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  1. There are a great many people in the Northwestern United States who will fall asleep tonight to visions of puny New England defensive backs helplessly bouncing off Marshawn Lynch as he pushes relentlessly toward the end zone. The few brave enough to try to stop him spin in futility as the mighty Lynch pushes them aside like ... like? I am no sportswriter. I don’t have a clever simile here. Like rag dolls, maybe? Like stale cheese puffs? Like mild annoyances? That’s stupid. Like a bull smashing all those dudes ...
  2. At first it seems like a magic trick. You hold this shiny thing up to your mouth and blow. Buzz your lips or puff on a little stick of wood, and out comes a noise. Or you poke your finger at a white plastic key, pull on a string or hit something with a stick. You move your fingers or poke a different key and the noise changes. And then lip buzzers, key pokers and string pluckers make noise at the same time and, with luck, something strange and wonderful ...
  3. They want a $1 billion-a-year tax hike on 130 businesses.
  4. We human beings, so naive, so gullible. We forget so quickly. We are easily lulled into a kind of amnestic stupor. We are warm and secure and beyond well nourished, so much so that the fears that haunted our ancestors have disappeared. Our memories are clean and we are happy and ignorant, and it seems that absent corporate conspiracy or devious government schemes, not much can hurt us.
  5. Imagine, you are the middle of middle class. You are the person whose welfare every politician says they worry about. The president of the United States even named his analytic specialty after you — “middle class economics.” You and your spouse have reasonably steady jobs, your combined incomes pay for your house and mortgage, taxes, transportation, expenses and a couple of kids. Life is not easy, but for now ends meet.