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Commentary | Bereft of bagels: Jeepers closes — now what do we do?

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The Apple Leaf

This story represents a portion of the recent work produced by The Apple Leaf staff. The Apple Leaf is published by the Advanced Journalism class at Wenatchee High School, under the tutelage of adviser Dave Riggs. The award-winning publication is a forum for expression by the students of Wenatchee High School, affording them a chance to air facts and opinions relative to all issues of concern to them.

I’m here to tell the saddest tale of them all; Jeepers! It’s Bagels, our beloved bagel shop, is gone. Whether it be frantic lunch runs, Sunday morning breakfast bagels or just a random craving, Jeepers was the go-to restaurant. Not to mention the distance you will now have to travel to get a good bagel.

A lot of people are confused about why this local landmark closed. Pure and simple, Jeepers closed because the new traffic controls along South Mission Street cut off part of the flow of traffic, vastly affecting their revenue. They took out a turn lane where Mission and Chelan merge, causing Jeepers to lose a significant amount of traffic flow resulting in closure. Personally, I am confused because it seemed like Jeepers was always busy, but I guess the cost to maintain the business outweighed the profit.

Jeepers meant a lot to me; my family has a tradition of forcing one of the family members to run to Jeepers every time my siblings are in town. The sad thing is, I never got the opportunity to be forced to go to Jeepers. Surprisingly, I was looking forward to that. Every now and then, the common teenager gets an overwhelming craving for Jeepers, but now we just have to ignore it and settle for an average, store-bought bagel. If you never had the opportunity to visit Jeepers, I would like to know which rock you’re living under and say that I am very sorry you never got the opportunity to experience this magical place.

Why did the city of Wenatchee do this to us? I mean, how many traffic control changes do we need to keep this quaint valley flowing freely? If you ask me, a bagel shop is much more important than taking away a turn lane. My opinion may be just a tad bit biased, but it’s right nonetheless.

I know what you’re thinking, “She’s just another melodramatic common teenage girl complaining about her favorite restaurant closing.” Well, you’re right, I am pretty basic, but obviously I’m not alone.

While the concept of a Jeepers bagel is almost as basic as I am, toasting a bagel at home just doesn’t feel the same. Where else can you get the perfect amount of the creamiest cream cheese out there? Or the ideal crispness of one of their signature bagels? NOWHERE. The end is here, and Jeepers is gone.

So, what’s next? What are we, the common girls of Wenatchee, to do when we have unsatisfied hunger? With Jeepers gone, we must move on. So, I, Kori Martin, a basic white girl, present you with the next big thing: pho. It’s the most PHO-n you will have since Jeepers. Not to mention, the never ending puns the word itself creates. With the perfect broth-to-noodle ratio, pho will be more than enough satisfaction to get us through the pain of our loss.

Sincerely, a heartbroken, over-dramatic teenager.

Kori Martin, staff reporter for The Apple Leaf, the student newspaper at Wenatchee High School.