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Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Shots fired What makes it difficult for me to support the cause of gun rights is the incredible arrogance of persons like Wayne LaPierre, outgoing executive director of the National Rifle Association. Never does he give an inch to a different point of view. It’s as though all thinking on the issue of guns begins and ends with his thinking. It’s pretty hard to reason with a person who has such an iron-fisted approach to the issue.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Cool the hysteria: Let’s put wolf hysteria in context of some other items that have shown up in The Wenatchee World recently:

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Class act: Now that we have another Apple Blossom behind us, I have to commend the classy class of people who attend the Classy Chassis parade on Apple Blossom Friday evening. When I left my viewing spot after the beautiful parade, I looked back to see what the street looked like. In the entire block where we had sat, there was only one paper cup in the gutter on the other side of the road. People who attend this parade don’t leave their trash behind for someone else to clean ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

What to do: Question: Why would the Wildlife Department deny the presence of wolves in Chelan County for the last several years, not to mention the populations of cougar and bear?

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Thanks, from the Scouts: This month the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 89 held a car wash at Jet Pro Auto Wash. Thank you to all those who supported us by purchasing tickets and making donations. What a great opportunity for our scouts to earn money for summer camp. We appreciate Jet Pro offering this type of fund-raiser in our community. The professional staff at the car wash was just that — professional. They worked with the scouts giving them directions and were very positive about being there and helping ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Power to prevent We are the Eastmont High School Power of Youth Prevention Club. We work to reduce youth substance abuse, which is often a contributing factor in youth suicide. There is some good news we want to share: With local and statewide prevention strategies over the years, there has been a significant reduction in underage alcohol use.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

For sportsmanship: This letter is in regards to a photo posted in the April 19 issue of The Wenatchee World. The photo captures two cute 5-year-olds engaging in “friendly” competition on the T-ball field. To be quite honest, I was a little appalled at the behavior. These children may be young, but now is the time to start teaching them the difference between sportsmanlike and unsportsmanlike behavior. This has set an unfortunate precedence that this kind of thing is OK.

1938: First trip to the big city

Seeing the picture of the 1938 Apple Blossom Festival in the “Old News” column of the April 24 issue of The Wenatchee World brought so many memories rushing back. I was a senior at Twisp High School that year and was selected to represent Twisp at the Apple Blossom Festival. How well I remember sitting on the bleachers in the blazing sun with all the other girls from the area schools on the lawn of the courthouse.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Honor and gratitude: A little over a half century ago when I attended Wenatchee High School (and delivered The Wenatchee World) one of our team cheers started with the words, “We’re from Wenatchee, couldn’t be prouder.” This evening on the news I saw parts of the funeral ceremony for the Korean War veteran being interred in your cemetery and the superb turnout to honor him. Although I haven’t lived in Wenatchee in a lot of years, I still couldn’t be prouder of the city I called home. Having spent most ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Waste in the schools: I wish to commend Elaine Hatfield for her letter to The Safety Valve published April 14. It is refreshing to hear someone who has the fortitude to stand up and be counted on an issue that is sure to bring criticism.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

We can do this: PLEASE don’t spend foolishly on a “consultant” to solve a smoking/non-smoking issue at your place of business! Use some common sense and select six smokers and six non-smokers and Dr. Rutherford (or another doctor) as a “team” to come up with a solution to your problem. I can start by suggesting you follow suit with Wenatchee Eye & Ear and don’t hire smokers. Then, have the team continue with something like offering the smokers a choice of a smoking program in which to participate. If they ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

A steadfast protest Congratulations to the many steadfast members of the culture of life, more than 100 strong, representing 18 churches in our valley, who participated in the very first 40 Days for Life campaign in Wenatchee, which concluded March 24. They stood up for the innocent unborn in a peaceful, prayerful vigil, praying for an end to abortion.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Best in health care: For the past 19 years, it has been my great fortune to live in Wenatchee and to be part of the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center. We are all truly blessed to participate in such a great health care system.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

The right to life: This is a response to Andrea Pipitone’s letter of March 19. Ms. Pipitone uses a novel approach to scripture to justify abortion, an approach that contradicts 2000 years of consistent opposition to abortion by the Christian church. She writes, “There is nothing in the Bible to indicate that a fetus is anything other than living tissue.” I recommend that she read Luke 1:39-45. Here the fetus John leaps in his mother’s womb at the approach of the embryo Jesus and Elizabeth calls Mary “the mother of ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

In good faith: Please, if you missed reading the Wenatchee World editorial in the April 14 paper, do so! It is one of the best articles the editorial board has ever written; it gets right to the core of the issue.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Honor Cpl. Galarneau In Tuesday’s (April 16) edition of The Wenatchee World there was an article about “Six decades later, Korean War veteran’s remains are finally home in Wenatchee.” I was especially touched by the statement that he would have no family at his 10 a.m. funeral Tuesday at the Wenatchee Cemetery.

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Fight this discrimination: Regarding Tracy Warner’s editorial (“A gay marriage and the flowers,” April 11): Mr. Warner wonders what advantage there is to applying legal consequences to acts of discrimination “at this delicate time.” Seriously? This reader wonders what advantage there is to NOT invoking applicable law to such harmful behavior. Tracy seems to lament such insensitivity on the part of the man attempting to purchase flowers for his wedding, and notes that there are probably “many willing florists elsewhere” — as, I’m sure, there were other lunch counters and ...

Safety Valve: Letters from readers

Guns and people: The temptation to respond to the “Guns and criminals” (March 28) letter was just too great. For those of you who read the entire paper, you may have noticed on Page 8 of Section B an article about Adam Lanza of Newtown infamy and Jared Loughner of Tucson infamy. Contrary to the “Guns and criminals” assertion that conservative NRA members don’t do mass murders, it’s only liberal types, the B8 articles about both men contradict that assertion. Adam was a card carrying member of the NRA and ...