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Hi40° Rain


Lo34° Rain


Hi44° Chance Rain then Slight Chance Showers

Friday Night

Lo33° Slight Chance Rain


Hi47° Partly Sunny

Saturday Night

Lo35° Chance Rain


Hi47° Chance Rain

Sunday Night

Lo38° Chance Rain

Washington's Birthday

Hi56° Partly Sunny

Monday Night

Lo39° Mostly Cloudy

For the record: Building permits

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Chelan County

April 1

Melba J. Pygott, 1313 Castlerock Ave., residential addition, $16,207

Jim Osse, 5799 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, single-family residence, $112,129

Jim Osse, 5799 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $14,448

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 564 Village Drive, Manson, single-family residence, $143,956

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 393 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, single-family residence, $129,935

April 2

Eagle Signs LLC, 1121 N. Mission St., commercial sign, no valuation

Tom Payne, 8915 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, residential remodel, $83,618

Torstein Lindheim, 10428 Fox Road, Leavenworth, single-family resident, $188,180

Gwen Reyer, 125 Washington St., Manson, pool, no valuation

Mark Boe, 3093 Chelan Blvd., Manson, other (dock, deck or pool), $40,000

April 3

John Cossano, 550 S. Clifford St., Chelan, single-family residence, $82,692

Shannon Hafermann, 11441 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, residential remodel, $53,514

Janece Rainbolt, 909 Stevens St., residential addition, $12,065

April 4

Greg Olshavsky, 3420 Alpine Court, residential remodel, $119,557

John Tobias, 2673 Sumac Lane, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $62,850

Chris Newman, 21318 Quarter Road, Plain, accessory structure, $2,202

Teresa Allnoch, 23130 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $3,240

Raymond Busse, 18725 River Road, Plain, accessory structure, $3,500

Raymond Busse, 18725 River Road, Plain, accessory structure, $2,000

Shawn Haynes, 16019 River Road, Plain, deck, no valuation

Mary Anne Preece, 8308 Riverview Road, Peshastin, mechanical, no valuation

Kyle Mahuika, 207 Lilly Lane, single-family residence, $366,932

Pat Alyward, 4116 Knowles Road, mechanical, no valuation

Stemilt Growers, 2809 Euclid Ave., commercial structure, $1,094,032

April 5

Ed Bollinger, 127 S. Delaware Ave., re-roofing, no valuation

April 8

Felipe Mendoza, 1114 7th St., new carport, $3,000

Phyllis Stucky, 2359 Kinnikinnick Drive, Leavenworth, single-family residence, $54,474

Bill Knight, 109 Pheasant Canyon Road, single-family residence, $229,378

April 9

Lindell Construction, 1918 Castlerock St., single-family residence, $222,517

Mission Court Apartments LLC, 102-104 N. Mission St., demolition, no valuation

Scott Earney, 117 Wells Ave., Manson, garage, $7,200

Kevin Jahnke, 3136 Bermuda St., Malaga, accessory structure, $7,560

Brad McNutt, 7183 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, single-family residence, $132,642

John Fragnito, 9 Hawser Road, Chelan, sign, no valuation

Glessner Family LLC, 539 Manson Blvd., Manson, dock, $45,000

Dieter Schmidt, 2627 Emerson Acres, Manson, dock, $51,665

YMCA, 15263 North Shore Drive, Leavenworth, commercial remodel, $3,865

YMCA, 15263 North Shore Drive, Leavenworth, commercial remodel, $5,587

Evelia Yanez, 88 Depot St., accessory structure, $1,440

Theodore Brisbine, 2696 No. 2 Canyon Road, pool, no valuation

April 10

Ty Andre Construction/Broadview on the Canal LLC, 1897 Broadway Place, single-family residence, $366,202

Jose Juan Mora, 1131 Pershing St., residing home, $3,000

Kelly DeWolf, 2034 Woodridge St., building additional, $8,000

Prime Construction, 1843 Heritage Drive, single-family residence, $180,154

April 11

Dee Builders, 2143 Citation Loop, single-family residence, $245,088

Margaret Frigard, 211 Sun Valley Drive, single-family residence, $172,480

Victor Cox, 318 Village Drive, Manson, single-family residence, $137,592

Mike Maas, 19581 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, accessory structure, $51,840

