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For the record: Real estate

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Chelan County commercial sales

Feb. 18

David J. and Katherine L. Murphy, 601 Ringold St., Wenatchee, $284,500, sold to Brandon A. Klump

Feb. 26

Dean Chaussee, 22 S. Buchanan Ave., Wenatchee, $2,825,000, sold to Housing Authority of Chelan County

Emerson Manor Associates, 700 N. Emerson Ave., Wenatchee, $1.9 million, sold to Housing Authority of Chelan County

Chelan County residential sales

Feb. 3

Clemens and Lynn Butz, 9345 Nahahum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $127,079, sold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Mrachek Family Cabin LLC, 11300 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $469,000, sold to Sean D. McArthur

Feb. 4

Diane K. Eccles, 1929 Hideaway Place, Wenatchee, $237,000, sold to Jevin Estep and Abbie Poirier JTRS

Bear Mountain Ranch Inc., 22610 Highway 97A, Chelan, $60,000, sold to Josue Cisneros and Rosa A. Avalos-Alfaro JTROS

Clifton T. and Toni L. House et al, 549 Village Drive, Manson, $308,049, sold to Barbara A. House

Broadview on the Canal Inc., 1871 Broadview, Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Marc and Kathy S. Ball

Feb. 5

Mejia Silverio, 204 Perry St., Cashmere, $79,382, sold to Juan Mirelez and Felipa Huerta

Elanor M. Hughes, 1921 Pensione Place, Wenatchee, $217,000, sold to Kyle B. and Jacqueline C. Hurst

K and L Homes LLC, 1024 Sunset Lane, Chelan, $67,500, sold to David A. and Faye G. Barker

Feb. 6

Grahame Watson, 24609 Spur St., Plain, $24,000, sold to Chris Hamilton

Feb. 7

James R. Collins, 53 Collins Lane, Chelan, $75,000, sold to Jason L. and Kimberly J. Thorpe

Feb. 9

Mary T. Signorelli, 1511 Columbia View Court, Wenatchee, $171,000, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

Feb. 10

James and Amy Jantzen, 1417 Madison St., Wenatchee, $308,000, sold to Glen A. Parmley

Chelan County Tax Title, 103 N. Park and Woodin Ave. (seven parcels), Chelan, $3,822, sold to Petersons Waterfront HOA

Douglas L. Hillman et al, 27868 Napeequa Drive (four parcels), Lake Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Owen G. III and Amy R. Reese

Feb. 11

Leonel Sandoval, 3045 Flamingo St., Malaga, $30,000, sold to Nancy Peart

Audrey and Aaron Bessonette, 403 Valley View Drive, Cashmere, $345,000, sold to Steven and Janine Bakken

Leonard Szymborski, 8929 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, $229,440, sold to Benjamin D. Wiley and Kathryn E. Sharpe

Lowell Jackson and Alicia Truste, 12940 Timber Ridge Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $273,048, sold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Dee Builders Inc., 559 Trigger Lane, Wenatchee, $52,000, sold to Blanca Zendejas et al

Feb. 12

Knox Family Trust, 4352 Anna Lane, Wenatchee, $339,000, sold to Rolf and Judy Dahmen

Sharen A. Grubb, 2010 Edgewood Lane, Wenatchee, $490,000, sold to William R. and Catherine E. Rixey

Federal National Mortgage Association, 320 S. Navarre St., Chelan, $151,300, sold to Thomas C. and Gloria J. Thomas

Feb. 13

David A. Imperato, 1816 Cumbo Court, Wenatchee, $154,509, sold to Northwest Trustee Services Inc.

Marguerite Taaffe, 3536 Hansel Lane (two parcels), Peshastin, $241,500, sold to Wayne R. Taaffe

Patricia J. Carroll, 1528 Alpensee Strasse, Leavenworth, $562,000, sold to Kenneth J. and Bonnie M. Pittrof

Dale A. Willmorth, 850 Willmorth Drive, Chelan, $147,970, sold to Cheyenne D. Stocker

Village at Lake Chelan LLC, 519 Village Drive, Manson, $349,900, sold to Sherry Ochsner

Feb. 14

Rocky W. Flynn, 3580 Knowles Road, Wenatchee, $800,000, sold to Matthew and Heidi Fluegge

David R. Griffith et al, 1205 Gilcrest St., Wenatchee, $179,000, sold to Sharon Cunningham

Emily and Jose Lemus, 112 Viewdale Ave., Wenatchee, $117,000, sold to Silver Murillo Tovar and Marisol Ruiz Garcia

Wapiti North LLC, 154 Sun Valley Drive, Wenatchee, $373,500, sold to Michael D. Scott et al

Feb. 18

Barbara N. Miles, 13459 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $362,500, sold to Deborah A. and Bruce D. Paulson

