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For the record: Real estate

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Chelan County commercial sales

Jan. 10

American Legion Post No. 85, 10201 Main St., Peshastin, $10, sold to Cemetery District No. 2

Jan. 21

Harjot Diamond Hotel Corporation, 815 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $423,000, sold to Dial S. and Jaswant K. Sandhu

Jan. 28

Grace Lester McLean Trustee, 106 N. Garfield Ave., Wenatchee, $241,000, sold to Peter S. Burgoon and Laurie A. Judith

Jan. 29

Stephen C. Shales, 1240 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $65,000, sold to Bruce Schneller and Carol A. Hart-Schneller

Chelan County residential sales

Jan. 2

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, 634 Kings Court, Wenatchee, $72,000, sold to Geoffrey G. and Celeste Y. Barry

Bruce Peterson, 12388 and 12392 Mecham Road (two parcels), Plain, $80,000, sold to Charles J. Widdis

Alan G. Kausal, 505 Nancy Lane, Chelan, $214,000, sold to Ahima P. H. Kausal

Roberts Construction LLC, 391 Laurie Drive, Wenatchee, $359,900, John B. and Leslie Y. Kiick

Jan. 3

Daniel L. and Sandy C. Rasmussen, 2890 East St., Monitor, $150,025, sold to Sabrina K. and Stanley Robert Rasmussen

Joshua and Heidi Hill, 5975 Webster Way, Cashmere, $170,000, sold to Karen D. Strom

Jan. 6

James F. Merklinghaus, 34025 Stevens Road, Stevens Pass, $500, sold to Sherry Denton

Charise M. Carpenter, 6745 Navarre Coulee Road (two parcels), Chelan, $149,000, sold to Gary L. and Naomi Plueger

Michael D. and Eva M. Anderson, 210 W. Highland Ave., Chelan, $320,000, sold to Roberto Castro and Anne Dubosky

Jan. 7

Sean P. Collins et al, 234 N. Emerson Ave., Wenatchee, $95,000, sold to CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust

Rogue Vista Properties LLC, 948 Washington St., Wenatchee, $90,821, sold to Bank of New York Mellon

Dennis M. Greenspane, 103 Junior Point Court, Chelan, $100,000, sold to Gordon and Marcia Taylor

Jacqueline J. Atkinson, 214 E. Nixon Ave., Chelan, $145,294, sold to Lynette Grandy

Dennis I. Kujath, 3632 Union Valley Road, Chelan, $169,000, sold to Steve and Diane Stinnett

Roberts Construction LLC, 1409 Benoy Ave., Wenatchee, 429,900, sold to John V. Cavallini J. and Shari L. Steele Jeffrey and Kathie A. Davis, 322 W. Woodin Ave., No. 514, Chelan, $212,000, sold to Jeffrey T. Clark

Jan. 8

C&C Investment Properties LLC, 1916 Dorner Place, Wenatchee, $314,800, sold to Maureen V. Duane and Christopher D. Sheridan

Maura Laverty, 3536 Hansel Lane (two parcels), Peshastin, $231,250, sold to National Residential Nominee Services LLC

Barry and Yvonne Peterson, 7709 Nahahum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $65,000, sold to A Home Doctor LLC

Phillip J. Green, 8103 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $212,500, sold to J and P Holdings

Roberts Construction LLC, 1415 Gabriella Lane, Wenatchee, $414,000, sold to David A. and Kaye A. Kolde

Jan. 9

Rhonda J. Hutton, 1004 Yale Ave., Wenatchee, $148,000, sold to Ian S. Stephens

Phillip and Carol Thompson, 323 S. Division St., Cashmere, $215,000, sold to Claus A. and Lisa B. Dolph

William Judevine, 7000 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $336,000, sold to Peter G. and Julie M. Sanderson

Jan. 12

Matthew W. Rain et al, 8950 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, $400,000, sold to Robin R. and Christopher M. Johnson

