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For the record: Building permits

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Chelan County

March 4

Terry McIver, 255 Sun Valley Drive, single-family residence, $213,878

Wayne Novey, 24602 Spur St., Leavenworth, manufactured home, no valuation

Daniel Solorio, 1709 Cross St., accessory structure, $9,000

Daniel Solorio, 1709 Cross St., single-family residence, $201,295

Forte Architects, 23 S. Mission St., Suite C, commercial remodel, $140,000

Jon Zitting, 622 N. Miller St., building remodel, $8,000

March 5

Pybus Market Charitable Foundation, 7 N. Worthen St., parking lot and landscaping, $32,588

Anthony’s General Construction LLC, 1212 Gossman Lane, residential porch cover, $5,000

March 6

Mitch Morey, 303 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, single-family residence, $191,812

Carol Clapp, 26010 Camp 12 Road, Plain, single-family residence, $113,005

Skyline Network, 1610 N. Miller St., antenna, no valuation

March 7

Stephan Dobratz, 30 Nickel View Lane, Manson, deck, $3,456

Jim Gurke, 142 Mirabella Drive, Chelan, single-family residence, $249,372

Dean Kane, 2019 McEldowney Road, Malaga, accessory structure, $20,124

Douglas Hanson, 16648 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, single-family residence, $97,552

March 11

Jeff Cawood, 3895 Ayers Road, Monitor, mechanical, no valuation

Chris Hansen, 5786 Tigner Road, Cashmere, single-family residence, $135,009

Mark Davis, 4098 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, residential remodel, $100,000

Randy Oster, 1051 Albert Joe Drive, Chelan, accessory structure, $74,304

Stemilt Growers, 2833 Euclid Ave., accessory structure, $3,000

March 12

Lighthouse Christian Ministry, 2415 No. 1 Canyon, building upgrades inspection, no valuation

March 14

A Home Doctor, 3037 Riviera Blvd., Malaga, single-family residence, $155,068

Mike Newman, 23850 White River Road, Leavenworth, single-family residence, $120,000

Springwater Homes, 358 Allison St., other (dock, deck, pool or retaining wall), no valuation

Doug Hanson, 16448 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, dock, $27,000

Don and Lynn Holding, 74 Howard Flats Road, Chelan, job trailer, no valuation

Don and Lynn Holding, 120 Howard Flats Road, Chelan, job trailer, no valuation

Roy Vespier, 1713 Toaimnic Drive, new construction duplex, $212,705

March 18

Maureen Payton, 565 W. Rolling Hills, garage, no valuation

March 19

Shanon Ford, 16188 S. Lakeshore Road, seawall, $12,000

Paul Currit, 4590 Brisky Canyon Road, Cashmere, residential remodel, $16,056

Robert Finley, 910 Loop Ave., Manson, single-family residence, $295,282

Kelly King, 76 Wapato Way, Manson, commercial, $280,580

Hamilton Investment Group LLC, 11 Spokane St., tenant improvements, $12,000

March 20

Beryl Bland, 8426 Heimbinger Road, Dryden, accessory structure, $21,600

Port of Chelan County, 238 Olds Station Road, commercial, $456,119

Pybus Market Charitable Foundation, 7 N. Worthen St., tenant improvements to spaces W1-W15 and E1-E15, $881,500

John Yale, 634 Kittitas St., residential remodel, $16,400

March 21

Kirk Kayser, 24386 Highway 97, Chelan, single-family residence, $226,863

Rob Cook, 190 Grandview Lane, Chelan, other (dock, deck, pool or retaining wall), no valuation

March 22

Pool to Spa LLC, 1748 Windsor Court, swimming pool, no valuation

March 25

Jon Torrence, 6108 Turkey Shoot Road, Cashmere, residential remodel, $26,946

Beyond Construction, 1216 Pershing St., converting garage to living space, $17,000

James Van Assche, 626 Western Ave., residential addition, $170,176

Scott Kane, 322 N. Franklin Ave., interior alterations to basement, $9,289

Jeremiah Green, 233 N. Franklin St., replacing windows with sliding door and deck, no valuation

March 26

The Castle Builders, 216 S. Mission St., interior alterations, $21,000

Wenatchee School District, 1510 9th St., remodel, $1.3 million

Woodlands Construction, 1400 S. Miller St., illuminated sign, no valuation

March 27

Tom Jones, 5447 Binder Road, Cashmere, accessory structure, $6,380

City of Chelan, 317 Henderson Road, Chelan, commercial remodel, $8,950

Bill Dooley, 183 SummerRidge, Malaga, single-family residence, $196,595

Grant McDonald, 411 Lakayuse Road, Manson, pool, no valuation

March 28

Vasile Simion, 17920 River Road, Leavenworth, pool, no valuation

243 LLC, 1300 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, single-family residence, $210,082

Peter Manley, 15455 Entiat River Road, Entiat, post-frame building, $47,250

Humberto Bedolla, 1127 Cherry St., single-family residence, $81,538

Douglas County

Feb. 12

BOA Construction, 18 Dewie Drive, Orondo, single-family residence, $249,675

Feb. 19

Family Home Investments Corporation, 574 N. Montclair Ave., single-family residence, $74,540

Feb. 27

Boyer Mountain Door and Pool Inc., 2314 6th St. S.E., swimming pool, $15,000

Feb. 28

Western Ranch Buildings LLC, 1225 Palisades Road, Palisades, accessory storage building, $21,600

B&T Custom Builders Inc., 3441 Ashwood Drive, single-family residence, $221,670

March 4

The Castle Builders, 2454 Highland View Drive, deck, $1,800

March 5

Dean Johnson, 348 Highline Drive, wall sign, no valuation

March 7

Bethlehem Construction, 5905 Nelpar Drive, controlled atmosphere storage, $7,705,200

Westower Communications Inc., 3029 Kropp Road, Bridgeport, cell tower replacement, $100,000

Susan J. Johnson, 675 Road 20 N.W., Waterville, accessory dwelling, $41,250

March 8

Graybeal Signs, 630 Valley Mall Parkway, sign, no valuation

March 14

Eastmont School District, 800 Eastmont Ave., exit door and walls, $4,500

Harold K. McGregor, 777 Eastmont Ave., decommission oil tank, no valuation

March 15

Darrin P. and Wendy M. Nelson, 3954 N.E. Blueridge Drive, residential remodel, $800

Lynn and Diane R. Morgan, 475 Beach Drive, Orondo, residential remodel $2,400

March 19

Dee Builders Inc., 2683 Semolina Loop, single-family residence, $130,320

March 21

H&H Construction LLC, 2834 N. Breckenridge Drive, single-family residence, $488,780

H&H Construction LLC, 2822 N. Breckenridge Drive, single-family residence, $472,530

Van Assche Inc., 5009 N.W. Cascade Ave., residential remodel, $92,610

March 22

Dee Builders Inc., 1368 Duram Drive, single-family residence, $134,910

Selland Construction Inc., 5526 Industry Lane, water system equipment shelter, $1,510

Stimac Construction Inc., 2695 Semolina Loop, single-family residence, $85,165

Rodney M. Mortensen and Bryan Frederickson, 1469 Copper Loop, single-family residence, $168,233

March 25

Rookard Construction, 47 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, swimming pool, $30,000

March 26

Vern J. and Christi K. Chamberlain, 709 Vista View Place, residential addition, $2,920

March 27

A Plus Construction LLC, 2 21st St. N.W., manufactured home, $7,680

March 28

Kevin S. Lee, 1855 Rock Island Road, wrecking yard fence, $1,500