Anna L. Mayer, 11675 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $115,000, sold to Joyce Stevens and Jennette Britton

Patrick and Tammie Moore, 6303 Navarre Coulee Road, Chelan, $355,900, sold to Irma N. Mathisen trust

Entiat River View LLC, 6038 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $70,000, sold to Robert Eubank and Lynn Rasmussen

Donna R. Goleman, 1122 Linwood Ave., Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Jon M. and Melanie F. Smiddy

Feb. 19

Chelan County, 103 N. Park and Woodin Ave. (5 parcels), Chelan, $1,790, sold to Petersons Waterfront HOA

North Cascade National Bank, 239 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $170,000, sold to Scott C. and Jennifer S. Anderson

Feb. 20

Carol A. Claar et al, 3003 Highway 97, Peshastin, $170,000, sold to Hansel Creek Properties LLC

James E. Steiner, 6011 Sunset Highway, Cashmere, $150,000, sold to Russell M. Jr. and Angela Cole

Mary C. Jensen and Dan Iver et al, 204 Birch St., Leavenworth, $192,000, sold to Todd J. and Erin A. Pehowski

Feb. 21

Donald A. Deberg, 305 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $172,000, sold to John P. Ryan and Louise A. Simons

Michael W. Denney, 2527 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $287,365, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

Ruth V. Griffin, 907 Sunrise Drive, Manson, $125,000, sold to Douglas A. Chevalier Drew and Lara Killian, 223 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $183,000, sold to Jarrad A. Craft

Feb. 24

Joseph R. Johnson, 14954 Golden Delicious St., Entiat, $110,000, sold to Ruben Mendoza and Maria De La Luz

102 Fair Way LLC, 102 Fair Way, Chelan, $340,000, sold to Thomas A. and Marilyn Grover

Porter W. and Amy L. Devere, 20 Via Vista, Chelan, $119,000, sold to Lawrence D. and Shaunie R. Peabody

Ella M. Dillon, 626 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $105,000, sold to Jeff and Trudy Taylor

Geraldine Fischer, 541 Chrisand Lane, Wenatchee, $247,000, sold to Michael and Laviale Wald

Feb. 25

Kriss A. and Juilanne L. Carpenter, 323 N. Miller St., Wenatchee, $163,000, sold to Charles R. and Joanne M. Steinberg

G. R. Webb, 1 Big Rock Place, Cashmere, $420,000, sold to Sims and Sims LLP

A Home Doctor Inc., 1013 Crest Loop, Entiat, $253,054, sold to Adam and Autum Gould

William Sotiropoulos et al, 497 Wheatland Lane, Chelan, $155,000, sold to William V. Shemel trust

Feb. 26

Douglas County, 2415 No. 1 Canyon Road (two parcels), Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Lighthouse Christian Ministries

Oliver W. Nevins, 233 Park Ave., Leavenworth, $325,000, sold to Barbara N. Miles

Floyd R. Scenard Jr., 10780 North Road, Leavenworth, $585,000, sold to Jon and Colleen Lindstrom

William C. and Hazel M. Haskett, 7964 Tilly Lane, Wenatchee, $143,100, sold to Arthur J. Arndt

Larry C. Willet, 11425 Clark Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $200,000, sold to Dennis and Niki McMahon

Dianne L. Girard, 9850 Merry Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $290,000, sold to Denise Ericson

Saddle Rock View LLC, 557 Trigger Lane, Wenatchee, $52,000, sold to Jamie J. Olsen and Jessica M. Harmon JTRS

Pitcher Canyon Land Co. LLC, 1611 Pitcher Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $69,900, sold to Scott and Jean Chamberlin

Kisa Investments LLC, 74 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, $42,000, sold to Roberto Tovar and Josefina A. Murillo

Feb. 27

May Phillips, 1818 Skyline Drive, No. 33, Wenatchee, $123,000, sold to George S. and Denise M. Ferree

Federal National Mortgage Association, 203 N. Franklin Ave., Wenatchee, $170,000, sold to Brianna M. Springer

Prime Construction LLC, 1844 Heritage Drive, Wenatchee, $243,000, sold to Geraldine Fischer

Daniel G. and Lori L. Parker, 179 Red Hill Road, Entiat, $90,000, sold to Steve S. and Tarri L. Edmonson

Feb. 28

Donald and Susan Jewett, 1073 Highway 150, Manson, $66,000, sold to Jon K. and Dolores M. Bradshaw

Chelan County land sales

Feb. 4

Kynard Boyd, Property ID 48371, Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $100,000, 0.82 acres, sold to Gregory J. and Candace R. Vornbrock

Feb. 5

Chelan County Tax Title, Property ID 41670, Highway 150, Chelan, $756, no acreage listed, sold to Lake Chelan Shores Homeowners Association

Feb. 7

First Woodinville LLC, Property ID 35569, Highway 2, Leavenworth, $359,000, 15.7 aces, sold to Pavan Narkulla