Jan. 13

Lloyd L. and Mary R. Thompson, 5890 Squilchuck Road, Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Gerald and Kathryn Ledoux

Geoffry A. Tacker, 6538 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $328,000, sold to Dale and Lesli Lehrman

Terrie Bright, 575 Alpine Place, Leavenworth, $200,000, sold to Worthen Properties LLC

John F. Pavel Trust, 110 E. Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $158,000, sold to June D. and Ian G. Fletcher

Vanessa Weaver, 321 Park Ave., Leavenworth, $141,000, sold to Elizabeth A. Owens

Sharon Weirich, 8855 Josephine Ave., Dryden, $233,539, sold to Federal National Mortgage Association

James and Gwen Stein, 470 E. Wapato Road, Manson (two parcels), $250,000, sold to Kelsey and Ken Urness

Arnold Pipkin, 252 Porcupine Lane, Chelan, $175,000, sold to Stephen J. and Alessandra Z. Piro

Jan. 14

Linda L. Hartman, 1904 Pensione Place, Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Scott Sweeny

Terry Lane, 461 Stayman Flats Road, Chelan, $148,000, sold to Alex Dunlop

Chelan Lookout LLC, 464 Porcupine Lane, Chelan, $409,378, sold to Ryan and Jennifer Belding

Jan. 15

Larry R. Hancock, 115 E. Mountain Brook Lane, Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to James T. and Mary A. Callahan

Melba H. Duell, 825 Walker Ave., Wenatchee, $83,000, sold to John R. LaCasse

James and Judith Cleveland, 1715 Skyline Drive, Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Suzanne Hartman

Jan. 16

Brad T. and Suzanne Buchsieb, 1955 Castlerock St., Wenatchee, $76,900, sold to A Home Doctor Inc.

Kendall K. Newell, 5186 Vista Heights Place, Cashmere, $615,000, sold to Denver K. and Heather C. Riddle

Kip T. Johnson, 2460 Tamarack Crest, Leavenworth, $170,000, sold to Lawrence and Penny Springer

K and L Homes LLC, 483 N. Wilson St. (two parcels), Chelan, $337,000, sold to Danielle M. Kroll

Wilfred L. DeRosier, 1209 Fuller St., Wenatchee, $135,000, sold to Tomasz and Vitoria Cibicki

Jan. 17

Jamie P. Narte, 1214 Gossman Lane, Wenatchee, $282,000, sold to Alfred W. and Anna Jo Adan et al

Federal National Mortgage Association, 300 Kray Ike Court, Wenatchee, $406,500, sold to Ronald and Adele Bergerson

Jan. 22

John M. and Roberta J. Lorz Revocable Living Trust, 5477 Highway 2, Cashmere, $515,000, sold to Bruce S. and Cheryl A. Parkins

Jan. 23

Jane B. Vernon Trust, 120 Spader Bay, Chelan, $2.1 million, sold to Robert C. Becket and Marilyn R. Sargent

Daniel and Irma Arroyo, 1104 Cashmere St., Wenatchee, $65,000, sold to Adrian and Lucia Aguiniga

Saddle Rock View LLC, 2215 Methow St., Wenatchee, $52,000, sold to Scott Kardos and Emily Boehnke

Jan. 24

Daniel R. Tompkins, 19315 Gill Creek Road, Leavenworth, $55,000, sold to Terry Tompkins

Terri N. Gowan et al, 1320 W. Woodin Drive (three parcels), Chelan, $1.2 million, sold to William J. and Tami K. Pickett

Christopher S. Stockholm, 375 Chukar Hill Road, Chelan, $640,000, sold to Donald A. Eikenberry

Gary France, 300 S. Elliott Ave. 11, Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to William S. and Pamela L. Ayer

Lavona Y. Lockridge, 609 St. Josephs Place, Wenatchee, $162,260, sold to Matthew S. and Kimberly M. Martin

Twila Colwell, 109 S. Franklin Ave., Wenatchee, $148,000, sold to Micky R. and Amy L. Jennings

