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An energy bill, now

House and Senate conferees entered this weekend trying to hammer out an agreement on a comprehensive bipartisan energy bill. With the close of the lame duck session of Congress only days away, time to cut a deal was very short.

Housing and its cost: Issue No. 1

It should be no surprise that the Our Valley Our Future massive community vision statement lists housing as a major concern. “Finding regional solutions to our valley’s housing crisis” is one of seven “game-changers,” among the community’s highest priorities.

Yay! Ridge open

 The 50th anniversary season is on! Hurrah for Mission Ridge, best in the West and first in our hearts.

Charles Krauthammer | The triumph of the West is over

Twenty-five years ago — December 1991 — communism died, the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union disappeared. It was the largest breakup of an empire in modern history and not a shot was fired. It was an event of biblical proportions that my generation thought it would never live to see. As Wordsworth famously rhapsodized (about the French Revolution), “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive/ But to be young was very heaven!”

Tracy Warner | How many jobs can Trump save?

We can assume this is how politics and business will interact in the Trump era. Investment will be steered by government cajoling, threats, incentives and other leverage. Benefits will be dubious for business, temporary for workers and glorious for politicians.

Our Valley, Our Future shows us the power of engaging citizens

This is a momentous occasion — one that we will look back on in years to come as a defining moment in our valley. The Our Valley, Our Future (Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Futuro) process is a shining example of grass roots community building — in which we turned traditional top-down planning on its head and invited ordinary citizens to share their vision and take ownership of making positive change.

Eugene Robinson | Trump should support the Cuba deal

At long last, Fidel Castro is dead. Now the oppressive system he installed in Cuba can wither and die, too — unless Donald Trump reverts to Cold War policies and gives Cuba’s failing dictatorship new life.

Tracy Warner | Castro, poverty and desperation

Like most Americans my age, my first reaction to Cuba’s commandante Fidel Castro involved curiosity and abject fear. He cut a dashing figure in his fatigues, the beard and cigar. He shone through on the front page of the newspaper. He beamed on black-and-white television.

George Will | Boondoggles abound

History has a sly sense of humor. It caused an epiphany regarding infrastructure projects — roads, harbors, airports, etc. — to occur on a bridge over Boston’s Charles River, hard by Harvard Yard, where rarely is heard a discouraging word about government.

Art of Community | Imagine planting edible landscapes in NCW

Imagine what would be possible in our communities if we followed the lead of Todmorden, England and planted edible landscapes that provide free food to community members in raised beds around public buildings, in vacant lots, on private land and anywhere else you might imagine.

World Editorial Board | Our law too lax

It is pointless to second-guess Douglas County Prosecutor Steve Clem on his decision not to charge East Wenathcee police officer Kaiti Wilkins in connection with the shooting death of Cameron Ayers Sept. 3. Not only are we not privy to all evidence and reports, Clem’s decision was all but inevitable regardless. Washington law says an officer using deadly force cannot be guilty of a crime if they acted “without malice and with a good belief that such act is justifiable.” Malice is “evil intent,” actions purposely bad. If Clem had ...

World Editorial Board | A riverfront saved

A landscape so rare and so loved, the Columbia shoreline sand dunes, beach and crags south of the Odabashian Bridge, will be preserved for all time. This will happen through a recent agreement between the Chelan County PUD and Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, greatly enhanced by a $250,000 donation from Cliff and Mary Bates of Quincy.

World Editorial Board | Don’t send the Dreamers away

No newly elected president makes good on their every campaign promise. Many sincerely pray Donald Trump will be no different, especially in his cruel and impossible vote-winning vow to round up and deport 11 million undocumented aliens. (“They have to go.”)