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Bank gets a stay

The Export-Import Bank of the United States, crucial to the economy of a trade-dependent state like Washington, has been given a reprieve. Congress last week voted to extend the bank’s charter to June 30, 2015.

The jihadi logic working against the U.S.

What was the Islamic State thinking? We know it is sophisticated in its use of modern media. But what was the logic of propagating to the world videos of its beheadings of two Americans (and subsequently a Briton) — sure to inflame public opinion?

A lot’s happened at Grant PUD

Operating two hydroelectric plants on the Mid-Columbia requires the ability to balance multiple interests at all times. Considerations for fish passage, recreation, cultural resources, electric generation, irrigation, and public safety are constants for Grant PUD. The complexity of this work compounds while we are responding to one of the greatest challenges faced by a hydropower operator on the Columbia River, a fracture at our Wanapum Dam.

In Scotland, they won’t forget her

In 1984 I was at a crossroads somewhere in County Durham in the north of England, a solo tourist with nothing much to do. I was dropped off by my English hosts, to fend for myself while they tended to their jobs. After a few hours of perusing Durham Cathedral, checking out Saint Cuthbert’s shrine and the tomb of Saint Bede the Venerable, the major attractions, I wandered through the surrounding cemetery and assorted monuments.

Where do we get the money?

It is becoming the accepted view, despite the occasional contradiction and naysayer, that Washington and its government does not have enough money. It needs to tax more, tax higher and tax soon, and if properly done it will skim off the top and inject into the bottom.

Obama must ask Congress

The United States last declared war many wars ago, on June 5, 1942, when, to clarify legal ambiguities during a world conflagration, it declared war on Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Today’s issue is not whether to declare war but only whether the president should even seek congressional authorization for the protracted use of force against the Islamic State.

Speed cameras for revenue, or safety?

When I filed for the position of Wenatchee City Council, I pledged to the citizens of Wenatchee to provide leadership and a common-sense approach, and to build public trust through communication and transparency. I’ve recently felt like there has been a shift from public input and opinion to an agenda forced process. The issue I want to discuss with this writing is the effort to install speed cameras in three of our school zones. The safety of the public and especially our children is one of my top priorities, and ...

Get this movie out of my head, please

I am sorry for this tardy review of a movie a year old, but what I saw has my brain locked in a fit of obsession. It is driving me crazy. I know of no way to break it without confession. I must save myself.

What we can do for our kids and grandkids

We consider ourselves optimists. And we should, because both of us have been incredibly lucky. We have our health, we live in a wonderful community, and our three grown sons are also healthy. But like many parents, we sometimes find ourselves worrying about them. Will they have good jobs? Good partners? Good futures? And like many parents, we try to sort out the concerns that we can do something about, from those that are out of our control.\

Wolves and ranches can coexist

What happened last month with the Huckleberry wolf pack and a band of sheep in southern Stevens County was not good for anybody. The operator lost several dozen sheep and a lot of time and money. And now, with the death of its female leader, the future behavior of the Huckleberry Pack — which had been thriving in that area without any livestock conflict for several years — is much harder to predict.

Legislature called to duty

It is now the Legislature’s turn to act. It is the Legislature’s turn to keep its commitments, to meet its constitutional duty to make ample provision for the education of all children. Between now and the final gavel of 2015 there must be a titanic shift, a historic compromise, monumental work of statecraft, to accomplish what the constitution requires.

Is there danger?

Everyone should be troubled by thoughtless motorists speeding through school zones when children are present and warning lights flash. There also are many troubled by the thought of being monitored by a profit-making company’s speed camera reaping a financial harvest for the city of Wenatchee.

Fireworks, yes

The best Fourth of July fire prevention plan may be a fireworks show. Good for East Wenatchee Mayor Steve Lacy for seeing the possibility and endorsing city support for a regional fireworks show and a joint Independence Day celebration on the riverfront. Good for the city of Wenatchee for contributing $5,000 and asking other entities do the same. Good for the newly formed Independence Day Celebration Committee, which is soliticiting funds to build an endowment to fund a community fireworks display and celebration in a sustainable way.