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Israel Sixto is making up for lost schooling time

Many of history’s greatest minds were self-taught. Abraham Lincoln, who many regard as America’s greatest president, trudged miles and miles to and from the library, lugging in his strained arms piles of books from which he received most of his early education. The Wright Brothers, aka the inventors of the first successful airplane, never even so much as touched a high school diploma.

Graduating senior Andrea Cuevas is ready to take the next step

High school is a time of tumultuous change in the lives of many students, including senior Andrea Cuevas. “The most important part of my high school experience has been finding myself, and learning from the mistakes that I have made throughout my high school years,” said Cuevas.

Trygve Sorensen sets reading record at Osborn Elementary

LEAVENWORTH — Trygve Sorensen is the new record holder for total Accelerated Reader points earned at Osborn Elementary. He broke the record as a fourth-grade student. The previous record was 2,000 points earned by a former student several years ago.

Jim Wade is winner of 2016 Spirit of A.Z. Wells Award

Wenatchee philanthropist and tree fruit leader Jim Wade will receive a special birthday honor this year. The Confluence Health Foundation will present him with the Spirit of A.Z. Wells Award for Community Service during its 25th annual Gala on Nov. 11, the day after his 90th birthday.

Fresh fruit leather is easy-peasy with this recipe

Sometimes, springtime offers up a small miracle: ripe strawberries and tangy rhubarb both ready for harvest at the same time. This is more uncommon than one might think. When it does happen, my children and I take the opportunity to make strawberry-rhubarb fruit leather.

The Apple Leaf | An open letter to WHS teachers

The laundry list of complaints that teachers have about their students seems to be ever-expanding. We’re always on our phones. We don’t wear enough clothing. We park in the back parking lot. Atrocious grievances all, to be sure, but aside from Twitter rants and Facebook monologues, students don’t exactly have the same platform to air their complaints as their teachers.

Schooling in biology

CRESCENT BAR — The new school was cold, but not cold enough. It was far, but not far enough. It had no walls, no roof and the floor under it was a mixture of wet sand and rocks.

Quincy junior accepted for ASL program

Quincy High School junior Loran Goninan has been chosen as one of 48 students from across the country to attend a special American Sign Language total immersion program this summer at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

College life

News of college students from throughout North Central Washington

Regional libraries hosting humanities programs

North Central Washington residents are invited to explore history and cultural diversity through music, dance and interactive presentations offered by Humanities Washington.

Rock Island food bank doesn’t skip a beat

There but for the grace of God, go I. We all know what it is like to be hungry — but how many of us actually know what it is like to be hungry day after day? To look into the eyes of our children at bedtime and know they are hungry but not know how we will be able to feed them the next day?

Finding his path: Wenatchee teacher Drew Gaylord talks adventure

An assortment of relics occupy room 350 of the Wenatchee High School math department. Framed NASA memorabilia adorns the wall to the left of the door. A serene Mont Blanc print hangs above a tidy desk. Pre-calculus theorems are scrawled out near a Purdue University sticker on the whiteboard at the front of the room.

Things I’ve learned (as a father)

Ever since Mom Blog was launched I’ve had an urge to contribute. I have all the qualifications, short of being an actual, uh, mom. My light-hearted suggestion for a “Corporal Punishment Corner” got me off on the wrong foot with the powers that be. So, I came up with “Things I’ve learned (as a father).” The parenthetical’s purpose being to not confuse my writing here with other blog topics I may want to explore in the future, such as “Things I’ve learned (working in a corn dog factory).” And yes, ...