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Taylor Mortgage | Mortgage men: Continuing a legacy of honesty and integrity

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Owners Jace Miller, at left, and Steve Schindele of Taylor Mortage Loans, 358 Highline Drive in East Wenatchee.

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New home loans, re-financing, debt elimination and good old fashioned conversation. Since 1992, Taylor Mortgage has provided all of this while serving as the Wenatchee Valley’s home-grown mortgage company.

And through thick and thin, bubbles and pops, they have managed to do it while sticking to the low rates and integrity that the business was originally founded upon.

Roger Taylor opened the business in 1992 and gave the company its namesake. In 2010, Taylor retired to Arizona and left complete control and ownership to two of his former employees, Steve Schindele and Jace Miller.

Since 2010, Schindele and Miller have shared the titles of co-owners and loan originators. And while Schindele serves as branch manager, both men agree the business, located at 338 Highline Drive in East Wenatchee, is not run by a single person, but instead, by all five employees on staff.

Schindele and Miller started their careers outside the mortgage industry. Miller, whose family lineage can be traced back four generations in Wenatchee, moved back to Wenatchee from Ohio where he was raised to buy into the orchard industry with his father. And after the last apples had been picked for Miller, Taylor recruited him into the mortgage business in 2002.

Similarly, Schindele, who was born and raised in Wenatchee, spent much of his career in the produce industry. And after many successful years of business that landed him in Southern California, Schindele moved back to his hometown in 2006 looking for a better place to raise his family. That is when he met Taylor and was introduced to the world of mortgage lending.

When I came back home, I went to buy a house. Roger Taylor had done all my family’s loans and I was told to go see him. The next thing I know, he’s asking me what I want to do for a living,” Schindele said. And while Schindele supposed he would fall back on his produce experience, Taylor had a different idea for him.

He told me he had a desk right here with my name on it, and the rest is history.”

Four years later, Schindele and Miller partnered up and now own the business. And looking back in history, one might guess that in those four years (2006-2010), the mortgage industry hit a little bit of a rough patch. But even through those tough times, neither Schindele nor Miller lost their confidence in Taylor Mortgage.

The main thing that we have always thrived on is being survivors. And we do that by sticking to our old-school, old-fashioned honesty and integrity values; always treating the customer right,” said Schindele.

That’s what it is all about,” elaborated Miller, “giving the customer a good deal and keeping our rates as low as we can and our fees as low as possible. That’s why you don’t see any bells or whistles around here.”

Besides low rates and high integrity, another competitive advantage Taylor Mortgage utilizes is that within 30 days of buying the business, Schindele and Miller made the decision to make Taylor Mortgage a branch of Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation.

Pinnacle, based out of Roseville, Calif., has ranked as one of the top 10 lenders in the nation by the Scotsman Guide in both 2012 and 2013, as well as placing in the 100 Best Companies by Seattle Business Magazine in 2013. And this affiliation gives Taylor Mortgage the ability to utilize the lending power of a larger company, which allows for a greater capacity to lend at better rates.

But of course it’s not Taylor Mortgage’s only method of delivering to the customers.

What also makes us really strong is we broker loans. So if someone doesn’t fit into a certain niche, we can go through about 25 different lenders that we’re approved to do business with. We’ll try and do whatever we can to have the customer stay with us and get them what they want,” said Miller.

But in a business with enough paperwork to dull pencils down to the eraser, a common question for customers is, what exactly is it that they want?

Most people want to know two things when they come in for a loan, what the rates are and how low are our fees,” said Schindele. “What we pride ourselves on is going beyond that and educating the customer by telling them how many different programs are available. Through that, we’ll figure out and find the right program that fits their specific needs. Everyone needs something different.”

And in terms of programs, customers do have an array of options available. For a full list of loan programs available, as well a debt calculator, recommended professionals and a shortcut for filling out loan applications, visit Taylor Mortgage’s website at

In terms of programs, they offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, fixed rate, USDA and FHA loans. Reverse mortgages for qualified seniors and VA loans for veterans of all ages are available. Looking for a bigger project, how about a jumbo loan? Then of course there is also Federal Housing Assistance (FHA) loans and the recently instated Home Affordability Refinance Program (HARP).

Is your head spinning yet? Well don’t let it, because what really makes Taylor Mortgage stand out is their ability to talk face-to-face, neighbor-to-neighbor, with every person who walks through the door.

A cornerstone for Taylor Mortgage is their capacity for conversation. While other mortgage companies may present to you the dotted line without much explanation, both Schindele and Miller assure that’s not how business works at Taylor Mortgage.

We’re doing pretty well for a mom and pop mortgage company, and I think it’s because we treat people fairly and with honesty. The home purchase is one of the largest financial decisions anyone can make. If you walk in our door not understanding something, we’ll make sure you understand exactly what it is you’re signing and what’s in front of you,” said Schindele.

And that’s something customers appreciate.

It’s the comfort level that has kept me coming back since 1999,” said Jerry Paine. “Going in and talking to them to find the right programs that work for my wife and me, they just make it easy.”

Paine is a real estate agent for Windermere Real Estate, and has gone through Taylor Mortgage for two house purchases and four investment property transactions. As well as dealing with Taylor Mortgage on a personal level, Paine also recommends his real estate clients to Taylor Mortgage when applicable.

Schindele and Miller also appear on KPQ radio every other Thursday at 2 p.m. for “Business Beat.” On-air, they speak to the everyman about a wide range of financial topics, from re-financing to the latest updates on lending programs available.

What’s most important these days is to keep track of your credit score and finances, as well as having a couple of open trade lines. Have yourself a couple of credit cards in your name and pay them off every month,” Schindele emphasized that last part. “And most importantly, have a master plan.”

As for a last piece of advice from Miller,

Come in and talk to us right off the bat. We can give you all types of recommendations regarding your present situation. Come and use what we have to offer and we’ll map things out for you.”