Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to Albert and Carol Piecka

Federal National Mortgage Association, 3344 N.W. Fir Ave., East Wenatchee, $355,000, sold to Lori L. and Bruce R. Nutter

June 26

Jeffrey E. and Jennifer P. Niesz, 2453 Grand Ave., East Wenatchee, $490,000, sold to Matthew J. and Jennifer C. West

Timothy A. II and Debora K. Vedder, 2810 Akamai Way, East Wenatchee, $375,000, sold to Jeffrey E. and Jennifer Niesz

Susan Beaty, 539 River View Drive, Orondo, $312,500, sold to Susan A. Beaty

John P. Faulkner, 89 S. Stark Ave., East Wenatchee, $225,900, sold to Justin Stewart

Penny J. Landis, 117 W. Ash St., Waterville, $59,900, sold to Eric C. and Corinne Biggar

Donald Newman, 501 W. Entiat Drive, Orondo, $132,000, sold to Lee and Charles Harshberger

CMH Homes Inc., 1022 N. Nile Ave., East Wenatchee, $184,000, sold to Danny L. Sutherland

Emery H. and Lillie F. Kyle, 1013 Harrison Court, East Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Lucio and Veatriz Bernal Lopez

Melissa Brantner, 2383 Spring Wheat Road, East Wenatchee, $254,900, sold to Benjamin N. Pacheco and Elia Diaz

June 27

Jacqueline S. Gormley, 415 S. Franklin Ave., Waterville, $105,000, sold to Mary Darlene Venem

June 28

Jay and Terri Knudtsen, 140 W. Emerson Drive, Orondo, $269,000, sold to Joe Wilson

Bishop White Marshall and Weibel PS, 114 Aspen Road, East Wenatchee, $38,439, sold to Washington Federal

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 1480 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Henry R. and Eden N. Waggoner

Steven E. Pauly, 1533 N.W. Webster Park Terrace (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $209,000, sold to Arien J. Brazil

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 2425 Highland View Drive, East Wenatchee, $169,799, sold to Joel and Jacqueline H. Reed

Douglas County land sales

June 4

Corral Creek LLC, 179 North Shore Drive, Chelan, $124,000, 1.26 acres, sold to John W. and Elizabeth Ann Botts

June 5

Rimrock Meadows Association, Parcel ID 81700200100, Ephrata, $3,995, 5.37 acres, sold to Raphael and Tracy Pittenger

The Barnett Group LLC, Parcel ID 25240700001, Waterville, $2,500, 12.28 acres, sold to Arthur L. and Nadra J. Betcher

June 6

Marten T. and Sheryl A. Geyer, Parcel ID 25211530001, Orondo, $80,000, 149.5 acres, sold to TKB LLC

June 7

Rimrock Meadows Association, Parcel ID 81501905400 and 81501905500 (two parcels), Ephrata, $6,990, 2.15 acres, sold to Scott Haven

Rimrock Meadows Association, Parcel ID 81801503400 and 81801503500 (two parcels), Coulee-Hartline, $6,995, 5.46 acres, sold to Joshua T. and Traci M. Houston

Trustee of Carol Boyce Dudley, Parcel ID 26212720010, Brays Landing Road, Orondo, $450,000, 90 acres, sold to Pierre Renton Properties LLC

Winford D. Patton, Parcel ID 81700900500, Ephrata, $1,000, 1.03 acres, sold to Upland Enterprises LLC

June 10

Beebe Ranch LLC, 7 E. Shore Court, Chelan, $57,500, 0.52 acres, sold to Randy Merle and Jill Marie Delfino

June 11

Robin and Sandra Clemens, Parcel ID 25211140004, Waterville, $37,000, 20 acres, sold to TKB LLC

Robin and Sandra Clemens, Parcel ID 25211140005, Waterville, $37,000, 20 acres, sold to TKB LLC

June 13

Mark C. Stone, Parcel ID 09900602200, Locust Street, Mansfield, $3,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Richard E. Briggs

Beebe Ranch LLC, 11 E. Shore Court, Chelan, $60,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Robert L. and Patricia A. Lorentson

June 14

Nick J. and Donna L. Tommer, 302 Coyote Trail Road, Waterville, $24,000, 5.62 acres, sold to Vincent E. and Charlene M. Olsen

Gregory L. and Teri D. Gilbert, 200 Desert Canyon Blvd., Orondo, $95,000, 0.33 acres, sold to James C. and Kathleen M. Kennedy

June 18

Ronald Dean Brandenburg, Parcel ID 41400005403, East Wenatchee, $135,000, 7.18 acres, sold to Alfredo F. and Juanita M. Garcia

June 19

Solid Financial LLC, Parcel ID 81400101400, Ephrata, $4,550, 0.96 acres, sold to Allen and Kelly Marshall

June 21

Cameo Vista Corporation, 533 N. Montclair Ave., East Wenatchee, $174,145, 0.16 acres, sold to Sheri A. Ruetz

Jonathan E. Corning, Parcel ID 24211040003, Waterville, $20,500, 20 acres, sold to Jeffrey Simons

Fraser W. Just, Parcel ID 27252640002, Mansfield, $500, 73.8 acres, sold to Julie Kay Pelfrey

June 25

Corral Creek LLC, 175 North Shore Drive, Chelan, $148,500, 1.18 acres, sold to Sayed Shafie Ayar et al

Daniel E. Bolyard, Parcel ID 24270330005, Coulee-Hartline, $8,000, 20 acres, sold to Ramon Bazan

June 27

Smile4U Inc., Parcel ID 81400702300, Coulee-Hartline, $3,000, 0.94 acres, sold to Shawn Chouinard and Debbi Cornell

Paula Louise Glessner, Parcel ID 27242740005, Mansfield, $15,000, 27.9 acres, sold to G. Bruce Esklidsen

Cynthia Dawn Olson, Parcel ID 27242740004, Mansfield, $29,000, 76 acres, sold to G. Bruce Esklidsen

June 28

Dianne Bosscher, Parcel ID 49800010500, Mountain Spring Road, Chelan, $69,500, 5.7 acres, sold to Greg and Jessica Crumpacker

Corral Creek LLC, 167 North Shore Drive, Chelan, $154,500, 1.14 acres, sold to David Leroy and Dana Lynn Smith

Whidbey Island Bank, 101 North Shore Drive, Chelan, $90,000, 1.08 acres, sold to Andrew Paul Aversano

Ralph Andrew Sisk, 16 Box Gallows Lane and Parcel ID 24210210006 (two parcels), Waterville, $20,000, 48.17 acres, sold to Jerry Dunagan