Jan. 27

Annette Gilmer, 420 Cottage Ave. (three parcels), Cashmere, $250,000, sold to Brant and Rachel Madson

Ron Cavaluzzi, 137 and 135 Boodry St. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $55,000, sold to Yazmin and Yanet Arroyo

Jan. 28

Joel W. Harding and Olive Marie Serene-Harding, 1200 Washington St., Wenatchee, $271,000, sold to David R. and Thelma H. Brady

Janice A. Talkov, 14140 Idlewild Road, Lake Wenatchee, $405,000, sold to Daniel R. and Sheri V. Foster

Steve Black, 192 Cagle Gulch Road, Chelan, $270,000, sold to Michael J. and Jamie M. Mack

Whisper Investments LLC, 1016 Sunset Lane, Chelan, $68,000, sold to Mark A. and Constance E. Lorenz

Eugene V. Helsel, 624 Kittitas St., Wenatchee, $270,000, sold to Nina M. Boe

Jan. 29

Family Home Properties LLC, 405 N. Columbia St. and W. Allen Ave. (two parcels), Chelan, $205,000, sold to Stephen M. and Loreen M. Jenkins

K and L Homes LLC, 501 N. Wilson St. (two parcels), Chelan, $65,000, sold to Kristen L. and Derin M. Benson

Broadview on the Canal LLC, 1881 Broadview, Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Gary L. and Carol A. Wright

Jan. 30

Jackie J. Frank, 303 Aplets Way, Cashmere, $162,500, sold to Alejandro Damian and Magali Chamu-Diaz et al

Tim J. Downs, 53 Karl Downs Lane, Cashmere, $151,905, sold to Linden and Janet Buhler et al

Jan. 31

Kermit and Arlene Rucker, 8875 Nahahum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $125,000, sold to Andrew Weinstein

Travis W. and Ashlee D. Farrar, 1956 Manson Boulevard, Manson, $200,000, sold to Diane Leigh

Chelan County land sales

Jan. 2

Jimmy G. Gilbert, Property ID 50996, Boyd Road, Chelan, $478,000, 16.35 acres, sold to David R. and Terri L. Hellyer

Jan. 6

Sukhmander S. Gill, Property ID 28158, West Commercial Street, Leavenworth, $90,001, 0.57 acres, sold to Leavenworth Hotel Partners LLC

Marja Cool, Property ID 39934 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $332,000, 0.95 acres, sold to Gale Cool

Kimberly G. Debar, Property ID 45580, Woodin Avenue, Chelan, $188,000, no acreage listed, sold to Geoff L. and Brandi Simpson

Jan. 7

Pinedale Ranch LLC, Property ID 19303, Stemilt Loop Road, Wenatchee, $4,520, 27.36 acres, sold to Kyle Mathison and Amigos LLC

Jan. 8

Maura Laverty, Property ID 20062 and 20063, Highway 97 (two parcels), Peshastin, $231,250, 8.45 acres, sold to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.

Jan. 13

Robert J. Rogers, Property ID 30617, Stage Road, Leavenworth, $237,500, 5 acres, sold to Nathan and Kendall Newell

Dennis I. Kujath, Property ID 64668, Union Valley Road, Chelan, $25,000, 1.8 acres, sold to Steve and Diane Stinnett

Jan. 15

Sally W. Soest, Property ID 35405, River Road, Plain, $145,000, 4.9 acres, sold to Gregg and Karen Whittier

Jan. 16

John S. Wall, Property ID 46879 and 46894 on Fifth Street, Property ID 46889 and 46896 on Sixth Street and Property ID 46890, 46892 and 46893 on Walnut Street (seven parcels), Chelan Falls, $93,000, 3.45 acres, sold to Danny P. Crowell

Jan. 21

Karl H. Klossner et al, Property ID 28509, Highway 2, Leavenworth, $285,000, 0.79 acres, sold to Boyd Cascade Inc.