Feb. 11

Thomas L. and Marva L. McDevitt, Property ID 63435, North Road, Leavenworth, $267,500, 10 acres, sold to Matthew M. and Amy T. Snyder

Feb. 12

Drew Enloe, Parcel ID 30208, North Road, Leavenworth, $168,000, 1.54 acres, sold to Dietrich Orchards LLC

Leffler Orchards Inc., Parcel ID 48480, Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $173,00, 10.7 acres, sold to Laura L. Hultgren and Neil R. Whitman

Feb. 13

Marguerite Taaffe, Parcel ID 20062 and 20063, Highway 97 (two parcels), Peshastin, $2,000, 9.39 acres, sold to Wayne R. Taaffe

Feb. 14

Columbia River Leasing LLC, Parcel ID 32283, Highway 97A, Wenatchee, $73,800, 31.02 acres, sold to Steven W. Shank

BNSF Railway Company, Parcel ID 58469, Malaga Alcoa Highway, Malaga, $5,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Thomas A. and Betty V. Smith

Feb. 18

Bruce Warman et al, Parcel ID 31211 and 63342, Deadman Hill Road (two parcels), Dryden, $270,000, 4.36 acres, sold to Randall E. and Nancy L. Piper

Douglas County commercial sales

Feb. 11

Pacific Crest Holdings LLC, 710 Grant Road (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Jose Carlos Cruz Sr.

Feb. 26

Kamron Blevins, 3902 Airport Way, East Wenatchee, $77,000, sold to Wilfong Family Trust

Feb. 28

A Thousand Hills LLC, 280 Valley Mall Parkway, East Wenatchee, $1,750,000, sold to Ray C. Debord and Jill Anne Nelson

Douglas County residential sales

Feb. 3

Larry W. and Mary Alice Johnson, 2099 Whitney Court, East Wenatchee, $199,000, sold to Pedro A. Barrera-Blanco

Steven A. and Kristen A. Hiett, 2240 Fancher Heights Blvd., East Wenatchee, $379,900, sold to James and Amelia Lehman

Marshall and Weibel Bishop White, 903 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $241,000, sold to Bank of America National Association

Ryan C. Hughes, 333 Walnut St. (two parcels), Mansfield, $50,000, sold to Jeff Ponder

Feb. 4

C and C Investment Properties LLC, 312 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $209,000, sold to Clyde Jump

Feb. 6

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., 1130 N. Denis Court, East Wenatchee, $114,700, sold to Russell and Carisa Haven

Feb. 7

Yvonne N. Frazier, 1093 S.E. Tedford St., East Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Pacific Region Investment Co. LLC

Kathy Reeves, 4035 N.W. Cascade Ave., East Wenatchee, $100,000, sold to Randy A. Kohlhase

Feb. 10

Betty Rose Rockstad, 17 Elgin Ave., Rock Island, $125,410, sold to Chad Noah

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 729 S. Lexington Place, East Wenatchee, $176,500, sold to Angel and Melanie Sarao

Feb. 11

Brant C. and Tammy L. Stanger, 812 12th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $257,000, sold to Jennifer Frese

Feb. 12

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 616 S. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $232,000, sold to Kristin Lynn Marie and Anthony Ray Coble

Robert and Caroline Faulconer, 2248 Blackstone Court, East Wenatchee, $297,000, sold to Charles Edward White

Feb. 13

Quality Loan Service Corporation of Washington, 921 10th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $198,033, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

Feb. 14

Regional Trustee Services Corporation, 367 First St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $129,272, sold to Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington DC

Feb. 18

Raymond C. and Donna J. Felker, 2500 Highway 28, East Wenatchee, $37,000, sold to Ruben and Carmen A. Pascacio

John E. Carter, 567 Canyon Drive, East Wenatchee, $158,000, sold to Guy D. and Lauren M. Nearing

Bertha Flores, 401 S. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $7,000, sold to Maria Gisela and Ley Moreno

Feb. 19

Shawn and Julie A. Ballard, 2301 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $146,000, sold to Ballard Rental Properties LLC

Hood Worthington Jr., 804 N.W. Ella St., East Wenatchee, $49,590, sold to Scott M. and Sheila G. Kane

Feb. 21

B and T Custom Builders Inc., 3427 Ashwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $346,000, sold to Kevin Michael and Diana L. Lord

Estate of Lanell O. Smith, 1710 9th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $224,000, sold to Upper Columbia Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists

Feb. 24

Victor Manuel V. Borjas, 500 Second St. S.W., Space 16, Rock Island, $15,000, sold to Christian A. Flores Gomez

Gloria Sanchez, 500 Second St. S.W., Space 3, Rock Island, $45,000, sold to Sonia Casillas

