Jordan Baldock

Age: 30

General manager, Cascade Autocenter

Jordan Baldock was born and grew up in Wenatchee, attending St. Joseph School, Cascade Christian Academy and graduating from Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien.

He went on to graduate from the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, California, earning a degree in global studies and maritime affairs. He worked at the Port of Los Angeles before returning to Wenatchee in 2016 to join his dad, Steve, at Cascade Autocenter, now in its 41st year of business.

As general manager, Baldock has earned the respect of his colleagues at the dealership, coaching with motivation and leading with action.

He loves his hometown and endeavors to serve the valley with participation in organizations such as Downtown Rotary, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort.

He married Gwen Smithberg, a high school classmate, in 2017, and they live in East Wenatchee.

What challenges do you see ahead, and what do you believe needs to be done to get prepared?

I see a few challenges for our community in the future, but nothing that I know we can’t accomplish.

I see our community growing every day, and the influx of new people brings new challenges. Our housing and infrastructure is growing tremendously and we are seeing new, young businesses pop up with ideas and products that fill the needs that were once missing.

As an automobile dealer, I am always thinking about the future of this industry and the supporting industries around it. With the advent of electric vehicles, we will be seeing some extreme changes to how we sell, service and deliver vehicles. The best advice I can give myself would be to remain calm, continue to have an open mind, and don’t be afraid of the unknown. We are entering some exciting times and I am thrilled to be in my current capacity and know that I will be able to see this transition happen over the next few years.

Being prepared for our inevitable growth and impending changes in how we get around is something I don’t think anyone knows quite yet. Like I said, I think the best thing we can do is have an open mind, don’t be afraid of these changes just because they are new, and take time to educate ourselves with public information from our community leaders as to what is happening in both our town and our neighboring communities that affect us.

I am excited to see where Wenatchee goes in the coming years, and I am proud to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

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