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Perfectly crispy: Preparing golden brown shredded potatoes

One thing I’ve said exactly 6 gajillion and 11 times is, there are more bad examples of food out there than there are good examples. Today’s topic, hash browns, is no exception. Too often, what should be a crispy, creamy, perfectly seasoned, standalone dish is reduced to little more than a bland and mushy ketchup delivery system. Let’s see what we can do to fix that.

How to make light, fluffy gnocchi

As our thoughts turn once again to starchy sides — as they are wont to do — can’t we for once have some dadblasted gnocchi?

Beating the winter chill

Growing up, my mother always encouraged her children to cook. So when I found a recipe for hot chocolate on the side of the Hershey’s Cocoa can, it was easy to convince her to let me give it a try.

A perfect tea kettle is hard to find, not to mention expensive

I drink coffee in the morning, like a good American should, but somehow I picked up the habit of a cup of tea in the afternoon. Feel free to make fun of me for it; others do. But an afternoon cup of coffee can jangle one’s nerves, while a cup of tea — there’s no way to put it that doesn’t sound like a bad tagline — both soothes and refreshes. It’s like a shot of tequila versus a nice aperitif. Speaking of which, a cup of mint tea before ...

A Tinga or two: Chicken Tinga is the perfect dish to warm up your weekend

When your son offers to cook for you, you don’t say no, even when you know you’ll be footing the bill for the groceries. (Some things never change.) Then again, I would have paid handsomely in a restaurant for this spicy Mexican dish, which features shredded chicken simmered in a smoky red sauce made with six varieties of dried chile.

Seasonal wine picks

Wine is always a perfect fit for the holidays. They are an essential part of holiday joy, whether it be a celebratory toast with sparkling wine, wines to go with appetizers and treats at a holiday party, holiday dinners with family or as terrific gifts for adults who love to indulge.

Holiday happy hour: Easy appetizers for your holiday party table

It’s tough to survive the holidays without putting on a few extra pounds. All those parties and family get-togethers have a way of tempting us with tasty treats that aren’t exactly calorie-conscious. From the cookies and other sugary sweets to the endless parade of mini-quiches and bacon-wrapped shrimp, we’re doomed if we dare show up even the tiniest bit hungry. And that doesn’t even take into account the alcohol.

10 healthy holiday nutrition tips to tame temptation

Holidays are usually enjoyable. However, unhealthy habits can be attached to the parties and gatherings. Here are 10 tips from Allie Wergin, registered dietitian nutritionist at Mayo Clinic Health System, to help you have a healthier holiday:

A perfect little bite

The bomb may be fearsome on the front, but as metaphor, it’s the bomb. Chic, charming and clever are the bomb. Unlike, say, the actual bomb. Hard to grasp how something so fierce came to define some things so fine, but that’s the lingo.

There are no couch potatoes here

Properly made, comfort food is an art. Mashed potatoes are no exception — and, let’s face it, the Thanksgiving table simply isn’t complete without them. And though personal preference may have a lot to do with what you might consider the perfect mash — do you like your potatoes smooth or lumpy? Creamy or fluffy? — there are nevertheless some tips you can follow to elevate your spuds above the rest of the pack.

Tips for the perfect turkey

Many of us cook a full turkey just once a year — for Thanksgiving. But there are several tips we should follow to ensure we are handling the bird safely, through the thawing, cooking and storing processes.