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Salvage logging and the cycle

There is a nice wisp of nostalgia to this. Fire devastates the landscape. The managers of the public’s timber try to gain something from disaster by selling off the dead and dying in a limited salvage timber sale. The buyers are to cut charred trees while the damaged timber still has some commercial value, before the dreaded post-fire blue fungus stain and other maladies make it worthless for anything but long-term decomposition. They make haste.

Common Ground: Vox Docs: It’s an experience

If you have never attended an independent film festival, you are missing out. This weekend, the Vox Docs festival will be held at Snowy Owl Theater in Leavenworth.

Community shares big, new ideas

Give yourself a big round of applause! We at the Chelan PUD have asked a lot of you this past year. In particular, we asked you to join us in a journey for a new, strategic plan that would bring the greatest good to the most number of people for the longest period of time. We are almost there, but our journey isn’t over yet.

The prescience of Moynihan

In the mid-1960s, a social scientist noted something ominous that came to be called “Moynihan’s Scissors”: Two lines on a graph crossed, replicating a scissors’ blades. The descending line charted the decline in the minority male unemployment rate. The ascending line charted the simultaneous rise of new welfare cases.

Perfect champions

North Central Washington has many students who deserve praise, and in the valleys of the east slopes of the Cascades and along the Columbia, they have often been particularly good at basketball. This year, there were many reasons for pride. The Brewster Bears rebounded for a strong third place in the boys state 2B tournament. The Pateros girls took a hard-won fourth place in the 1B tournament.

Compromise works

Emotions run high when wolves are the topic. They run so high that discussion is often fruitless and reconciliation impossible. It’s been extremely difficult to find common ground between conservationists who see the value in wolf recovery, and ranchers who are understandably nervous about their livelihoods. The residents of the Northeast feel the burden of wolf recovery is all on their shoulders, with 12 of the state’s 16 wolf packs in their back yard.

Climate change and a just goal

It is a right and foward-thinking goal, to lessen our state’s impact on climate by reducing our emissions of greenhouse gasses. There is, as they say, little scientific doubt as to mankind’s contributions to climate change, but there it much to say about what to do about it. That is politics, not science.

The Fourth is worth a blast

I already know where I’d like to be this Fourth of July — lying back on the cool grass somewhere near the Columbia, family by my side, an easy breeze flowing downstream, 10,000 friends close by, the Wenatchee Valley Symphony tuning up, restless kids drop their Frisbees and glow sticks, the park lights dim ...

Rufus Woods: Engaging us is a worthy investment

The question of the week is whether Chelan County Public Utility District and its ratepayers are better off because of the significant investment the utility made in engaging citizens in developing a strategy for the future.

The Export-Import Bank’s grip

Conservatives’ next disappointment will at least be a validation. The coming reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank will confirm their warnings about the difficulty of prying the government’s tentacles off what should be society’s private sphere.

Cutting carbon pays dividends

We in Washington had record crops last year, with wine becoming a key player. Let’s all drink to that!