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Republicans and their tragic flaws

It’s yet another Greek tragedy. The well-intentioned hero succumbs to a fatal character flaw and is lured inevitably and irresistibly to their doom. Everybody knows it. You see it coming. Nobody can stop it.

Patronizing at the prayer breakfast

There is no doubt that President Obama’s remarks about Christianity at the National Prayer Breakfast last week were historically accurate. But they were also — let’s face it — glib, facile and patronizing.

Work for quality early education

It would be hard to find a better investment in the future than quality early-childhood education. Effective early-childhood education sends students to kindergarten ready to learn, improves learning and test scores, improves high school graduation rates, even raises income and reduces crime. Money invested in early learning saves far more later by reducing the necessity for remedial education and related maladies. It is clear, the path to becoming a productive, contributing citizen begins before kindergarten. Access to quality early-childhood education gives more children a better chance in life. What better ...

Vaccines and safety

Apart from the contentious politics, suspect motives and collective accusations of ignorance that seem to rivet the nation of late, vaccination rates and their decline are an increasing concern and an important public health issue. The rapid spread of potentially deadly communicable disease, mostly among children, is as serious as an issue can be.

Farewell to Frank

It is with sorrow that we note the death of Frank T. Kuntz Thursday at the age of 84. It is with great joy that we recall his lifelong contributions to the Wenatchee area, his leadership, his drive, his willingness to serve. And we fondly recall his humor and good nature. Talk to Kuntz for any length of time and you would come away with an interesting insight, and usually his wry smile and best wishes. People of that quality are rare.

Jeb’s mixed messages

If Jeb Bush intended to run for the Republican presidential nomination, one has to wonder why in the world he wrote “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution,” with Clint Bolick in 2013.

Does the barbarism have a logic?

Why did they do it? What did the Islamic State think it could possibly gain by burning alive a captured Jordanian pilot?

With catastrophe we get emails

For an economic catastrophe, it had been awfully quiet. The great West Coast ports are running at half speed for the tactical convenience of labor negotiators, costing us millions by the hour. The inlet for half of America’s imports and the outlet for much of its exports is on the verge of shutdown. The big national media are only mildly interested. Top Democratic politicians are quiet. Members of Congress are sending out press releases that serve for posturing but otherwise don’t have much effect. The economists point to down categories ...

Biofuels get more bad reviews

We spend a lot of time worrying about climate change and mankind’s growing contribution to it, and that’s right and good. Too bad we have to spend so much time worrying about the proposed cures.

Defining economic failure down

Two phrases that Daniel Patrick Moynihan put into America’s political lexicon two decades ago are increasingly pertinent. They explain the insufficient dismay about recent economic numbers.

Don’t judge judges by place

Geography counts. In politics, in popular culture, your place of origin or your current home make a difference. It makes a difference in how you see things and how others see you.

Seek a vaccine for ignorance

Flashback: Galileo is under house arrest pondering the unyielding ignorance of The Church for refusing to consider his heliocentric proposition that the Earth circled the sun.

Golden opportunity for GOP deal-making

To understand why the centerpiece initiative of President Obama’s budget makes so much sense, imagine that U.S. corporations decided to bring home — in cash — the estimated $2 trillion in profits they are stashing overseas to avoid paying taxes.

With trade comes apple opportunity

The largest market in the world soon will be open to all apples grown in the United States. After long and difficult negotiations it was announced last week China has agreed to accept imports of all U.S. apple varieties, not just diminishing red and golden delicious. At the same time, once the details are finalized the U.S. market will be opened to apples from China.