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George Will | The sobering evidence of social science

The report was so “seismic” — Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s word — that Lyndon Johnson’s administration released it on the Fourth of July weekend, 1966, hoping it would not be noticed. But the Coleman report did disturb various dogmatic slumbers and vested interests. And 50 years on, it is pertinent to today’s political debates about class and social mobility. So, let us now praise an insufficiently famous man, sociologist James Coleman, author of the study “Equality of Educational Opportunity.”

Tracy Warner | Those with, hold off those without

In this state we wrote a lot of our land-use laws in the early 1990s, when urban sprawl made us queasy and a suburb under construction filled all reasonable people with foreboding. Our precious vacant land and orchards would disappear under McMansions and junipers, we feared. The valley we loved for its pastoral beauty, the very reason many of us moved to this place, would be subdivided out of existence.

Ric Bayless | Teacher associations for today

MANSFIELD — Professional educators should be part of guiding local schools. Employees should have a system that addresses bargaining in an agreeable manner and have a workplace advocate who can address the friction that occasionally arises in any workplace.

George Will | Corruption against ‘corruption’

The progressive drive to broadly define and thoroughly eradicate political “corruption” has corrupted politics. But discord is not altogether pandemic in Washington, and last week a unanimous Supreme Court, in this term’s most important decision, limited the discretion prosecutors have to criminalize politics.

Editorial Board | Housing for us all

Housing — or more specifically, the lack of it — is the No. 1 economic development issue in the region, says Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz. With that, nearly everyone agrees.

Editorial Board | Spark with care

You can feel it. The wind has come to suck out what little moisture is left in the hills. The grass is tall and drier by the hour. You can smell it, and hear it with every footstep. We make our homes in a landscape primed to explode.

Editorial Board | We are free to celebrate

Independence Day, the Fourth of July, is a wonderful holiday marked by dear tradition and beloved ritual, because there are few things more worthy of celebration than our national identity and liberty. Hurrah for us. Hurrah for independence. Hurrah for freedom.

Tracy Warner | The wealth of a warehouse

The work isn’t glamorous. There aren’t many romantic touches, or picturesque pastoral scenes. The building is utilitarian, gray, with no cute architectural frills, flashing neon or glass office towers.

Tracy Warner | Trump’s history is incomplete

Donald Trump is not always wrong. In his Tuesday anti-trade speech in Pennsylvania he offered a reasonable history lesson. Tariffs and protectionism were once political winners, he said, and a real hit with the economic elites.

George Will: The hinge of the Great War

See that little stream? We could walk to it in two minutes. It took the British a month to walk to it — a whole empire walking very slowly, dying in front and pushing forward behind.

Peshastin waterfront — this is it

There has been a consortium of public interest groups working for the past year to save the Peshastin Mill waterfront from development and leave it open for public access. The Complete the Loop Coalition and Trout Unlimited are leading a fund drive to purchase the waterfront so it can be gifted to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to be kept open to the public in perpetuity. We have recently been given a two-month extension to reach our goal to raise the purchase price. So far, over 200 individuals and ...

Tracy Warner | Brexit voters tell us where to go

We are 4,800 miles away from the heart of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and we really have no basis to second guess its voters’ desire to exit the European Union. Our 401(k)s may take a beating, but we don’t have the personal knowledge or experience to make an informed judgment. Our sovereignty is not the issue. Theirs is.