Jan. 23

Robert Witherridge, Property ID 36917, Entiat River Road, Entiat, $30,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Eric V. Schaller and Katrina L. Smyly

Jan. 24

Robert N. Williams, Property ID 20326, Brender Canyon Road, Cashmere, $100,000, 3 acres, sold to Shon D. and Janeen D. Smith

Jan. 29

IVC Condominiums LLC, Property ID 28425, Junction Lane, Leavenworth, $280,000, no acreage listed, sold to Aspen Suites 403 LLC

CRM Orchards Inc., Property ID 31473, Campbell Road, Peshastin, $250,000, 10.74 acres, sold to Craig R. and Julie R. Christensen

Douglas County residential sales

Jan. 2

Arthur W. and Sandra A. Foltz, 2323 Fancher Heights Boulevard, East Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Melvyn K. and Wendie K. Simpson

Bruce J. and Mary F. Bartoo, 203 Stevens Ave., Coulee Dam, $150,000, sold to Steven W. McFarling

Jan. 3

Merlin J. and Beverly J. Hopp, 1503 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Stephanie J. Smith

Vida Butler, 616 16th St., Bridgeport, $100,000, sold to Alfonso and Margarita Casteneda

Highland Ridge Development LLC, 1957 S.E. Legacy Place, East Wenatchee, $319,750, sold to Tamara R. Kizer

Jan. 6

Nancy Lynn, 1380 Eastmont Ave., No. 1002, East Wenatchee, $208,000, sold to Marjorie E. Burkhart

Jan. 8

Carlos B. Mejia, 1637 First St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $170,000, sold to Fred A. and Patricia J. Waunch

Jan. 9

Mary E. Pruss, 225 19th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $187,500, sold to Arthur H. and Jean A. Kemball

Maud Vickery, 35 19th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $40,000, sold to William T. and Shannon K. Allred

NW Trustee Services Inc., 548 Newport Plaza, East Wenatchee, $174,440, sold to Wells Fargo Bank National Association

Jan. 10

William M. Boyce, 819 N. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $169,900, sold to Ernest D. and Kandae K. Laymance

Quality Loan Service Corporation of Washington, 2414 N.W. Alan Ave., East Wenatchee, $182,580, sold to US Bank National Association

Jan. 13

Ryan J. and Marcella K. Ahr, 47 S. Mandolin Ave., East Wenatchee, $344,900, sold to Kenneth Ray Watson

Jan. 15

Estates of Roy and Ella Spoonemore, 325 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $64,500, sold to Blue Herron Two LLC

Jan. 16

Mark D. and Holly R. Hayes, 929 11th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $194,000, sold to Dale K. and Margaret E. Twyeffort

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 4000 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $179,158, sold to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Frank R. and Beverly D. Beckner, 1001 N. Lyle Ave., East Wenatchee, $340,000, sold to Karl and Loraine Klinger

Jan. 17

Kenneth T. and Susan K. Stanton, 1361 Fairmont Ave. (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $235,000, sold to Joshua S. Burgess

Clint L. and Mary Sue Hollingsworth, 552 Nelson Place, East Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Scott C. and Michal C. Mock

Estate of Donald L. Renschler, 1714 Eighth St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to Dane E. and Sherilyn A. Strausz

John D. and Jenann M. Ross, 824 N. Lyle Ave., East Wenatchee, $430,000, sold to Triple L Investments

NW Trustee Services Inc., 1014 Jackie Lane, East Wenatchee, $325,801, sold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp

Chad D. and Heather L. Fasching, 1371 Duram Drive, East Wenatchee, $178,000, sold to Adam Snyder

Doris Trapp, 13960 Highway 2, Orondo, $30,500, sold to Debra Trapp

Jan. 21

Federal National Mortgage Association, 2373 Spring Wheat Road, East Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Laska King

Donald Lloyd Kennedy Estate, 2215 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $65,000, sold to Elvira A. Anaya

Jan. 24

Neal Brett, 2625 Sunset Highway (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $65,000, sold to Darren Estes

