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Lo37° Partly Cloudy


Hi64° Slight Chc Showers

Saturday Night

Lo42° Partly Cloudy


Hi66° Increasing Clouds

Sunday Night

Lo47° Mostly Cloudy


Hi68° Cloudy

Monday Night

Lo48° Chance Showers


Hi62° Chance Showers

Tuesday Night

Lo41° Mostly Cloudy


Hi61° Partly Sunny

What device do you most often use to access the Internet? March 7, 2014
A bill in the Legislature would gradually lower the state tax on liquor from 20.5 percent to 6.5 percent. Do you support this idea? March 5, 2014
How should the U.S. react to Russia's actions in Ukraine? March 3, 2014
The Academy Awards show is Sunday. How do you feel about these awards? Feb. 28, 2014
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed cutting U.S. military troop levels to their smallest since before World War II. Is this a good idea? Feb. 26, 2014
If Hillary Clinton runs for president again what do you think of her chances? Feb. 24, 2014
How friendly are you with your neighbors? Feb. 21, 2014
If you were shown photos of these people, how many would you recognize? Taylor Swift; John Boehner; Shaun White; Chris Gregoire; Seth Rogen Feb. 20, 2014
Is climate change a major issue? Feb. 18, 2014
If you returned to your car and discovered the store cashier gave you $10 too much in change what would you do? Feb. 14, 2014
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered a halt to all executions while he is in office. Do you support this decision? Feb. 12, 2014
Is health care insurance costing you more or less this year? Feb. 10, 2014
How excited are you about the Winter Olympics this year? Feb. 7, 2014
How would you describe your eating habits? Feb. 6, 2014
The 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show is this week. How significant is that? Feb. 3, 2014
What's your favorite thing about the Super Bowl? Jan. 31, 2014
Should the U.S. do away with the penny as a currency? Jan. 29, 2014
How would you react if you came home to find burglars in your home? Jan. 27, 2014
Do you attend your school reunions? Jan. 24, 2014
How much financial debt do you have? Jan. 22, 2014