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Initiatives could use perspective

These arguments usually start with a preface, that in Washington the people’s right of initiative and referendum is “sacred,” or some other reverential adjective. Popular, maybe. Politically useful on occasion. The first right of the people, the state constitution says. But the process is not holy. It is too often a self-serving mess, infused with contradiction, demagoguery, deception and ignorance that can, and does, result in bad law.

Peter Rutherford: It’s not a matter of if, but when

Emergency management preparedness has changed over the years, from simply having a disaster plan to a more comprehensive perspective approach that is proactive and includes planning, practice and resource management. It is not a matter of if, but when, and we need to be truly prepared. There have been several recent events that have demonstrated the need for emergency preparedness, such as natural disasters, gunshot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, acts of terrorism and epidemics.

Is Hillary hiding something?

The Hillary Clinton email controversy is a reminder of one inescapable fact: She comes with baggage. Not the kind that fits in the overhead bin, either. I’m talking steamer trunks.

Freedom is a two-way street

Excited protests against Indiana’s recently passed religious freedom law have highlighted both America’s growing support for same-sex marriage and our apparent incapacity to entertain more than one idea at a time.

We will be full of issues in 2016

In 2016 it will be us vs. them, or them vs. us, depending on your point of view. It will be the forces of justice and enlightenment vs. the capitalists hell bent on transforming our increasingly egalitarian economy into Bangladesh. Or, it will be the loyal stalwarts of the east protecting our modest wealth and jobs against voracious designs of Seattle ultra liberals and their wacky economics. Or, it will be the scientifically in-tune class on an earnest quest to save the planet, against the “big polluters” of the hinterlands. ...

The rough math facing Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was born in 1970, six years after events refuted a theory on which he is wagering his candidacy. The 1964 theory was that many millions of conservatives abstained from voting because the GOP did not nominate sufficiently deep-dyed conservatives. So if in 1964 the party would choose someone like Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, hitherto dormant conservatives would join the electorate in numbers sufficient for victory.

Preserving a Peshastin treasure

The Peshastin Lumber and Box mill has a rich and long history in the development of the Wenatchee River valley. It was originally constructed by E.L Sawyer in 1928. It was a great source of pride and employment for those who lived in the Peshastin and Leavenworth area. From the 1930s to 1970s, most of the homes in the area were constructed with lumber from the mill. Due to a dwindling supply of logs all the mills in Chelan County were closed by the late 1980s. The Peshastin mill sawed ...

Summer comes, but not the water

They already call it the Drought of 2015. It is a drought, even if not by the federal technical definition or for lack of rainfall. The precipitation falling on the Northwest this winter was nearly normal, say the meteorologists. The temperature, however, has been anything but normal.

Wrong battle for religious rights

Washington law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It is the heading for a protected class of human beings. Sexual orientation cannot be an excuse to discriminate in hiring, wages, housing, or public accommodation. You are also forbidden to discriminate based on race, creed, sex, religion, national origin, parental status, disability, military service, etc. Those too represent protected classes.

Don’t make a bad situation worse

As gung-ho “experts” press President Obama to do this, that or the other in the Middle East, keep a simple rule in mind: Whatever the avid interventionists suggest probably won’t work — and surely will have unintended consequences.

Tobacco at 21

Many of us came from an age when teenage cigarette smoking was common, often tolerated, sometimes considered a normal part of life. Today we pay the price, as death or serious illness claims too many after a lifetime of addiction.

Kelley’s duty requires honesty

No elective office relies on integrity and transparency more than the Washington state auditor. No office requires more public trust and dedication to honesty and fair dealing. No other office has as its core mission a persistent search for truth, and the telling of it.