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Eugene Robinson: Endorsing Trump will leave a mark

Bluffing is Donald Trump’s one great talent, and he brazenly bluffed his way to the Republican nomination. Now he is showing his cards, however, and they are utter garbage: racism, ignorance, capriciousness, egomania and general unfitness for office. That should be — it must be — a losing hand.

George Will | Political silliness in Britain, too

LONDON — Misery loves company, so refugees from America’s Republican Party should understand that theirs is not the only party that has chosen a leader who confirms caricatures of it while repudiating its purposes. Jeremy Corbyn, the silliest leader in the British Labour Party’s 116-year history, might kill satire as well as whatever remains of socialism.

World Editorial Board | Graduates to cheer

These are the days of hope. These are the days of opportunity. These are the days of joy. This weekend and next thousands of young people in our region will walk away from childhood to become full-fledged adults. They are now high school graduates, the thriving survivors of 13 years of schooling.

World Editorial Board | Land of champions

There are many marvelous and admirable high school athletes in our region, and it is wonderful that a few become state champions. There are many skilled and tenacious high school athletic teams in our region, and it is always a joyful day when one surpasses the odds and takes the highest step.

World Editorial Board | Our runway to the future

It will take some getting used to, Grant Road taking a giant jog to the north where once was a straight shot past the Pangborn Memorial Airport entrance. We can be a community uncomfortable with change, but this should bring no complaints. This jog accommodates our future.

Tracy Warner | Trump hates the media? Good

I know, you dislike the media. By “media” I mean the diverse conglomeration of people who bring you the news and profit by it, slightly. You don’t have to apologize. Almost everybody dislikes the media to some degree. Even I have my head-scratching moments.

Charles Krauthammer | Lovable Bernie whacks Israel

Part of Bernie Sanders’ charm is that for all of his arm-waving jeremiads, he appears unthreatening. He’s the weird old uncle in the attic, Larry David’s crazy Bernie. It’s almost a matter of style. Who can be afraid of a candidate so irascible, grumpy, old-fashioned and unfashionable?

George Will: The British will choose their destiny

LONDON — Sitting on the sun-dappled terrace of the House of Lords, watching the Thames flow, Lord Nigel Lawson explains that the June 23 referendum, which he hopes will withdraw Britain from the European Union, was never supposed to happen. It is, he says, the fulfillment of a promise Prime Minister David Cameron expected to be prevented from keeping.

Editorial Board | Methow Valley bill a good step

A bill introduced last week by U.S. Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell is an important step toward protecting and preserving 340,000 acres of national forest in the Methow Valley, one of the most beautiful recreational areas in the state.

Guest Opinion | The decision that Rufus made

As directors of several non-profits in our community, we felt compelled to respond to the essay by Rufus Woods in the May 19 edition of The Wenatchee World: We remain committed to building community, in which he states “Successful communities are built on shared values, collaboration, cooperation and working together for the greater good” and that his goal as publisher is “to see more stories about things that work in our community.”