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George Will | Peace through technology

To change anything in the Navy is like punching a feather bed. You punch it with your right and you punch it with your left until you are finally exhausted, and then you find the damn bed just as it was before you started punching.

Garrison Keillor | Christmas lives on

It is hard to believe that the Creator of our universe with its billions of galaxies could have sent himself to this little blue blip not so long ago in the form of an infant born to a virgin, to be first worshipped by illiterate shepherds where he lay in a feed trough, livestock peering down at him, Eastern potentates following a star to the site. But here we are again, singing those songs, so we shall see.

Eugene Robinson | Who in the Republican Party will stand up to Trump?

President-elect Donald Trump’s victory tour was more than just an opportunity to strut and preen around the country like a peacock with a comb-over. It was a warning to Republican leaders in Congress that Trump intends to be in charge — and that there will be consequences if the party establishment does not fall in line.

Tracy Warner | We’re ringting tingleing, too

A July heat wave, steamy humidity, that haunting aroma of horses and sun tan lotion, roasting things on fires, T-shirts and flip-flops, all of it says Christmas to me. I am flooded by memory.

George Will | Our excellent electoral vote system

Political mildness is scarce nowadays, so it has been pleasantly surprising that post-election denunciations of the Electoral College have been tepid. This, even though the winner of the presidential election lost the popular vote by perhaps 2.8 million votes, more than five times the 537,179 votes by which Al Gore outpolled George W. Bush in 2000.

World Editorial Board | The bells change

With teachers in support Wenatchee High School is moving to implement its controversial new four-period bell schedule. The old six-period day will give way to what is called a 4X4 hybrid. The basics call for four classes a day, and four courses each semester, beginning next fall. We hope the program’s implementation goes more smoothly than its development.

World Editorial Board | There is a means to help Dreamers

Their future soon will be in Donald Trump’s hands. Thousands of young people raised and schooled in North Central Washington, and nearly three-quarters of a million across the nation, are holding their breath, waiting to see if Trump keeps his campaign promise.

World Editorial Board | Time to give, NCW

It is not too late. Actually, with Christmas just a week away there is no better time to support Give NCW and the 25 nonprofit programs that are part of this year’s campaign.

Charles Krauthammer | The Trump Cabinet: Bonfire of the agencies

Democrats spent the first two decades of the post-Cold War era rather relaxed about Russian provocations and revanchism. President Obama famously mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for suggesting that Russia was our principal geopolitical adversary. Yet today the Dems are in high dudgeon over the closeness of secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson, to Vladimir Putin.

Tracy Warner | Lifting some heavy tax hikes

They always call the governor’s budget a “starting point.” It sparks the conversation. It floats the trial balloons. It gets the ball rolling. Then, more often than not, the legislators whose constitutional duty it is to write a real budget, say thank you very much and start over.

George Will | Starbucks and our pursuit of snobbery

Indiana’s Thomas R. Marshall, who was America’s vice president 100 years ago, voiced — he plucked it from a Hoosier humorist — one of the few long-remembered utterances to issue from that office: “What this country needs is a good 5-cent cigar,” which would be $1.11 in today’s currency. A century later, what the country needs is a $12 twelve-ounce cup of coffee.

Tracy Warner | What would Bob Cratchit do?

It is the time of the season when pressure mounts. I can feel the anxiety well up inside me. Soon Christmas Eve, soon Christmas. When am I going to bake those cookies, or rehearse the church music, or finish the shopping? Did I spend enough? Will she like it?

Helen Knowles | One hotel, two landmark cases

Someone might say, defiantly, that they will “take their case all the way to the Supreme Court!” In reality, the justices are very unlikely to hear that person’s case, even if it makes it that far through the nation’s judicial system. Consequently, it is worth pausing to remember that 80 years ago this week not only were two individuals’ cases being heard by the court, but they were both cases with ties to the same establishment in Wenatchee — namely, the Cascadian Hotel.

Tracy Warner | Fake news is always with us

Not long after the late lamented presidential election I received an email from an intelligent and discerning person alerting me to a hilarious election analysis by English comedian John Cleese.