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Safety Valve: Letters from readers

To the librarians, thanks: As residents of this beautiful area we appreciate its many blessings. As a long-term reading tutor and mentor to students in grades 4-12, I count the North Central Regional Library and its fine staff among the greatest of these.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Raising a stink: It’s encouraging to hear WSU research agronomists are weighing in on the controversial practice of using Seattle’s sewage sludge on farm ground. Biosolids and dewatered septage are more than just an awful odor nuisance.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Do some research: In the June 5 issue of The Wenatchee World Tracy Warner wrote an editorial expressing disdain for those concerned about GMO (genetically modified) crops, specifically wheat.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Buy American: I want to say, with sincerity and honesty, that I truly apologize to anyone I offend with this message, including many friends and wonderful church friends, but I won’t apologize for my opinion. Those of you who buy Japanese cars are putting self before country. Because of where the car was made, precious American money went to Japan. Our beloved country is in a tight financial battle, and we need to keep American dollars here. In March we bought a used Pontiac and the first thing I told ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

HSA options: Regarding Froma Harrop’s article, “On health care, the choice,” the author mentions health savings accounts with high deductible major medical insurance plans that are “married” to a tax favored savings account (HSA). One can “tap” the health savings account to pay for “smaller” medical expenses.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

More public in schools: The percentage of voters who voted for the Wenatchee School District maintenance and operations levy in April was 39.26 percent. Why such a low turnout? One of the reasons you should have voted was that the cost of running the ballot for that single issue was $52,346. That is a lot of money to throw at an issue that less than 40 percent of the voters in the school district care about.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Justice?: When Christopher Wilson was sentenced for a murder he committed apparently for the fun of it, he received 14 years. Justice for his victim and her family? Absolutely not!

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

As taught in schools: Calvin Crumrine’s letter, “Discrimination is discrimination,” 29 May, reveal, if not prove, the major defects of our over-funded, anti-American “education” system. Arlene’s Flowers should not have to “argue” anything in a normal business operations issue. Since a “case” based upon the description of the alleged offense, Arlene’s Flowers is being denied their right of association, their right of conscience, and I hope their counsel can list many more atrocities and crimes being done to them that would enable the judge to put the plaintiffs (assume the ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Forest loses to cherries: On a recent ride near Lily Lake on Wheeler Hill, I was struck by how stunning the lupine and balsamroot were this year Then reality set in when I concluded that this might be the last time I could view these lovely flowers. Nearby was what appeared to be hundreds of acres of forest and grassland that had been ripped out. Entire hillsides had been plowed under and replanted with cherry trees.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Lose Robinson: Thanks, Cal. Newspapers, it is expected, are a potpourri. Your balance is good — a little something for everyone. However, save yourselves some money and quit paying Eugene Robinson. He is clearly a total Obama sycophant. His editorials are so just plain stupid.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Dogs in the cemetery My husband and I visited the Wenatchee Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend. It was a pleasant, windless day with scores of families paying respect to loved ones gone before them. Men and women with flowers and flags were quietly cleaning and decorating markers while others kneeled over graves with hats in hands.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Great job: Congratulations on the opening of the Pybus Market. I did not realize how the the building overlooks the park and river. Job well done.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Search for a plan: The Affordable Care Act is starting to take shape for Washington citizens. There is a lot of work to be done, but here is what is happening now, as reported by the Office of Insurance Commissioner:

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Harley event ran smoothly: I would like to compliment the Harley Owners Group of Wenatchee for an outstanding and well-organized ride of nearly 200 motorcycles on May 18.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Mazama Hut is hard to overlook: Thanks for the article on the Mazama Hut. I have lived in the valley for 25 years and have been involved with land planning issues most of that time.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Make NCW an aeronautical hub: The F-100 Super Saber has a lot in common with the Cessna Skyhawk. Called the “Hun” because of its F-100 designation, the Super Sabre was introduced in 1956. So was the Skyhawk. They even served together in the Vietnam War, although it was actually the Skyhawk’s predecessor that was the basis for the O-1 Bird Dog Scout Plane. Late in the war, when their roles were taken over by other airplanes, their similarities ended. While the Saber was replaced by more advanced designs which were, ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Welcome, Pybus Market I admit I was a little skeptical of the new Pybus Public Market at first, but as time has gone on it continues to look like a good thing for this valley. I just got done reading some of the comments on The Wenatchee World poll that involves this same thing, and it seems like people in this valley want to be negative and cynical about it and make it seem like we are going down the same path as the Town Toyota Center. But to me ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

A poppy today: Cashmere American Legion Auxiliary volunteers will be distributing the familiar red handcrafted poppies honoring American’s veterans in Cashmere today. This day is designated as Poppy Days. Please look for them at the post office, Martin’s Market Place, Cashmere Valley Bank and Doane’s.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

A safer courthouse: We want to extend our sincere appreciation to county commissioners Jim DeTro, Sheilah Kennedy and Ray Campbell for their forward thinking approach to improved security in our courthouse. Rather than wait for tragedy to strike, our commissioners, in recognition of citizens’ needs to feel confident and safe in seeking access to courthouse services, adopted a resolution creating a courthouse security officer position.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Above the law: The implication regarding wolves, that it is correct to shoot, shovel and “ssssshhhhhhh!” is, in this reader’s opinion, suggesting that readers conspire to participate in a premeditated felony. I wonder if Tony Valentine (The Safety Valve, May 8) is so flexible with his ethics that he believes he has the right to collude in such a way simply because he determined himself above these particular laws. What laws will you next determine you can simply disregard and invite people to do the same?