Kevin M. and Diana L. Lord, 2575 Aviation Drive, East Wenatchee, $235,000, sold to Jeffrey S. and Heather L. Stiver

Citibank National Association, 460 N. Joseph Ave., East Wenatchee, $92,300, sold to Richard E. Briggs

Jan. 27

Rosa Silva Guerra, 1800 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $6,000, sold to Tomas Lopez and Monica Sanchez

Erin Anderson, 207 Goldcrest St., East Wenatchee, $182,950, sold to Gregory Allen and Shannon Lyn Johnson

Citifinancial Inc., 268 N. Joseph Ave., East Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Darren E. Estes

Jan. 28

NW Trustee Services Inc., 718 13th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $188,643, sold to Cooper Properties LLC

Dorothy Warford, 684 Third St. N.E.(two parcels), East Wenatchee, $73,250, sold to George S. and Marisa K. Chang

Jan. 29

Barbara S. Breniman, 401 Lake View Drive, Orondo, $215,000, sold to Gregg and Denine M. Winstead

Jan. 30

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 616 S. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $312,839, sold to Kristin Lynn Marie and Anthony Ray Coble

Jeffrey M. Shively, 3407 N.W. Empire Ave. (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $259,900, sold to Joseph and Gretchin Kingston

Jan. 31

Federal National Mortgage Association, 648 19th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $390,000, sold to Randi A. Eckart

Tharen E. Ensign, 1816 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $299,000, sold to Gavin Real Estate LLC

Tanya C. Reece, 113 N. Kansas Ave., East Wenatchee, $15,212, sold to Randy A. Kohlhase

Douglas County land sales

Jan. 6

Schorzman Family Properties LLC, Parcel ID 21230700002, 21230700001, 21230510002, and 21230510001 (four parcels), Palisades, $180,000, 636.80 acres, sold to Roger Dale and Carol Diane Pixlee

Jan. 7

DJ Custom Homes Inc., 615 S. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $290,000, 0.2 acres, sold to Dale W. and Sherrell C. Fields

Cameo Vista Corp., 584 N. Montclair Ave., East Wenatchee, $169,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Walter B. and Beverly J. Brandt

Jan. 8

Highland Ridge Development LLC, 1956 S.E. Legacy Place, East Wenatchee, $398,720, 0.17 acres, sold to Tom and Katie Stinson

William H. Patrick, 100 and 105 Riverview Drive (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $325,000, 1.52 acres, sold to RZ’s Properties LLC

Highlander Estates LLC, 2623 S.E. Falcon View Drive, East Wenatchee, $135,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Jennifer Fullwiler

Jan. 17

Patrick L. and Susan K. Knowles, 61 Sageland Road, East Wenatchee, $125,000, 18 acres, sold to Stephen Skylstad

Jan. 24

John J. and Mary Ann Corning, Parcel ID 25212740001, Orondo, $20,000, 20.04 acres, sold to Linda M. Eppley

Prime Properties, 2655 Semolina Loop (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $199,900, 0.4 acres, sold to Neal Vance and Janice R. Brett

Jan. 29

Mariano S. and Clemencia D. Larios, 4920 Fourth St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $115,000, 9.6 acres, sold to E and E Orchards

James B. and Bernadeen K. Bowers, Parcel ID 24211520005, East Wenatchee, $15,500, 20 acres, sold to Cameron Lee Jackson

Jan. 30

Carolyn Lee Tull, Parcel ID 26222930005, 26223210004, 26222010004, 26223130006, 26223040007, 26213610006, 26213540005, 25210210008, and 25210120006 (nine parcels), Waterville, $74,748, no acreage listed, sold to Shomas Stahl

Jan. 31

Cameo Vista Corp, 515 N. Montclair Ave., East Wenatchee, $185,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Ignacio Reyes

GG and V Land Company LLC, 2555 Fancher Landing (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $400,000, 0.33 acres, sold to Tyler D. and Jamie R. Hotchkiss