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Kathleen Parker: Channeling Cassandra

WASHINGTON — As Republican presidential candidates debate the debates, roiling and railing against the unfairness of it all, campaigns have been busy rebooting candidates and crafting fresh slogans.

Tracy Warner | Alcoa ‘curtailed’ is horrible news

There could be worse news, but right now it’s difficult to imagine. The Alcoa Wenatchee Works will be “curtailed,” which appears to mean that production of aluminum will cease, the jobs of hundreds will be in peril, and an era of mutually beneficial prosperity will end. They say “curtailed” does not mean closed, leaving hope this condition is temporary. Still, facing a future without making aluminum means Wenatchee will never be the same.

Editorial Board | No disaster here

As they sift through the smoldering remains of their homes, there are hundreds of people in Okanogan and Chelan counties who wonder, what horrors qualify as disaster in the federal government’s narrow eyes? Apparently 146 homes destroyed and 476 damaged in a few flaming days of hell does not meet the standards of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Sorry, not disastrous enough.

Editorial Board | Ex-Im Bank gets big-time support

Even with our notoriously dysfunctional Congress, it is possible on occasion for an overwhelming majority of the people’s representatives to have some input in the advancement of legislation. The stubborn, pouting leadership that uses its power to thwart majority will sometimes can be overcome, and often that is good. Evidence came Tuesday as the House of Representatives passed a previously bottled-up measure to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States, an 81-year-old institution vital to the economic interests of Washington state. The measure passed by a vote of 313-118. ...

George Will | Is Iran’s anti-Semitism too deep?

Yale historian Timothy Snyder is indebted to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently made Snyder’s new book even more newsworthy than his extraordinary scholarship deserves to be. And Netanyahu is indebted to Snyder, whose theory of Hitler’s anti-Semitism is germane to two questions: Is the Iranian regime’s anti-Semitism rooted, as Hitler’s was, in a theory of history that demands genocide? If so, when Iran becomes a nuclear power, can it be deterred from its announced determination to destroy Israel?

Tracy Warner | What’s changed with Halloween?

I like Halloween. I always have. Oh, I don’t dress up in a silly costume, not for years, or go to parties with a lot of people dressed in silly costumes. I don’t decorate with black-and-orange crepe paper or cutouts of witches or black cats. I don’t create some half-baked spooky scene on my lawn, as much fun as that might be. I don’t invite children to stick their hands into cold spaghetti and tell them it’s worms or their cousin’s brains. These days I just answer my door and ...

Charles Krauthammer: Skip the investigations, win the election

At a certain point, you have to realize you can’t hit a fastball. House Republicans don’t quite get that they are hopeless at oversight hearings. They keep losing -- and now the chairman of the House Oversight Committee has just introduced articles of impeachment against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Tracy Warner | The sad conflict, prayer on the 50

I wish this conflict didn’t exist. The First Amendment to the Constitution, the most important guarantee of freedom yet written, begins, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...”

George Will: The political reality of fantasy sports

Americans have been betting on sports since the first time a Puritan pilgrim boasted that his horse was the fastest in Massachusetts Bay Colony and another said, “Wanna bet?” But fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and government gotta fret about gambling on fantasy sports. Torrential television advertising by DraftKings and FanDuel is creating millions of customers for these sports fantasy businesses, thereby creating government anxiety lest Americans make unregulated choices inimical to their material and moral well-being.