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For the record: Building permits

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Chelan County

May 1

Jorge Flores, 6125 Old Blewett, Peshastin, accessory structure, $35,100

Sylvia Erskine, 72 Firenza Lane, Manson, single-family residence, $202,118

Ron Allen, 15200 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, residential addition, $46,564

May 2

Verizon Wireless, 1821 Horselake Road, accessory structure, $100,000

May 6

Sparks Construction LLC, 410 S. Worthen St., enclosing existing structure, $7,886

Kirk Kilgore Construction, 221 S. Wenatchee Ave., commercial remodel, $15,000

Roberts Construction, 391 Laurie Drive, single-family residence, $188,854

James Welch, 2695 Methow St., swimming pool, no valuation

May 7

Lyle M. Dearmont, 118 N. Chelan Ave., adding handicapped-accessible bathroom, $2,500

John McKerlie, 9761 Mountain Home Road, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $65,658

Lance Vanderhoek, 21102 Lariat Road, Plain, accessory structure, $2,610

Travis Vanderpool, 873 Boetzkes, Manson, swimming pool, no valuation

May 8

Robert Garlock, 111 Sun Valley Drive, single-family residence, $170,200

Dan Rasmussen, 2890 Easy St., Monitor, residential remodel, $35,000

Brian Kelley, 6365 Kimber Road, Cashmere, accessory structure, $77,760

May 9

Cemas Construction, 1646 Antles Ave., changing existing garage and carport into living space, $41,292

Richard Englund, 16767 North Shore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, deck, $5,702

Jason Hess, 5571 Squilchuck Road, single-family residence, $138,090

Jason Hess, 5571 Squilchuck Road, accessory structure, $17,028

Allan Moore, 75 Milan Drive, Manson, single-family residence, $211,387

Cashmere Congregation of Jehovah’s Witness, JW, 5862 Sunburst Lane, Cashmere, sign, no valuation

David Weber, 15752 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, residential addition, $81,910

Mike Dzluk, 21202 Stetson Road, Plain, residential remodel, $21,792

May 13

Prime Construction Inc., 1848 Heritage Drive, single-family residence, $169,767

American Roofing, 151 S. Franklin Ave., re-roofing, no valuation

George Martin, 94 Shoemaker Road, Manson, accessory structure, $6,615

Randy Morrison, 3445 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, single-family residence, $574,452

Randy Gold, 5217 Upper Hedges Road, accessory structure, $27,864

May 14

Chelan County PUD No. 1, 1113 Walla Walla Ave., new modular office building, $34,000

Swim World Inc., 1905 Cumbo Ct., in-ground pool, $29,250

Stimac Construction Inc., 2235 Methow St., single-family residence, $248,277

Stimac Construction Inc., 2225 Methow St., single-family residence, $249,073

Maureen Payton, 565 W. Rolling Hills Lane, accessory structure, $20,736

Daniel Eby, 12939 Timber Ridge Road, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $39,984

Roberts Construction, 125 E. Mountain Brooke, single-family residence, $227,686

Huber Homes, 340 Allison Drive, single-family residence, $173,129

May 15

Michael Poirier, 118 N. Chelan Ave., tenant improvements, $3,000

Integrity Piercing, 1201-1223 N. Wenatchee Ave., tenant improvements, $1,500

Summer Kelley, 2211 Stephanie Brooke, elevation certificate, no valuation

Gayland Wilsey, 1627 N. Western Ave., fire, no valuation

May 16

Dee Builders, 557 Trigger Lane, single-family residence, $245,088

Stimac Construction Inc., 559 Trigger Lane, single-family residence, $165,596

Spring Spectrum - Smart Link LLC, 201 N. Wenatchee Ave., install replacement antennas and rooftop cabinets, $20,000

Jane King, 1200 Jefferson St., residential remodel, $8,177

Oxarc, 291 Ohme Garden Road, other (signs, demos, etc.), no valuation

CAP Investments, 203 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, single-family residence, $152,070

Kyle Mathison Orchards, 4597 Stemilt Hill Road, accessory structure, $293,956

Double Z Builders, 166 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, single-family residence, $110,496

May 17

Freimuth Group Architects Inc., 1818 Skyline Drive, footing and foundation for four-plex, $46,000

May 20

Gage Ruffatto, 22121 B. Appaloosa Road, Peshastin, single-family residence, $71,170

Grover Collins Orchards, 24 Hugo Road, Chelan, accessory structure, $48,600

Daniel Ross, 1105 Washington Ave., Chelan Falls, accessory structure, $56,916

AT&T, 10090 North Road, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $14,500

May 21

Leon Preston, 225 Chatham Hill Road, accessory structure, $29,698

Leon Preston, 225 Chatham Hill Road, single-family residence, $168,319

Jon Horner, 1047 Albert Joe Road, Chelan, single-family residence, $80,551

May 22

Michelle R. Welton, 1750 Methow St., garage addition, $8,000

Chelan County, 9073 Highway 2, Dryden, commercial structure, $25,132

Robert Tuttle, 622 Santana Drive, Manson, accessory dwelling unit, $27,900

Stacy Wilson, 586 Boyd Loop Road, Chelan, manufactured home, no valuation

May 23

The Castle Builders, 400 9th St., interior remodel and remodel deck, $34,467

Harvey Family LLC, 334 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, dock, $9,850

