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Charles Krauthammer: Our own Mickey Mantle

We all have our ways of marking the seasons. I know it’s spring when in early April I start my morning by skipping The Washington Post front page and going right to the sports section. It’s not until I’ve fully savored the baseball box scores that I resignedly turn to politics.

Tracy Warner | Whose hero gets the bill?

It gets messy, putting real people on money. At least it does in the United States, where a century ago we began disposing of our beautiful coins and one by one replacing them with the hero du jour. That started in 1909, when President Theodore Roosevelt decided fellow Republican Abraham Lincoln, deceased for just 44 years and still hated in much of the country, should get his bust on the cent. A perfectly fine and noble generic Indian maiden in headdress was replaced by a deceased president. It honored Lincoln ...

George Will: The gift of Trump’s ramshackle campaign

One fine day, in a fit of euphoria, after he had picked up the telephone and taken an order for zero-coupon bonds that had brought him a $50,000 commission, just like that, this very phrase had bubbled up into his brain. On Wall Street he and a few others — how many? — three hundred, four hundred, five hundred? — had become precisely that ... Masters of the Universe.

Eugene Robinson: Too late to turn back Trump

For decades, the Republican Party gave voters the impression that they get to pick the presidential nominee. The much-weakened GOP establishment theoretically has the power to choose someone else — but not, I believe, the strength of purpose to do it.

Common Ground | Let’s help WHS students fund a Habitat house

Wenatchee High School Interact Club members are on the cusp of an audacious achievement — raising $50,000 to fund a house for Habitat for Humanity. I would be shocked if there is another group of kids in the country that have accomplished that feat.

Common Ground | Brain scientist and a folksinger bring message of hope

Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor's greatest insight came when a stroke left her incapacitated. In the process of recovery, she discovered that each of us can learn to live with compassion, creativity and joy and free ourselves from the part of mind that is judging, angry and never feels safe.

Wilf Woods | Drastic time, drastic measure

When the President Franklin D. Roosevelt closed all the banks in the country in 1933, the "bank holiday" put the squeeze on business — all business. There was no money changing hands.

George Will | Histories that shouldn’t be secret

When President Obama departs for Saudi Arabia, an incubator of the 9/11 attacks, he will leave behind a dispute about government secrecy. The suppression of 28 pages, first from a public congressional inquiry and then from the 2004 report by the national 9/11 Commission, has spared the Saudis embarrassment, which would be mild punishment for complicity in 2,977 murders. When Obama returns, he should keep his promise to release the pages. Then he should further curtail senseless secrecy by countermanding the CIA’s refusal to release its official history of the ...

World Editorial Board | Senator exemplary

It is not our custom to praise politicians while they still hold office, but last week’s announcement from Sen. Linda Evans Parlette that she will not seek another term leads us to make an exception. Parlette, 20 years a state senator, four years in the House, has served the 12th District with intelligence, energy and a high level of integrity. There was never a moment when you sensed her constituents’ well-being was anything less than her primary concern.

World Editorial Board | Apples and trade

A recent publication from the U.S. Department of Agriculture with a typically scintillating title — “Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook: Economic Insight U.S. Fresh-Market Apples” — makes for interesting reading in this age of politicized economics.

Guest Opinion | Remove the barriers to prosperity

January’s increased jobless rate in the Wenatchee area echoes a disturbing trend seen across our state: Much of Washington outside of Puget Sound is quickly losing ground. There is a pressing and immediate need to reverse that loss, to preserve and expand quality, family-wage jobs and private investment in infrastructure that has enabled historic economic stability outside of our major cities.

World Editorial Board | Celebrate the foothills trails

It is two weeks since opening day, an appropriate time to pause and consider our treasure to the west. On April 1, Wenatchee’s foothills trails north of Number 1 Canyon once again are open to public access after their winter closure. It is not yet an official holiday, as Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Trails Coordinator Hanne Beener noted in her Everbody Out column, but yes, it might as well be.

Common Ground | Touring wildfire presentation launches in June

A powerful wildfire presentation will begin making the rounds of North Central Washington communities to help address this vexing challenge. The presentation features Dr. Paul Hessburg of the Wenatchee National Forest and was produced by North 40 Productions.

Charles Krauthammer | Clintonism, may it rest in peace

How far they’ve come. And I’m not talking about the GOP, whose front-runner representing 37 percent of the Republican electorate has repudiated post-Reagan orthodoxy on trade, entitlement reform, limited government and Pax Americana (and possibly abortion, but who knows?). I’m talking about the Democrats.

Tracy Warner | We pay for their blast at farmers

Go to the website, and first you see a video of a tractor spraying a green field. Then it dissolves into video of a muddy stream. That dissolves into a closeup of what looks like a spawned out, recently deceased sockeye salmon. The overprint caption says “Polluters of our waterways should be held accountable for their impacts on our water, our health and our fish.”