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Tracy Warner | We’re on the road again

You people aren’t cooperating. By now we were supposed to be driving less. When reluctantly on the road we would mount our tiny fuel sippers, hybrids, plug-ins, EVs, three-cylinder subcompacts. Oil would stay at $100 per barrel forevermore and filthy gasoline would be locked in the arm-and-a-leg price range in perpetuity. Given a choice we consumers would logically act in our own self-interest and trade in the old Explorer for a Prius or a Leaf or if not dazzled by gizmos, maybe one of those teeny Fiats. That would be ...

Tracy Warner | All the houses we cannot afford

You are supposed to feel good when the value of your home rises. You have gained wealth, on paper at least. If you are clever you can spend some of it, be a good consumer, boost the economy. Why would that not be good?

World Editorial Board | Fires will burn

There is a fire burning today near Buck Creek, at the head of the Chiwawa River, north of Lake Wenatchee in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Now 2,000 acres, it has been burning for a month, touched off by a bolt of July lightning.

Charles Krauthammer | The bribery standard

Bernie Sanders never understood the epic quality of the Clinton scandals. In his first debate, he famously dismissed the email issue, it being beneath the dignity of a great revolutionary to deal in things so tawdry and straightforward.

Kathleen Parker | Hillary’s heel

When I wrote the headline “Hillary’s heel,” I was thinking of Achilles, not Bill, though the former president is usually within nipping range of his wife’s pantsuit hem.

Eugene Robinson | Trump’s 360-degree ‘pivot’

Donald Trump’s “pivot,” desperately hoped for by sane Republicans, was over before it began. He couldn’t pretend to be inclusive and statesmanlike for two days in a row if his life depended on it.

Kathleen Parker | A nice column about Trump

When my syndicate editor told me a few clients had been asking, Don't you have anyone over there who can write something positive about Donald Trump?, I thought, well, that could be fun.

World Editorial Board | All together now

It’s called synergy, when efforts combined produce an effect greater than the sum of their parts. We see synergy in the Entiat Valley, and it is good and more good.