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Editorial Board | Classrooms, many

Unnoticed by most, perhaps, the Legislature last week passed a supplemental capital budget. It included $40 million in grants to local school districts to build classrooms for the purpose of reducing class size in kindergarten through third grade.

Editorial Board | Cashmere, yes

The ballots will be in the mail by the end of the week for what amounts to a great opportunity. Residents of the Cashmere School District will be asked to approve $12.4 million in bonds. They will leverage an $11.2 million state match, for more than $23 million in improvements to local school buildings. It will add just 93 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to local property tax bills.

Editorial Board | For fires then, and fires to come

It is often said that in the deep, dark, dripping slate gray of an Olympia winter, it is difficult to convince legislators that wildfire and its prevention is something that need concern them. It is certainly not so important, in their spongy world, that they would appropriate funds for firefighting that could be used beneficially elsewhere.

Charles Krauthammer | The four foreign policies

After dozens of contests featuring cliffhangers, buzzer-beaters and a ton of flagrant fouls, we’re down to the Final Four: Sanders, Clinton, Cruz and Trump. (If Kasich pulls a miracle, he’ll get his own column.) The world wants to know: What are their foreign policies?

Tracy Warner | Running the wall to the top

Hardly a week goes by without receiving a letter complaining about immigrants in some form, about “diversity,” about people from Latin America who speak Spanish in public, about “Mexicans” taking our jobs, whether they are actually from Mexico or Wenatchee. Peripherally, they may mention immigration laws or the violation of same and how this is troubling. Some letters don’t bring that issue up.

Wilf Woods | Print or online? Both

A lovely note from Kentucky came in the mail this week from former resident Steve Day. He reads the World online with the comment that "your paper is still relevant and a vital part of life in Wenatchee."

George Will: Libya undermines Clinton’s foreign policy credential

Republican peculiarities in this political season are so numerous and lurid that insufficient attention is being paid to this: The probable Democratic nominee’s principal credential, her service as secretary of state, is undermined by a debacle of remarkable dishonesty.

Tracy Warner | Our worth isn’t set by decree

I dearly wish I was worth more. I wish my labor was more valuable, to someone, somewhere. I should ask that government issue a decree: Tracy Warner is undervalued and therefore must be paid more. That would be “economic justice.”

George Will | Why the future will disappoint

Presidential campaigns incite both hypochondria and euphoria, portraying the present as grimmer than it is and the future as grander than it can be. As an antidote to both, read a rarity, an academic’s thick book (762 pages) widely recognized as relevant to America’s current discontents.

World Editorial Board | Hurray, lawyers

We are accustomed to cheering high school athletes, or on occasion high school musicians, thespians, artists or technicians. We have even been known to praise academic achievement. But, high school lawyers?

World Editorial Board | A compromise for a Bitcoin

Many, perhaps most ratepayer-owners of the Chelan County PUD do not understand Bitcoin, what Bitcoin miners do and how they make, or do not make money. Banks of megawatt-sucking computers battling in the clouds for the chance to process a currency that exists only in electromagnetic impulses is beyond our experience.

World Editorial Board | First, in service

The pending departure of a school board member is normally not headline news or cause for comment. Serving on a school board is among the most important, yet least appreciated of public offices. School board members deal with the mundane, the bureaucratic, the everyday muck we outsiders consider deadly dull. And yet, they set policies that create the possibility of future success for an entire community’s children. That is a serious responsibility.