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Tracy Warner

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  1. Everyone frets about income inequality. It is the cause of the season, and should be. Its burdens are felt by every working soul and exploited by every I-feel-your-pain politician. We have developed an economy where two-thirds of the populace are condemned to a steady erosion of their standing, while the top fly ever higher. Disparity grows by the day, seemingly not to be stopped, and this has profound social, economic and political ramifications.
  2. All the signs are there — the op-eds, left-sided press releases promising a last fatal wringing of the middle class, the threats against errant Democrats, their union benefactors seething and ready to withdraw their campaign subsidies, Republicans enjoying the prospect of Democratic roosters in the pit while they tout their dedication to commerce.
  3. Our astute, highly educated urban population seems to have realized suddenly, we use water to grow food. Some of them are outraged we would do such a thing, or at least that we would water things for which they have some aesthetic or moral disgust, like nuts and red meat.
  4. We are post-industrial human beings. The sagebrush steppe is not our natural habitat. We are far too fragile, too easily burned, baked and desiccated to survive long in the open in a place like this. We have decided by circumstance to make our homes on piles of sand and grit washed out of the hills, this place where without unnatural assistance, nothing lives that cannot be sustained on less than 10 inches of moisture in a year. This is a place once best suited to rodents and reptiles, and a ...
  5. I have fielded several questions from readers lately, who pointedly ask how I can oppose freedom of religion when I sometimes present myself as a defender of civil liberties. How can I be so hostile to religious liberty that I would want the all-powerful state to force businesses to provide services and products for gay weddings, against their conscience and sincere religious belief?