April 15

Hale and Long General Contractor, 820 N. Chelan Ave., remodel at Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, $10,000

Joseph Anderson, 50 Red Hill Road, Entiat, single-family residence, $127,210

Jeff O’Brien, 12740 Prowell St., Leavenworth, accessory structure, $68,677

Phillip Blumhagen, 19894 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, retaining wall, $30,000

April 16

Rimmer and Roeter Construction Inc., 15 S. Mission St., removal of skylights and reframing roof, $5,738

Scott Langager, 1828 Jefferson St., rebuilding existing deck, $2,421

Robert Ogburn, 4267 April Drive, mechanical, no valuation

April 17

Precise Carpentry and Painting LLC, 10 S. Garfield St., insulating and sheetrock to existing wall, $4,500

Courtright Construction LLC, 1031 Westmorland Drive, repair deck, $17,530

Cascade Auto Center, 148 Easy St., fire restoration, no valuation

Tony Medina, 316 Wapato Way, Manson, fire restoration, no valuation

Habitat for Humanity, 1718 Francis Court, single-family residence, $84,078

C.G. Spence, 3655 Union Valley Road, Chelan, single-family residence, $124,299

Scott Chamberlin, 1665 Pitcher Canyon Road, mechanical, no valuation

DNR/AT&T, 31400 Chelan Butte, Chelan, accessory structure, $14,500

Warren Simpson, 8157 Williams Canyon Road, Cashmere, single-family residence, $237,995

April 17

CAP Investments, 187 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, accessory structure, $5,904

April 18

Todd Woods, 2307 Lester Road, bathroom remodel, $8,897

William Timmerman, 76 Graham Lane, Leavenworth, single-family residence, $95,745

Springwater Homes, 374 Laurie Drive, single-family residence, $214,642

April 19

Stimac Construction Inc., 2119 and 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 4-1), single-family residence, $77,539

Stimac Construction Inc., 2119 and 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 5-1), single-family residence, $94,785

Stimac Construction Inc., 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 3-2), single-family residence, $93,915

Stimac Construction Inc., 2119 and 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 3-1), single-family residence, $187,966

Stimac Construction Inc., 2119 and 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 2-2), single-family residence, $93,915

Stimac Construction Inc., 2119 and 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 1-2), single-family residence, $93,983

Stimac Construction Inc., 2119 and 2149 Squilchuck Road (unit 6-1), single-family residence, $77,539

April 23

Scott Miller, 835 Roses Ave., Manson, manufactured home, no valuation

Scott Miller, 835 Roses Ave., Manson, accessory structure, no valuation

Lynda Fredrickson, 12199 Bretz Road, Leavenworth, mechanical, no valuation

Link Transit, 2700 Euclid Ave., fire restoration, no valuation

Leon Preston, 225 Chatham Hill, demo, no valuation

April 24

Stemilt Growers, 2833 Euclid Ave., fire restoration, no valuation

Russell Carlson, 3600 Bainard Ave., Malaga, accessory structure, $20,250

April 25

J. Stephen Goodfellow, 7684 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, accessory structure, $1,800

Paul Scott, 26320 Sears Creek Road, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $17,172

Joseph Grimes, 3926 Lovell Road, single-family residence, $194,502

Tyler Long, 3861 Old Blewett Highway, Peshastin, single-family residence, $106,134

Thomas Lord, 2665 Sumac Lane, Leavenworth, accessory structure, $24,823

April 29

Pybus Market Charitable Foundation, 7 N. Worthen St., footing, $6,000

Rick and Susan Owens, 700 Highland Drive, closet addition, $3,100

Donald Goodin, 1165 Willems Road, Cashmere, single-family residence, $123,379

Mark Donahue, 16881 North Shore Drive, Leavenworth, residential remodel, $18,486

Sunnyslope Meadows, 107 Sunny Meadows Loop, single-family residence, $157,920

Cascadian Fruitshippers Inc., 2701 Euclid Ave., commercial, $42,000

James Roberts, 19554 Euclid Ave., residential remodel, $58,832

April 30

G.L. White Construction Inc., 808 N. Miller St., commercial remodel, $26,000

Columbia Valley Brewing Co., 538 Riverside Drive, interior wall alterations, $1,000

