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Lo35° Mostly Cloudy


Hi53° Sunny

Saturday Night

Lo32° Increasing Clouds


Hi47° Rain Likely

Sunday Night

Lo36° Rain Likely then Slight Chance Showers


Hi53° Slight Chance Showers

Monday Night

Lo36° Mostly Cloudy


Hi53° Slight Chance Showers

Tuesday Night

Lo38° Chance Showers


Hi52° Chance Rain

For the record: Building permits

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Chelan County

April 1

TNT Fireworks, 142 Easy St., no valuation, fireworks stand permit

Icicle Properties, 7505 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, fire permit

Stemilt Growers, 4210 Highway 97A, Wenatchee, no valuation, fire permit

Don Larson, 1625 Lower Monitor Road, $131,296, single-family residence

Stemilt Growers, 4210 Highway 97A, no valuation, fire permit

April 2

Norris Williams, 7290 Brender Canyon Road, Cashmere, $48,600, accessory structure

Roberts Construction LLC, 1413 Benoy Ave., no valuation, inspection

April 3

Ronald Koe, 360 Lakayuse Road, Manson, $28,070, accessory structure

Jack Crowe, 545 Lower Sunnyslope Road, $21,960, accessory structure

Thomas Hetter, 5934 Entiat River Road, Entiat, no valuation, swimming pool

Jordan Givens, 8163 Williams Canyon Road, Cashmere, $157,694, single-family residence

Icicle Properties, 7505 Cyo Road, Leavenworth, $163,000, commercial remodel

Elizabeth Gallaugher, 4070 Lakeview Place, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical permit

J and D Gill Investment, 29 N. Columbia St., $6,000, interior remodel

April 4

Shane Bird, 1120 Howard Flats Road, Chelan, $78,165, accessory structure

April 7

Steve Neriem, 24214 Morgan St., Plain, $106,412, single-family residence

Carmen Collins, 300 Highway 97A, Chelan, $193,064, single-family residence remodel

Mark Lounsbury, 1354 Pitcher Canyon Road, $20,000, fire repair

McLaughlin Remodel and Design, 1505 First St., $4,000, deck

The Glass Works, 1926 Northfield Place, no valuation, wall replacement

April 8

Travis Clark, 536 Deer Haven Lane, $290,208, single-family residence

Raul Sanchez, Highway 97, $211,207, single-family residence

ABC Fire Control Inc., 110 Second St., no valuation, fire permit

Jose E. Sanchez, 717 Highland Drive, $52,000, addition

Pac Sky Construction, 1355 Fifth St., no valuation, commercial building

April 9

Tom Callahan, 115 E. Mountain Brook Lane, $258,120, single-family residence

Semilt Growers, 1 Warehouse Way, no valuation, sign permit

Madison Acres Development, 303 Lombard Lane, $218,082, single-family residence

Leslie Coughran, 518 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $261,318, single-family residence

April 10

Brian Wright, 3410 Highway 150, Manson, no valuation, swimming pool

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Tim Agnew, 1800 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $4,500, commercial

Steve Nordby, 13730 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $10,657, dock

Tom Hoban, 47 Willow Point Road, Manson, no valuation, mechanical permit

Carol McCormick, 1101 Lower Sunnyslope Road, $15,500, single-family residence

April 11

Mark Mildenberger, 108 River Ranch Road, Plain, $113,382, single-family residence

Mark Mildenberger, 108 River Ranch Road, Plain, $42,105, accessory structure

April 14

Stemilt Growers, 1 Warehouse Way, $317,520, commercial

Gerald Becker, 17381 Northshore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $80,617, single-family residence

April 15

Dennis Lettenmaier, 21652 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $20,000, dock stairs

Dennis Lettenmaier, 21652 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $5,000, single-family residence remodel Bob Schack, 7305 Brender Canyon Road, Cashmere, no valuation, mechanical permit

April 16

Ron Cook, 602 Division St., Manson, $215,885, single-family residence

Three Lakes Properties, 1080 Washington St., Manson, $42,312, accessory structure

April 18

Thomas Thompson, 4175 April Drive, $87,912, single-family residence

Alfred Decarlo, 1620 Bear Mountain Road, Chelan, $30,844, single-family residence

April 21

John Manning, 10916 Merry Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $150,991, single-family residence

Windermere Building, 517 N. Wenatchee Ave., $600,000, commercial office building

April 22

Roger Eggers, 11111 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical permit

Kurt Klotzbuecher, 2720 Mill Pond Drive, Malaga, $100,000, commercial

Randall Price, 9777 Dye Road, Leavenworth, $30,000, single-family residence

Steve Lowry, 15900 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, demo

Steve Lowry, 15900 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, $115,641, single-family residence

April 23

Michael Payne, 12369, Shugart Flats Road, Leavenworth, $56,250, accessory structure

