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Congratulations to the 2022 World's Best Winners!
After a very successful nomination and voting round, the winners are in! The community nominated and voted for the best of the best within the greater Wenatchee Valley and we honor those businesses, people and places through the Wenatchee World World's Best annual competition. The World's Best printed publication is distributed by The Wenatchee World Saturday, June 11th, 2022 and inserted into the newspaper. The online directory will be available through the remaining 2022 year. Thank you to everyone who participated and to our amazing winners!


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Explore all of The Wenatchee World’s coverage of the pandemic and its effects on North Central Washington.

The Goodrich Silvertown Stores in Wenatchee was located at 116 S. Mission St. in Wenatchee south of Orondo Street. The YMCA building can be seen in the center background. As early as 1921, the Oasis Service Station and garage was at this location. By 1938 it had become part of the chain of G…