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World Editorial Board | The consent of the governed

The cold-blooded statisticians, the psychologists, the economists will tell you voting is an irrational act. The odds that one vote will “make a difference” are so minute, so immeasurably small, that playing the lottery is far more sensible. Voting makes little sense, supposedly, because their is no tangible reward for the voter, not even a brief respite from their political torment.

World Editorial Board | Knowledge workers

 It has been said that serving on a school board is the most difficult thankless job in government. Arranging for the education of your community’s children is an enormous responsibility, and we too seldom recognize the people willing to take it up.

Charles Krauthammer | Final days, awful choice

Rule of thumb for a presidential campaign where the two candidates have the highest unfavorable ratings in the history of polling: If you’re the center of attention, you’re losing.

Tracy Warner | The dilemma: Bad, or worse

I had hope back then. Something would happen, something good. Perhaps a presidential candidate might suffer a major transformation in character, a last-second emergence of integrity and principle, announce a sincere dedication to the republic and its founding charter. Maybe Donald Trump might tell us this all has been a bad-taste publicity stunt and he’s giving up his chance at the presidency to focus his efforts on Donald TV.

Common Ground | Nasty political races destroy community

As someone who is passionately committed to building community, I have appreciated the generally constructive tone of political races in Chelan and Douglas counties. In even challenging races, candidates usually stick to issues and eschew personal attacks.

George Will | A fitting final chapter to the sleaze sweepstakes

As the presidential campaigns sink to the challenge of demonstrating that there is no such thing as rock bottom, remember this: When the Clintons decamped from Washington in January 2001, they took some White House furnishings that were public property. They also finished accepting more than $190,000 in gifts, including two coffee tables and two chairs, a $7,375 gratuity from Denise Rich, whose fugitive former husband had been pardoned in President Clinton’s final hours. A Washington Post editorial (”Count the Spoons”) identified “the Clintons’ defining characteristic: They have no capacity ...

The Safety Valve

Kevin Overbay stands apart as the candidate for County Commissioner with the vision, enthusiasm, wisdom, and desire to maintain and improve upon the issues that residents of Chelan County care about most. Kevin has a track record of community service and fully investigating the issues before making decisions. Kevin also cares deeply about our community and is willing to put in the hard work necessary the help groups with differing views find ways to collaborate. For me, the bottom line in supporting Kevin has been seeing exactly how passionate he ...

Give new life to a crucial community facility

The sign above the front doors says the Eastmont YMCA Aquatic Center is a public facility, owned by the Eastmont Metropolitan Parks District (EMPD), operated and managed by the Wenatchee Valley YMCA, and available to the general public. But the real story is what happens to the children, adults, families and seniors who enter through those doors more than 60,000 times each year. Children and adults learn how to swim, adults and seniors swim laps and take water exercise classes, kids and families enjoy open swims, and swim and dive ...

Common Ground | Bugert, Hill honored at Land Trust dinne

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust hosted its annual gathering Saturday night at the Feste Hall in Leavenworth on Saturday. Curt Soper has taken over the helm of this community-based conservation organization from Bob Bugert, who served with distinction for the past nine years.

Wilf Woods | The growing popularity of populism

Foreign Affairs magazine's "brain trust" asked a large number of experts whether the current trend toward populism in advanced industrial economies will continue to grow. The results were that none of them disagreed with that statement.

Apple STEM Network wins $111,000 grant

The Apple STEM Network, a consortium of local school organizations, public agencies and nonprofits, has landed a $111,000 operating grant from Washington STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to execute a locally developed business plan designed to help teachers and students benefit from project-based learning. 

World Editorial Board | Grant with impact

It is truly exciting news. Washington STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has awarded a grant of $110,000 to (brace for acronym) the Apple STEM Network.

World Editorial Board | I-1491: Yes

Initiative 1491, in a limited and controlled way, creates an opportunity to prevent predictable gun violence, the destructive episodes that families and loved ones can see coming but can do nothing to stop. The initiative would allow family or police to ask a court to take away a person’s right to possess a firearm, but only if they can show the person poses a risk, due to mental illness or past violent behavior. If they do, the court could issue an extreme risk protection order, to last one year. Police ...

World Editorial Board | To change, build on public input

We may not think about it often, but there are thousands of lives that run to the rhythm of the Wenatchee High School bell schedule. Families rise and sleep by it. On it are based detailed strategies for learning and achievement that can affect a student for a lifetime. What classes are available, when they are available, and when they are not, can steer an academic course and determine the end result of a four-year high school career.