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Confluence Health, Wenatchee

Nagler, Ward

Brittany Nagler and Ky Ward, both of East Wenatchee, recently announced their engagement.

Salgado, Fechner

Ashley Salgado and Neal Fechner, both of East Wenatchee, have announced their engagement.

Century Mark: Al Gebhardt

Al Gebhardt celebrated his 102nd birthday on Jan. 21. He is a resident at Mountain Meadows Senior Living Campus in Leavenworth.

Dear Abby | Learn to manage anger for kids

Dear Abby: I am a 23-year-old woman, and I know I should have a lot more patience than I do right now. I’m happily married with two beautiful children. After work when I return home, I’m fine for the first hour or so. But if my children start to get loud or keep asking me to do something, I get extremely aggravated.

From thrift-store find to showstopper

PHILADELPHIA — In the showroom of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the warehouse-size furniture thrift store, there is lots and lots of brown — huge beige couches, vintage wooden dressers, tables and chairs in hues ranging from beige to ochre to umber.

Dear Abby | Sister worries hotel plans might insult rest of family

Dear Abby: My sister and her family recently moved out of state after having lived near our family all her life. Mom and I want to visit her this year, but she likely won’t have enough room for us in the house because she has three kids and only three bedrooms. She does have a sofa bed and an air mattress, but neither my mother nor I want to sleep on them. Both of us suffer from back and knee problems and don’t want to be uncomfortable.

Don’t use crayons for makeup, and be careful about regular cosmetics

The recent Instagram trend of melting kids’ crayons with coconut oil to make vibrant lipsticks and eyeliners at home is actually a rehashed trend that’s been around for a while. The idea is simple: Melt a scoop of coconut oil in a pan, add a crayon of your choosing and stir. After all, even the fanciest lipsticks are simply paraffin wax and pigments. But is it safe to paint your face with crayons?


Confluence Health, Wenatchee

Dear Abby | High school friend turned enemy continues her attacks

Dear Abby: I need your help in dealing with an old “frenemy.” “Jenny” and I were friends in high school, but she constantly berated me and accused me of taking advantage of her. She would make herself feel better by putting me down.

Dear Abby | Wife who escaped abusive marriage must not go back

Dear Abby: In the beginning of our marriage there was physical abuse and marital rape. I stayed anyway. Over the years we had two children. My husband, “Seth,” and I don’t communicate because he has refused to talk about any issues we have. During the last few years, my youngest son has also become physically abusive to me.