Keith Bennett, 7814 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical permit

Sunnyslope Meadows, 226 Sunnyslope Meadows Loop, $199,308, single-family residence

Jesus Murillo, 100 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $117,012, single-family residence

April 24

Mahmood Ghassemi, 990 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $12,000, dock

Ward/Holmquiest, S. Highway 97A, Chelan, $40,000, dock

Jean Heikel, 430 Hyacinth Road, Manson, $12,000, pier

Cecil Johnson, 7261 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $85,398, accessory structure

John Fragnito, 84 Wapato Way, Manson, no valuation, commercial

Michael Gibb, 610 Boyd Road, Chelan, $21,527, single-family residence

William Clark, 83 N. Highway 97A, Chelan, $24,706, single-family residence

Tom McDevitt, 10690 North Road, Peshastin, $20,000, cell tower

Lydia McCallister, 1922 Okanogan St., no valuation, demo

Lydia McCallister, 1922 Okanogan St., $312,757, single-family residence

April 25

Eugene McCarthy, 825 Emerson Acres Road, Manson, $38,520, accessory structure

Eugene McCarthy, 825 Emerson Acres Road, Manson, $187,181, single-family residence

Ohme Gardens, 123 Ohme Garden Road, $15,000, commercial

April 28

Paul Sauling, 8297 Lynn St., Peshastin, $11,234, fire repair

Serita Martin, 108 Kage Lane, Manson, $23,220, accessory structure

Ron Richter, 23097 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Lake Wenatchee, $1,260, accessory structure

April 29

Log Cabin LLC, 23855 White River Road, Lake Wenatchee, $54,748, roof repair

Randall Smith, 4554 No. 2 Canyon Road, $214,078, single-family residence

Allen Mathews, 3450 Cathedral Rock Road, Malaga, $180,600, winery

Allen Mathews, 3450 Cathedral Rock Road, Malaga, no valuation, change of use

Jeff Taylor, 626 Okanogan Ave., $8,822, re-arranging bath fixtures

Terry Spurlock, 915 Walker Ave., $10,000, new garage

April 30

Steve Edmonds, 179 Red Hill Road, Entiat, $159,833, single-family residence

Jesse Loveland, 11125 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $22,950, accessory structure

Douglas County

April 2

Andrew Lange, 3469 Ashwood Drive, $30,000, swimming pool

April 3

Roger Taggart, 334 Newark Ave., $12,000, storage building

Medak Family LLC, 440 Beach Drive, Orondo, $8,000, water damage repair

April 7

SLH Holdings LLC, 1701 First St. S.E., $2,000, bathroom plumbing installation

April 9

Policarpo Perez, 260 Brays Landing Road, Orondo, $78,560, single-family residence

Max Campos, 7065 Batterman Road, Rock Island, $20,280, garage

William Hunglemann, 2650 Fourth St. S.E., $28,200, accessory building

April 10

Bryon Lott, 824 S. Lyle Ave., $18,960, accessory dwelling

April 14

Joseph Olson, 471 N. Iowa Ave., $149,472, residential addition

Steve Tillotson, 497 N. Kentucky Ave., $8,000, remodel

April 16

David Whitford, 515 Crane Orchard Road, Brewster, $50,000, garage

Katherine Jensen, 262 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $10,890, garage

April 17

Laura Hood, 93 Wagon Road, Palisades, $119,000, hay barn

Family Home Investments, 516 N. Montclair Ave., $81,700, single-family residence

April 18

Dustin and Sarah Johnson, 1425 Bel Air Drive, $9,414, deck

Rodney Cobb, 1605 Hannah Way, no valuation, mechanical permit

Dan Danielson, 1579 Darald Place, no valuation, mechanical permit

John and Lindsay Blade, 858 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, plumbing permit

April 21

Dean Pope, 133 Ironwood Place, no valuation, mechanical permit

April 22

Cherry Hill Orchards of Wenatchee, 620 Grant Road, no valuation, sign permit

El Mesquite LLC, 1610 Grant Road, $1,000, tenant renovations

April 23

Randall Phillips, 17 Cloud Nine Lane, Orondo, $254,385, single-family residence

DJ Custom Homes, 1756 Fifth St. S.E., $155,550, single-family residence

April 24

William Morgan, 3376 Rock Island Road, $82,800, storage building

April 25

Stimac Construction, 2647 Semolina Loop, $115,580, single-family residence

April 28

Maria Esther Santos Cruz, 166 Ninth St. N.E., no valuation, sign permit

Bollinger Construction, 301 Stoneridge Drive, $210,405, single-family residence

Jody Mitchell, N.W. Empire Ave., $163,705, accessory dwelling

Gary Brett, 300 Stoneridge Drive, $214,170, single-family residence

April 29

Columbia Street Development, 2452 N.W. Columba Ave. No. 2, $144,185, single-family residence