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  1. If you are the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, you do not let these fully ripe opportunities pass. Hillary Clinton this week traveled to Las Vegas, Nev., and surrounded by friendly faces announced her support for a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants among us, but also that she would go beyond President Obama’s legally dubious executive action to grant legal status and work permits to millions.
  2. They want to lift the lid, just a hair, on a tax you hate. They are brave people, perhaps a little foolhardy. They propose this because local government says it needs more money. There it is. No tricks. No disguise. No phony pretense.
  3. All the arguments from the 1990s still have breath. Free trade hurts U.S. workers and costs jobs, say some, or free trade enriches U.S. consumers, raises living standards and creates jobs, say their antagonists. The truth depends on where you sit. If you view trade from a textile mill or shuttered factory and lament the passing of the old protected order, there can’t be much good in it. Look at it from an apple orchard, or just about anywhere in the Northwest, and liberalized trade presents great opportunity.
  4. These are the days we set aside to celebrate. We celebrate the beautiful place we have the good fortune to call home. We celebrate the people who came before us, who toiled to build a life on the arid banks of the great river and whose good works serve us still. We celebrate the industry that has sustained our region for generations, the industry that provides the sweetest of fruit for the world. We celebrate beauty — in our valley the orchards planted by men and women blend with the ...
  5. The Wenatchee City Council last week could have voted to ban fireworks, and it would have been perfectly justified. Across the state and nation the so-called safe and sane fizzling and puffing fireworks sold at local stands cause a raft of injuries and many fires. One day, I hope not soon, someone with legal fireworks will do something incredibly stupid on a windy and dry Fourth of July and burn down their neighbor’s home, and their neighbor’s home, and perhaps many more. Those of us who can remember back to ...