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Great escape: A wonderful place to put life on hold

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Mollie Gross performs a facial on DeAnna Bastida, East Wenatchee, at Tranquility Day Spa in East Wenatchee.

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In this age of smartphones, overtime, and after-work obligations, it can be easy to forget how to relax, how to loosen the shoulders blades and take a deep breath. Thankfully since 2009, the Wenatchee Valley has had an outlet for stress, a place where the day can be put on hold and somewhere people can escape it all: Tranquility Day Spa.

Voted “World’s Best” in 2012, 2013, and 2014, Tranquility Day Spa, 535 North Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee, offers a long list of relaxation and vitalization services. And Janice Barnes, owner and founder, is happy to tell you all about them.

Were more than a gift certificate place,” Barnes said. “We do beneficial facial treatments, complete waxing services, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, foot scrubs and soaks, makeup services (both permanent and not) and, of course, massages.”

And don’t forget about the reflexology treatments,” she added.

Originally from Florida, Barnes has been offering salon and spa services in the Wenatchee area for 25 years, with the last five being through Tranquility Day Spa. Having owned and operated the Savoirfaire Salon previously, Barnes still offers salon stylings by appointment, but has shifted her focus to the larger spa environment.

Around town I thought Wenatchee desired a one-stop-shop spa experience. You can go across the street to get your nails done, you can get a massage at a chiropractor. I wanted to bring everything into one building.”

And whatever service you do come in for at Tranquility Day Spa, it can appear you’re wandering into just another office building. But when you step inside and are greeted with the sounds of trickling water and decoratively hung drapes, the images of cubicles and desk chairs quickly leave your mind.

A main focus of Tranquility Day Spa isn’t filling out the schedule each day, which is easy to do with the new online reservation system, but instead one of their goals is to remind people what it means to relax. And Tranquility Day Spa, occupying three office suites, has many different avenues to explore that with.

Deep sea botanical wraps, seaweed gel wraps, and citrus body scrubs make up some of the body treatments offered, and they all aim to deliver a detoxifying clean that will leave you feeling fresh for days. And even though facial treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels sound a little rough around the edges, they can leave you satisfied with the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin.

The facial treatments can give you a boost of energy and make you feel like you got a new battery. Let’s say you have facial skin problems, you might not feel like smiling at people because of it,” Barnes said. “Clear skin can give you a whole new outlook on life.”

Customers can find extra comfort in knowing no artificial nail color is used in the manis and pedis, leaving no lingering toxic smells. Or that Barnes refrains from using Jacuzzi foot soaks to cut down on infections, and instead uses stainless steel tubs and a homemade peppermint oil scrub. But some customers might agree that the maximum comfort at Tranquility Day Spa can be best found in the massage suites.

Tranquility Day Spa has two registered, certified massage practitioners, Corissa Denham and DeAnna Bastida, who put every ounce of their energy into showing that everyone’s body is something to be taken care of, something that needs to be recalibrated every now and then.

Offering the traditional Swedish massage, a rehabilitative deep tissue massage, a tandem couples massage, an invigorating hot stone massage, or a pillow-utilizing pregnancy massage; customers have options. And every technique offered in 30-90 minute sessions, depending on the style, will decompress its recipients and get them ready to continue on with the day they may have momentarily forgotten.

And while there’s no doubt that it’s either Denham or Bastida deliberately kneading those knots out of your back, it’s not just their highly trained fingers that set the mood for relaxation.

The rooms are softly lit and the music is of your choice, with a classic spa soundtrack as the default option. Both Denham and Bastida understand and emphasize the importance of privacy as they step outside at the beginning of your appointment, allowing you to undress to your comfort level and climb under the massage table sheets.

We only see the part of the body were working on, everything is appropriately draped, very modestly so. It’s all very professional,” Denham said.

And that professionalism is apparent throughout the massage experience. Kneading is to your comfort level, every appropriate part of the body can be targeted, and conversation is directed by the massage recipient. Denham notes that it is not uncommon for her clients to lose their thought mid-sentence as she works out the years of stress your back can carry.

One service that isn’t on everyone’s radar, but should be on everybody’s list, is the reflexology treatments. Stemming from eastern medicine, reflexology is based on a similar theory found in acupuncture. But instead of points along the skin, reflexology focuses on your reflexes, all of which Tranquility’s Maggie Kaminoff can access through your feet.

The theory is that every part of your body is mapped on your feet. From the top of your head, which is located on the tip of toes, working down to the lungs, the chest area, liver, stomach, all the way down to the length of your spine, your lower intestine, and your lower back area; it can all be accessed by your feet.” Kaminoff said of her services.

Kaminoff will work your feet in ways you can’t imagine, and is one of only a few certified reflexologists in the area. “My challenge is just to (get people to) try it,” she said. Kaminoff is available Friday afternoons and all day Saturday.

Spa packages are available at Tranquility Day Spa, and provide the best way to get the most for your time and money. They offer 10 total packages, eight of which include ordered-out lunch, and can range anywhere between two and six hours.

One of the most popular packages, the Far and Away, includes an ultimate facial treatment and Swedish massage, followed by a light lunch and glass of wine while moving into a warm and fuzzy pedicure and deluxe manicure. Far and Away packages cost $195 and can only be scheduled over the phone and in person. Bridal Pedi Parties and other group packages are also available upon request.

For the rest of the individual spa services, Barnes recommends using the online scheduler found on their website at The online service lays out everything the spa has to offer including available time slots.

Online is such a success,” Barnes said. “Business has increased 30 percent by using the online service.”

And it may not come as a surprise, but the bulk of those schedules are being filled by women, roughly 70 percent Barnes estimated. And although she laughs at some of the misguided questions husbands in the past have called in with, or the rush of Christmas Eve gift certificates sold in person before the online system, Barnes acknowledges that more and more men are understanding the importance of taking care of their body.

Guys like to look good, feel good, and keep themselves groomed. Who wants to date a guy with hair poking out of their ear? “Who wants to date a woman with ear hair for that matter?” she said with a laugh.

For both men and women, Tranquility claims that once you visit them, you’ll be back for more. And whether you choose to come back for a manicure, pedicure, massage or any of the many services offered, Tranquility Day Spa will help you have those moments in life where you know everything will be all right.