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For the record: Building permits

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Chelan County

May 1

France and Company, 140 S. Franklin Ave., $27,000, garage rebuild

Steve Garrich, 752 Nancy Lane, Chelan, $54,000, accessory structure

Lyle Burns, 1000 Highway 150 No. 45, Manson, no valuation, park model

May 2

Independent Warehouse, 8500 Main St., Dryden, $1,362,682, commercial structure

Darren Greve, 7711 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $208,206, single-family residence

Robert Matthiesen, 12245 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $6,177, deck

Bluebird Inc., 9245 Saunders Road, Peshastin, $40,000, commercial structure

May 5

David Graham, 18085 North Shore Road, Lake Wenatchee, no valuation, demo

Keith Mehus, 122 Shypoke Place, Entiat, $39,629, accessory structure

Daniel Kerr, 1430 Westpoint Place, $51,895, single-family residence remodel

Robert Cook, 12425 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $10,368, fire repair

May 6

Gary M. Koehler, 2218 Stephanie Brooke, no valuation, elevation certificate

Wapiti North LLC, 1711 Toaimnic Drive, $182,228, single-family residence

Vic Rasmussen, 1521 Medina Place, $3,000, attached carport

Paul Bolinger, 1011 Highway 150 No. 11, Manson, no valuation, park remodel

May 7

France and Company, 322 Malaga Ave., $72,559, fire repair

Denise Reechia, 2796 Highway 150, Manson, $215,587, single-family residence

Brian Davis, 2622 Cottonwood Lane, Leavenworth, $33,000, fire repair

Mel Musgrove, 3009 Malaga Alcoa Highway, Malaga, no valuation, mechanical permit

May 8

RiverWest Retirement, 900-902 N. Western Ave., $25,000, room conversion

David Stocker, 2326 Wapato Way, Manson, $69,360, single-family residence remodel

Lee Duncan, 5579 Big Springs Ranch Road, $63,360, accessory structure

Kent Lenssen, 2560 Tuscany Lane, Malaga, $244,649, single-family residence

May 9

Donald Davidson, 1000 Highway 150 No. 24, Manson, $161,131, single-family residence

May 12

Michael Hawkins, 16604 Brown Road, Leavenworth, $19,000, roof repair

James Clark, 22684 Alpine Drive, Leavenworth, no valuation, demo

Eldon Noyes, 9430 North Fork Road, Cashmere, $102,199, accessory dwelling unit

May 13

Stephen Keene, 8237 Riverview Road, Peshastin, $23,976, accessory structure

US Postal Service, 3075 Ohme Road, no valuation, fire permit

John Fragnito, 24415 Apple Acres Road, Chelan, $8,000, accessory structure

David Wade, 565 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $419,500, winery

Darrell Brady, 15885 River Road, Plain, $132,596, single-family residence

May 14

Greg Hampton, 2503 Hampton Road, $11,500, commercial structure

Duane Smith, 1838 Sleepy Hollow Road, $16,200, accessory structure

May 15

Wenatchee School District, 327 E. Penny Road, no valuation, fire permit

Doug Hanson, 16648 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $4,640, retaining wall

Jeff Oberfelder, 120 Rolling Rock Road, Chelan, $6,500, fence

Randy Gleasman, 6255 Ivan Morse Road, Manson, $305,078, single-family residence

Maria Langer, 3780 Cathedral Rock Road, Malaga, $97,200, accessory structure

Chelan County Public Works, 10210 County Shop Road, Leavenworth, $38,884, accessory structure

Tall Timber Road, 27875 White River Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, sign

May 19

Sunnyslope Meadow LLC, 165 Sunny Meadows Loop, Wenatchee, $172,336, single-family residence

Lyle Burns, 602 Havenwood Drive, Manson, $159,654, single-family residence

May 20

Mark Gubard, 20632 Miracle Mile Road, Lake Wenatchee, $164,577, single-family residence

Mansour Ravassipour, 622 Easy St., no valuation, permit renewal

Michael Jurgens, 3700 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $75,657, single-family residence addition

Madison Acres, 490 Laurie Drive, $213,493, single-family residence

Ed Hurst, 1089 Green Ave., Manson, $5,985, accessory structure

May 21

Habitat for Humanity, 1732 Frances Court, $84,078, single-family residence

Ramon Hidalgo, 819 Autumn Crest Drive, $191,324, single-family residence

Nathan Newelt, 8885 Stage Road, Peshastin, $444,057, single-family residence

Kent Hope, 11370 Chiwawa Loop Road, Peshastin, $52,560, single-family residence remodel

Keith McManigal, 7407 Highway 97A, no valuation, boatlift

Mary Bauer, 19626 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $200,642, single-family residence

May 22

Ron Newman, 3515 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $10,000, retaining wall

Ron Newman, 3515 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, no valuation, swimming pool

Keyes Fibre, 3715 Highway 97, no valuation, commercial

Habitat for Humanity, 1704 Frances Court, $93,360, single-family residence

A Home Doctor, 149 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, $152,491, single-family residence