Feb. 25

Lawrence L. Cauffman, 43 N. Keller Ave., East Wenatchee, $100,000, sold to Max and Margaret R. Marshall

Robert C. and Jennifer A. Eck, 925 N. Jackson Place, East Wenatchee, $163,900, sold to John Killian

Diana M. Snell, 19 S. Lombard Ave., East Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to Daniel Lee Snell

Jody L. Weaver, 1418 Copper Loop, East Wenatchee, $272,840, sold to Lee R. and Tina A. Biles

Feb. 27

Carl and Tamara R. Christiansen, 526 Stoneridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $420,000, sold to Stanley A. and Kathleen M. Langevin

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2467 Summit Drive, East Wenatchee, $179,300, sold to Gregory J. and Rebecca J. Lyons

Feb. 28

Estate of Juanita L. Ogle, 228 22nd St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $173,500, sold to Joel N. Kelley

E.R. Chrisco, 1812 S.E. Soden St., East Wenatchee, $100,000, sold to Rosa Silva Guerra

Neil E. Jacobson, 1816 Raymond Ave., Bridgeport, $144,000, sold to Nicolas Gonzalez

Jacob M. and Elisabeth Holt, 2300 Combine St., East Wenatchee, $216,900, sold to Phillip L. and Teresa L. Tillotson

Gary A. and Diane K. Langendorf, 1130 Palisades Road (two parcels), $135,000, Palisades, sold to Jon L. and Janice M. Penfold

Jennifer Carmichael, 1138 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $261,860, sold to Christopher P. and Lindsay R. Rasmussen

Patrick and Thomas Sweeney, 1572 Darald Place, East Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Diana M. Snell

Douglas County land sales

Feb. 7

Excelsior Mortgage Equity Fund II LLC, 4 Spanish Castle Road, Palisades, $600,000, 200.69 acres, sold to Evergreen Vineyards LLC

Feb. 10

Randy and Ida McLeary, 2868 N. Breckenridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $85,000, 0.25 acres, sold to Steve and Joyce Chervinskas

Feb. 11

GG and V Land Company LLC, 2647 Fancher Landing, East Wenatchee, $89,900, 0.41 acres, sold to Hanson Home Construction LLC

Badger Lucky, Parcel ID 26212710007 Brays Landing Road, Orondo, $5,200, 11.12 acres, sold to Pierre Renton Properties LLC

Feb. 13

Corral Creek LLC, 283 North Shore Drive, Orondo, $183,000, 1.68 acres, sold to Robert W. Millar

Feb. 14

Beebe Ranch LLC, 11 N. Shore Drive, Orondo, $89,000, 0.83 acres, sold to Curtis J. Storer

Scott A. and Jennifer L. Poirier, 38 Orchard Place, Orondo, $209,000, 1.33 acres, sold to David E. and Denise C. Nichols

Feb. 18

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2788 N. Breckenridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $79,000, 0.24 acres, sold to B and T Custom Builders Inc.

Feb. 19

Jessup Home Design Inc., 310 N. Newark Ave., East Wenatchee, $302,000, 0.2 acres, sold to Brandon D. and Lori E. Hills

Feb. 20

Karen Badten, Parcel ID 24241220000 and 25243530000 (two parcels), Waterville, $229,460, 464.72 acres, sold to Leeroy and Mardelle Jordan

Feb. 21

Estate of Earl Spencer Brown, Parcel ID 26243520000, Waterville, $27,650, 147 acres, sold to Gale E. and Janice L. Badten

James and Joy Vanassche, Parcel ID 23203630005 Daniels Drive, East Wenatchee, $60,000, 2.7 acres, sold to Flint and Jamie Hartwig

Jabulani Industries LLC, 584 N. Grover Place (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $114,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Emilio Alvarado Palomo

Feb. 27

Lydia F. Dammann et al, Parcel ID 28240210000, 29243620001, and 29243630002 (three parcels), Mansfield, $163,000, 387 acres, sold to Gary D. and Bonita Poole

Feb. 28

Jabulani Industries LLC, 579 N. Grover Place (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $119,900, 0.18 acres, sold to Glaudia E. Vega-Garcia and Rene Zantana-Baltazar

Kenneth C. and Joan F. Stamps, 1655 Road 4 N.E., Coulee-Hartline, $190,000, 246 acres, sold to Yat-On LLC

Greg and Sara Van Dandt, 35 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $180,000, 0.84 acres, sold to Ellis K. and Kathleen L. Nierenberg

Ackerman Construction Inc., 1376 Boulder Loop, East Wenatchee, $275,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Thomas Patrick and Corliss M. Sweeny

Richard R. Feil, 4 Elite Drive, Brewster, $192,000, 1.16 acres, sold to Mark Young

FSV Development Inc., 24 Elite Drive, Brewster, $185,000, 1.62 acres, sold to Richard R. Feil