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Business Past | New apple outlet

Alfred McVay, left, head of Apple Box, Inc., Walla Walla, displays his company’s new apple vending machine to Leo Lowe, manager of Washington Growers Clearing House Association. McVay was at the Cascadian Hotel in May 1966 to raise funds for national distribution of the machine which would promote the sales of apples. (Business World file photo)

Will your family business be left in the right hands?

Family businesses are the backbone of the American economy, but when it’s time to pass the business to the next generation, thorny issues can arise such as sibling rivalries and tax implications.

Eye On | iLa Yoga Studio — Finding your balance

When you walk into iLa Yoga Studio at 13 Orondo Ave. in Wenatchee, the first thing you do is remove your shoes and add them to the line of shoes near the front door. If a class is in session the lobby-cum-boutique will be silent, and if you listen closely, you can hear the measured breathing of a dozen or so students inside practicing one of the many styles of yoga offered there.

Disability insurance for businesses is important, but often overlooked

It is common to use life insurance in the business setting, but have you ever considered that disability insurance may be way more important than life insurance? Why? Because medical technology is really good these days. Hospitals and doctors are very good at keeping people alive. People are surviving things like heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and diabetes, hypertension, things that used to kill us.

New FLSA rule increases eligibility for overtime payments

On May 18, after more than a year of speculation and debate, the U.S. Department of Labor (the DOL) released a controversial Final Rule updating regulations under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (the FLSA) governing the “white collar” overtime exemption for executive, administrative, and professional employees.

Broadview real estate: So many ‘For Sale’ signs

WENATCHEE — Valley real estate agents say that in an upscale neighborhood like Broadview, it’s not unusual for a half-dozen or so properties to be on the market at any given time, experts say.

Editor’s Note | Riverfront development beginning to show life

One of Wenatchee’s greatest attributes is the Columbia River. The water it provides keeps our landscape green and our agricultural industry thriving. Of course, it also provides inexpensive power, which benefits the entire region in a wide variety of ways.