May 23

Donald Jewett, 1074 Highway 150, Manson, no valuation, park remodel

May 27

Hanson Homes, 812 Autumn Crest Drive, $157,629, single-family residence

Hanson Homes, 808 Autumn Crest Drive, $172,815, single-family residence

David Conner, 11450 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $258,225, single-family residence

David Conner, 11450 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $67,557, accessory structure

Thomas Alexander, 1800 Manson Boulevard, Manson, no valuation, swimming pool

Sandy Danke, 2248 Summit Boulevard, Manson, no valuation, swimming pool

T-Mobile, 10690 North Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, cell antenna

Keith Batt, 16481 North Shore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $344,088, single-family residence

Keith Batt, 16481 North Shore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, no valuation, demo

Edwin Kelso, 7795 Russ Road, no valuation, park model

Dennis Paul, 66 Grandview Lane, Chelan, $183,679, single-family residence

May 28

Jack Jones, 3890 Squilchuck Road, $54,000, accessory structure

Ram Ridge LLC, 4300 Highway 97A, $258,570, accessory structure

Alvin Bayer, 1306 Whispering Ridge Road, $124,206, single-family residence

Brownfield Land LLC, 151 Apple Acres Road, Chelan, $7,841, accessory structure

Brownfield Land LLC, 151 Apple Acres Road, Chelan, $12,384, accessory structure

Ken Kirschner, 3910 Lovell Road, $32,044, single-family residence addition

May 29

Tom Ross, 1728 Pitcher Canyon Road, no valuation, propane tank

Dennis Pendleton, 12621 Wilson St., Leavenworth, $27,810, single-family addition

Eric Dalbeck, 1912 Linville Drive, no valuation, flood elevation

Powder River Development, 201 N. Wenatchee Ave., $20,000, antenna upgrades

Gary Seidenstricker, 280 Bene Vista Lane, Chelan, $284,971, single-family residence

May 30

Stemilt Growers, 4210 Highway 97A, no valuation, fire permit

Jeff Christenat, 10925 Alpenview Drive, Leavenworth, $18,576, accessory structure

Jeff Christenat, 10925 Alpenview Drive, Leavenworth, $35,164, accessory structure

Gary Bell, 15560 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, $73,058, single-family residence

Lighthouse Marina, 3722 Highway 150, Manson, $78,000, dock

Steve Edmonson, 179 Red Hill Road, Aredenvoir, no valuation, fire permit

Douglas County

May 1

Arena King, 337 N. Joseph Ave., $31,977, garage

Greg Duncan, 1500 Country Club Drive, $9,720, deck

Salvador Moralez, 4320 N.W. Columbia Ave., $3,570, porch cover

Jeffrey Ziegler, 120 Beach Drive, Orondo, $6,300, retaining wall

May 2

Donald Dawson, 603 Eighth St. N.E., $1,000, foundation

May 5

Guadalupe Gonzales, 2825 Fifth St. N.E., $43,200, storage building

May 7

Columbia Street Development, 2452 N.W. Columbia Ave., $132,960, single-family residence

Robert Bartholomew, 13 Cloud Nine Lane, Orondo, $30,000, swimming pool

May 8

Johnson Family Management Co. LLC, 400 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, fuel tank movement

Wayne Cooper, 2020 Legacy Place, $3,600, deck cover

C and S Orchards, 405 Road 31 N.W., Brewster, $90,700, manufactured home

Milly Sunkel, 225 N. Nile Ave., $135,150, single-family residence

May 9

Kuang Yu Peng, 201 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, wall signs

Robert B. Moore, 454 N. Kansas, no valuation, placement of manufactured home

VCG Wenatchee Valley Mall, 511 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, mechanical permit

Stephanie Van Reenen, 1108 N. Baker Ave., $1,000, wall reduction

May 13

Columbia Street Development, 2452 N.W. Columbia Ave., $144,185, single-family residence

Columbia Street Development, 2452 N.W. Columbia Ave., $177,690, single-family residence

Jose Gonzales, 2486 N. Ashinand Ave., $179,805, single-family residence

May 14

Douglas Tanneberg, 24 Road 15 N.W., Mansfield, $249,675, single-family residence

William Gwinner, Edison St., Brewster, $72,000, storage building

May 15

David Williams, 520 W. Entiat Drive, Orondo, $166,785, single-family residence

May 16

H and H Construction, 304 Stoneridge Drive, $185,595, single-family residence

May 19

Curt Martin, 23261 Highway 97, $9,660, dock

May 20

Robert Feil, 2131 Sunset Highway, $16,380, tenant improvements

H and H Construction, 314 Stoneridge Drive, $226,680, single-family residence

May 22

Curt Martin, 23261 Highway 97, $5,820, deck

Kyle Steinburg, 5854 Batterman Road, $437,555, single-family residence

May 23

Marc Marquis, 1267 Wheatridge Drive, $4,400, addition

Jeremy Hoskins, 25 Elk View Drive, Rock Island, $14,784, retaining wall

May 27

Wendy Allen, 327 N.W. Mountain View Place, $16,320, addition

May 29

James Marriott, 250 Lake Front Road, Orondo, $45,000, water damage repair

Tim Burris, 748 Woodstone Lane, $344,540, single-family residence

May 30

Michael Soltwisch, 1811 Ninth St. N.E., $4,800, patio cover

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