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Agenda’s online

Government is more engaged, efficient and transparent if the public has the means to find out what business might be on its plate. In short, with access in advance to simple information, like a meeting agenda, government will better serve the public. Easy access — online — is best.

A half-century in denial

Critics of Rep. Paul Ryan’s remarks about cultural factors in the persistence of poverty are simultaneously shrill and boring. Their predictable minuet of synthetic indignation demonstrates how little liberals have learned about poverty or changed their rhetorical repertoire in the last 49 years.

The invasion will be catered

Early in the Ukraine crisis, when the Europeans were working on bringing Ukraine into the EU system and Vladimir Putin was countering with threats and bribes, one British analyst lamented that “We went to a knife fight with a baguette.”

The long effort to water the land

I sit at a desk now, just a few hundreds yards from the great river called Columbia. I have looked upon this river and watched its flow, at some point, nearly every day of my adult life. I walk to it, cycle around it, fish in it, swim in it, float it and drive over it. Every day I use its power to pierce the darkness, or take nourishment from the fields and orchards its waters sustain. And every now and again I sit back and remind myself that this ...

Making history come alive

Throughout my formal academic career, history classes bored me. The timelines, the outdated maps, the tiresome chronology that seemed always to begin with ancient earthen pottery and end with the Beatles making crowds of teenage women faint. Snore.

An audacious effort to build a Habitat house

You have to hand it to the Interact Club students at Wenatchee High School. They have no shortage of courage. They are committed to raising $70,000 to finance a Habitat for Humanity construction project.

Buds of the socialist spring

While Vladimir Putin, Stalin’s spawn, ponders what to do with what remains of Ukraine, remember: Nine years before the January 1942 Wannsee Conference, at which the Nazis embarked on industrialized genocide, Stalin deliberately inflicted genocidal starvation on Ukraine.

Make this tax dodge go away

Like it or not, Washington’s governments run on sales tax. Property, business and occupation and fuel taxes are big and annoying in their own way, but sales tax is the heavyweight slice of the pie chart. It’s about 44 percent of state government’s tax revenue, and feeds about 30 percent of the general fund. It’s as important or more so for cities and counties.

On the fence on the tree house

It’s rare when Wenatchee makes worldwide news. I struggle to find examples from my era. There was Norman Gallagher’s world-record pumpkin back in 1984. It was news from Honolulu to New Delhi when Norman smashed the record with a 612-pounder. The photo from our front page of Norman hugging his pumpkin even ran in the Old Farmers’ Almanac. MiracleGro was snooping around looking for an endorsement. But the pumpkin was grown in Norman’s Chelan backyard, so that’s not a Wenatchee story, not really.

Online poll results

Here are the results of poll questions on in the past week and some of the responses:

Difficult as it is, conversation with your kids is worth the effort

CHICAGO — Talking to your kids can be hard. Really hard. Even children who never stop rattling off every imaginable detail about their favorite cartoon become completely unresponsive when asked “How was your day?” “What did you learn at school?” or “What’s new?”

The CIA is out of line

WASHINGTON — We now have even more proof that our burgeoning intelligence agencies, which were given unprecedented latitude to wage war against terrorists, are dangerously out of control.