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Art of Community | Filmmakers launch The Wildfire Project

The creative engine behind The Wildfire Project, a multimedia presentation designed to inform and inspire local efforts to reduce the risks of wildfire, is North 40 Productions, a small, homegrown company of mostly self-taught creatives.

Tracy Warner | Beware of wrongs for right

Maybe I got a little too far out over my rhetorical skis, enlisting a quote on the importance of the rule of law from Robert Bolt’s play, “A Man For All Seasons,” and applying it to Donald Trump. As I pointed out, I was doing what others had done. You will recall, in the scene in question Thomas More, Henry VIII’s ethical but soon to be headless chancellor, is discussing the wisdom of arbitrarily arresting his political enemies. His idealistic son-in-law says he would cut down every law in England ...

Christianity, at our beginning

In the July 14 Wenatchee World, Alan Moen wrote in his guest opinion, “Founders, religion and freedom,” that many of the founders of our nation were deists and not Christians. I beg to differ. While researching this response, I found many examples of documented quotes made by our Founding Fathers referencing their Christian belief. Here is just a sampling:

George Will | Russia and Trump?

To gauge the opportunism and hypocrisy that define Donald Trump’s Republican Party, consider this: Imagine the scalding rhetoric that would have boiled from the likes of Newt Gingrich, that Metternich of many green rooms, if Hillary Clinton had offhandedly undermined the collective security architecture of U.S. foreign policy since NATO was created in 1949.

World Editorial Board | Clinton, optimist

Hillary Clinton is the first woman presidential nominee of a major American political party, and for that alone deserves recognition for historic achievement. But we were reminded during her acceptance speech Thursday she is not a scintillating speaker. She is plodding, methodical, and when excited, projects a harsh and grating tone.

World Editorial Board | Primary, now

The Washington secretary of state’s office informs us that as of Friday, 13.1 percent of the state 4.1 million voters have returned ballots for the current primary election.

World Editorial Board | Opportunity berths at Seattle

We have phrased it this way before, but on the shores of Puget Sound, from Elliott Bay to Commencement Bay, lies the economic injector of Washington. The ports of Seattle and Tacoma, now a combined operation, handle $77 billion of goods in a year, 36 million tons of cargo, the third busiest port in North America. Significant traffic originates here, in North Central Washington. We are economically joined at the hip.

Charles Krauthammer | What’s the case for Hillary?

“The best darn change-maker I ever met in my entire life.” So said Bill Clinton in making the case for his wife at the Democratic National Convention. Considering that Bernie Sanders ran as the author of a political revolution and Donald Trump as the man who would “kick over the table” (to quote Newt Gingrich) in Washington, “change-maker” does not exactly make the heart race.

Tracy Warner | They lay their principle aside

For reasons not easily explained, we have entered an era when the fundamentals of civil society require clarification. Principle, ethics, conscience, justice are concepts in need of explanation. We should, now, remind those in search of power that the law, the Constitution and liberty cannot be set aside for their political ambitions.

George Will | The path ahead for Clinton

PHILADELPHIA — En route to fight one of his many duels, French politician Georges Clemenceau bought a one-way train ticket. Was he pessimistic? “Not at all. I always use my opponent’s return ticket for the trip back.” Some Hillary Clinton advisers, although not that serene, think her victory is probable and can be assured.

Tracy Warner | Trade is good, don’t forget it

In the ideal world, I might expect people in Seattle or Spokane to be slightly pleased if Japan cut to zero its 17 percent tariff on Washington apples. They might be cheered if the 8.5 percent tariff on sweet cherries went away, or the 8.5 percent tariff on frozen french fries. This would be helpful in these parts, Japan being the world’s third largest economy and selling fruit or potatoes being a significant source of Washington’s regional income. More jobs, prosperity, money, those are good things.