Richard Fritz, 12294 Shugart Flats Road, Plain, single-family residence, $201,761

Rahn Redd, 20432 Highway 2, Cashmere, accessory structure addition, $16,200

May 28

Salomen Hernandez, 1517 Crescent St., new carport, $2,229

kelli Horner, 18 Karma Kanyon Drive, Chelan, single-family residence, $225,765

James Moore, 12681 Wilson St., Leavenworth, other (dock, deck, pool or retaining wall), $6,220

Aaron Cartozian, 3720 Cathedral Rock, Malaga, single-family residence, $200,985

John Whiteman, 1244 S. Lakeshore, Chelan, accessory structure, $20,433

Donna Simon, 12360 Village View Drive, Leavenworth, pool, no valuation

Shirley Cook, 12235 Shugart Flats Road, Leavenworth, manufactured home, no valuation

May 29

Hector Camacho, 743 Cascade St., single-family residence, $159,370

Jim Nordale, 198 Boyd Loop Road, Manson, pool, no valuation

Jim Gilbert, 45 Banks Ave., Manson, accessory structure, $48,600

William Brown, 12190 Ski View Lane, Leavenworth, residential remodel, $66,349

Gary Colley, 9885 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $12,960

Glen Grette, 2170 Sleep Hollow Heights, pole building, $162,000

May 30

Dale Gullickson’s Brush and Tree, 226 Pennsylvania St., remove garage, no valuation

Travis Kovacevich, 433 S. Pearl St., residential remodel, $19,066

Sparks Construction LLC, 410 S. Worthen St., building addition, $2,286

John Flaherty, 25 Harvey Lewis Lane, Manson, single-family residence, $169,811

John Flaherty, 25 Harvey Lewis Lane, Manson, accessory structure, $19,350

John Flaherty, 25 Harvey Lewis Lane, Manson, pool, no valuation

James Brown, 1225 Rue Jolie, deck, $2,880

Ben Boyd, 1200 Little Ranch Road, Chelan, pool, no valuation

Vasile Simion, 17920 River Road, Leavenworth, mechanical, no valuation

Greg Olshavsky, 3420 Alpine Court, deck, $2,784

Douglas County

April 29

Dave Construction, 2386 Combine St., deck, $5,040

April 30

Jim Harris Construction, 2355 N.E. Talon St., single-family residence, $166,365

May 1

Cascade Property Group LLC, 595 Grant Road, suite 6, tenant improvements, $70,175

William O’Brien, 54 S. Douglas Road, Waterville, manufactured home, $112,000

Columbia Basin Projects Inc., 253 Higgins Loop Road, Orondo, accessory storage building, $72,000

Family Home Investments, 1726 6th St. S.E., remodel, $9,000

May 3

Family Home Investments, 583 N. Montclair Ave., single-family residence, $78,240

May 6

Granite Northwest, 5497 Enterprise Drive, commercial fuel storage tank, $20,000

Marlene Wolfe, 2681 Rock Island Road, addition, $6,600

Steel Structures of America, 2855 5th St. N.E., accessory storage building, $43,200

May 7

K&L Homes, 2142 Blackstone Court, single-family residence, $157,680

Stimac Construction, 2673 Semolina Loop, single-family residence, $90,050

Stimac Construction, 2666 Semolina Loop, single-family residence, $123,750

McCue Construction, 200 Ridge Road, Orondo, swimming pool, $25,000

May 8

Marcellee Sparks, 3320 N.W. Cascade Ave., patio and cover, $6,525

Robert Brunner, 2228 Blackstone Court, storage shed, $7,200

Nancy Vance, 4085 Bluecrest Drive, deck, $1,200

May 9

Sadler Construction, 620 Grant Road, commercial addition, $277,884

G.L. White Construction, 440 30th St. N.W., garage, $49,500

May 13

Jesus De La Cruz, 23 S. Iowa Ave., mechanical permit, no valuation

May 14

Tri-Co Construction, 22366 Highway 97, Orondo, single-family residence, $279,470

Harper Homes, 461 S. Nevada Ave., single-family residence, $309,465

May 15

Vincente Cruz, 675 Highline Drive, patio cover, $8,100

May 16

McDougall & Sons, 13032A Highway 97, commercial remodel, $36,422

Stimac Construction, 2452 Columbia Ave., No. 27, single-family residence, $127,185

Stimac Construction, 2452 Columbia Ave., No. 26, single-family residence, $127,185

Stimac Construction, 2452 Columbia Ave., No. 25, single-family residence, $130,460

Stimac Construction, 2452 Columbia Ave., No. 24, single-family residence, $130,445

May 20

Ghiglia Homes LLC, 6162 Batterman Road, $396,480, agricultural shop

May 21

Jason Gault, 250 Vineyard Drive, single-family residence, $354,830

May 23

Daniel Webster, 4 Moe Road, Brewster, garage, $49,680

May 24

Hildebrand Construction, 801 Briarwood Drive, retaining wall, $500

May 29

Western Ranch Buildings Inc., 405 S. James Ave., storage building, $9,350

May 30

Northwest Contractors, 5347 4th St. S.E., single-family residence, $161,100

May 31

Blodgett Construction, 478 2nd St. S.E., $1,943,550, new commercial building

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