Village at Lake Chelan, 398 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, single-family residence, $132,484

Adam Jennings, 160 Summerridge Lane, Malaga, single-family residence, $434,970

James Batdorf, 144 Mirabella Lane, Chelan, retaining wall, $9,200

Douglas County

April 1

Robert Horton, 1414 Capri Drive, single-family residence, $146,627

John Vandiver, 1128 N. Denis Court, raise roof, $15,000

Graybeal Signs, 341 Grant Road, commercial sign, no valuation

David and Strarla Graham, 721 12th St. N.E., patio cover, $8,316

Pro-Sign, 477 Grant Road, commercial sign, no valuation

Haskins Company Inc., 11 Road C S.W., Waterville, seed wheat storage, $40,000

April 2

Gurnee Company Builders Inc., 1938 S.E. Legacy Place, single-family residence, $228,435

Tri-Co Construction, 170 E. Marine View Place, Orondo, residential remodel, $27,360

H&H Construction LLC, 1001 S. Webb Place, residential addition, $48,565

April 3

Gurnee Company Builders Inc., 1993 S.E. Legendary Lane, single-family residence, $176,356

April 8

Ernesto and Maria Esther Santos Cruz, 166 9th St. N.E., commercial addition and remodel, $33,464

April 9

J. Max Campos, 121 19th St. N.W., demolition, $2,000

April 10

Hildebrand Construction, 1367 Boulder Loop, single-family residence, $141,896

April 11

K. Dietrich Construction Inc., 1565 Road C N.W., Mansfield, accessory building addition, $72,000

Gurnee Company Builders Inc., 1956 S.E. Legacy Place, single-family residence, $232,975

Ismael Murillo, 2447 1st St. N.E., patio cover, $4,620

April 12

DJ Construction, 1433 Copper Loop, single-family residence, $186,124

Badten Farms Inc., 770 Road C N.W., Waterville, LPG lines and tanks, $25,000

April 15

MJ Neal Associates, 430 Rock Island Road, commercial remodel, $1,500

HDC Construction, 7 Peaceful Pine Lane, single-family residence, $58,810

April 17

Castle Builders, 590A and 590B Rolfs Place, residential renovation, $87,102

Turner Restoration, 857 N. Devon Ave., fire restoration, $1,500

Clementson Construction Inc., 70 Corral Creek Drive, Orondo, single-family residence, $156,855

Rookard Construction, 2225 Fancher Heights Blvd., swimming pool, $30,000

McCue Construction Inc., 2213 Blackstone Court, swimming pool, $20,000

April 18

Stimac Construction Inc., 2678 Semolina Loop, single-family residence, $90,050

Stimac Construction Inc., 2672 Semolina Loop, single-family residence, $134,130

April 22

Dave Flores, 836 N. Kentucky Ave., decommission oil and gas tanks, $1,000

Family Home Investments Corporation, 591 N. Montclair Ave., single-family residence, $87,085

April 24

Michael Knopf, 2625 26th Court N.E., garage, $154,770

Thomas Schweitzer, 2213 Blackstone Court, retaining wall, $5,320

April 26

Western Ranch Buildings, 370 11th St. N.E., lean-to added to existing building, $1,000

DJ Custom Homes, 1429 Copper Loop, single-family residence, $186,124

April 29

L.L. and Jane C. Nagler, 96 17th St. N.E., single-family residence, $201,935

April 30

McLaughlin Construction, 21 Cloud Nine Lane, Orondo, residential addition and remodel, $31,410

Sadler Construction Inc., 3115 S.E. Airway St., single-family residence, $248,265