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Eugene Robinson | The GOP’s profiles in cowardice

WASHINGTON — Imagine how Republicans would have reacted if former president Obama had attacked a retailer for dropping his daughter’s product line. Or asked senators to confirm a Cabinet pick who said guns are needed in schools to defend against grizzly bears. Or tried to undermine the independence of the federal judiciary. Or equated the United States’ moral standing with that of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Tracy Warner | The publisher as we knew him

I have told this story so many times I can’t recall if I ever put it down here, but with the passing of our chairman Wilfred Woods Saturday, I feel compelled to describe the view from his employees.

World Editorial Board | Children, a priority

So much to do. Our Legislature carries a heavy burden. Members must resolve one of the great questions of the age — how to fully fund public education — while retaining the means to address smaller projects, like reforming the mental health care system and passing an operating budget that pays for it all. With an overflowing plate this would not be the time to create a new state agency with Cabinet-level authority over myriad programs for children and families.

World Editorial Board | Coffee for Erik

We see many acts of generosity in our community, but we were particularly touched by the recent efforts of Dutch Bros Wenatchee Valley. The coffee chain donated a full day’s proceeds to cover the medical expenses of Erik Rodriguez, a local 22-year-old suddenly struck by heart disease, who underwent a transplant in January at the University of Washington. Rodriguez’ brother Ivan is a Dutch Bros manager.

World Editorial Board | Judiciary says what the law is

It may be that President Trump’s executive order on immigration from seven mostly-Muslim nations ultimately will be upheld, perhaps by the Supreme Court. As some legal experts predict, the justices may indeed tell us the law gives the president great latitude on issues of national security and immigration, and that renders other constitutional questions irrelevant. We will see.

Tracy Warner | Trump still has promises to keep

In March a year ago I wrote a column headlined, “Hello Trump, goodbye apples.” The theme was this: “We should point out that Donald Trump will destroy the Washington fruit industry, and a good share of Wenatchee along with it. This is a minor issue to most of the nation, but not here. Maybe we should start packing.”

Charles Krauthammer | The travel moratorium: A hopeless disaster

Stupid but legal. Such is the Trump administration’s travel ban for people from seven Muslim countries. Of course, as with almost everything in American life, what should be a policy or even a moral issue becomes a legal one. The judicial challenge should have been given short shrift, since the presidential grant of authority to exclude the entry of aliens is extremely wide and statutorily clear. The judge who issued the temporary restraining order never even made a case for its illegality. 

George Will | The North Korean red line

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The Cold War was waged and won in many places, including this beach city, home to the RAND Corp. Created in 1948 to think about research and development as it effects military planning and procurement, RAND pioneered strategic thinking about nuclear weapons in the context of the U.S.-Soviet competition. Seven decades later it is thinking about the nuclear threat from a nation created in 1948.

Tracy Warner | This carbon tax just might work

We’re very good at talking about climate change. We’re very good at speculating on the terrible consequences to come. We are superb at making dubious cause-and-effect claims that nevertheless are politically useful and scary. We of course know without a doubt that our civilized habits pump huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and these have caused, and will cause the atmosphere to warm.

Tracy Warner | Be persuasive and win support

I get questions. People ask, in our democratic system how do we best join the resistance to President Donald Trump and his policies? How do we bring change? How do we gain influence and give our support to political forces of freedom, compassion and magnanimity?

Eugene Robinson | Governing by tantrum

No one should have been surprised when President Trump raged that the “so-called judge” who blocked his travel ban should be blamed “if something happens.” It is clear by now that the leader of the free world has the emotional maturity of a 2-year-old who kicks, punches and holds his breath when he can’t have ice cream.

George Will | A proposal to solve inequality

Tight labor markets shrink income inequality by causing employers to bid up the price of scarce labor, so policymakers fretting about income inequality could give an epidemic disease a try. This might be a bit extreme but if increased equality is the goal, Stanford’s Walter Scheidel should be heard. His scholarship encompasses many things (classics, history, human biology) and if current events are insufficiently depressing for you, try his just-published book “The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century.” Judge this ...