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Sunday Night

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Hi27° Patchy Freezing Fog

In the Garden | Putting your garden to bed

Have you harvested yet? As summer officially transitions to fall, it’s about time to start considering winding down your garden and getting it ready for the offseason.

In the Garden | Ever thought about becoming a Master Gardener?

People often ask me, “Is it fun being a WSU Master Gardener?” No it is not merely fun, it is far more than that. Being a WSU Master Gardener is educational, thoughtful, stressful, companionable, interactive, satisfying and stimulating. It is all those qualities, and perhaps you would like to also be involved in this most enjoyable volunteer opportunity.

In the Garden | How to save seeds

So you say you have never saved seeds before. Well, you are in luck because today is a great day to start. There are a multitude of plants in your garden and landscape that you have the ability to collect the seed from and fall is the time to do it.

Avoid overuse injuries

Are you looking to be more physically active? If you’re planning to do more exercise or play more sports, beware of overuse injuries.

In the Garden | Planning for next year’s garden

September is bittersweet for me, as a huge conglomeration of vegetables and flowers are giving up, days are definitely shorter, and it’s obvious that many plants are winding down in the garden.

In the Garden | Tips for transplanting shrubs, trees

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to consider transplanting your shrubs or trees. It’s a tricky and delicate process, and I’ll try to give you some pointers to help ease the stress of moving plants around your property. This process can also be applied to planting new shrubs and trees in your garden.

In the Garden | Needle cast is not usually a cause for concern

The average person sheds 100 hairs a day. Shedding for cats and dogs is stimulated by the light changes occurring around the equinoxes. Trees also shed. We understand deciduous leaves turning color as the light wanes and falling from the tree with the first frost. What is less understood is evergreen needle cast, or shedding of the two- or three-year-old needles from the branches.

Mixed-material tables show trend done right

Mixing materials, particularly in unlikely combinations, is an appropriate interior-design trend for the Internet age. After all, many of the online tools favored by design-obsessed people — Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram — are inherently collagelike, allowing users to pull together a range of images, ideas and inspiration from various corners of the web and organize them in one place. Why not, then, boldly combine disparate elements when decorating the rooms of your home? Or, for a lesser commitment, go for a single, statement-making piece of furniture that does just that?

In the Garden | When good veggies go bad

You plant a seed full of promise; you nurture it full of hope. You plant it in the garden envisioning the crisp radish snap, the sweet milky corn, the crunchy cucumber, the delectable cabbage. Ah yes, life is good.

Making home decor a decade-long project

WICHITA, Kan. — Wichita wife and mother Jenifer Sauer, 37, is a sponge for beautiful design that she incorporates into her house in east Wichita.
Dee Riggs Nature Photo

Design ideas from nature

Look up more often when hiking in the foothills and “try to find something that awakens your creative juices,” landscape designer Susan Cusick told a group of hikers in June.