230506-abf-classychassis 01.JPG

Jaime Ontiveros, East Wenatchee, swiffs his 1964 Chevy Impala right before cars begin to enter the Classy Chassis parade on Grant Road Friday in East Wenatchee. 

EAST WENATCHEE — Despite the blowing wind with just a smidge of sunlight peeking out behind grey clouds, people still came out in droves to watch another loud and exciting Classy Chassis.

230506-abf-classychassis 03.JPG

East Wenatchee Rotary volunteer Connie Dormaier gives an driver instructions on where to park before the start of the Classy Chassis parade Friday in East Wenatchee.

230506-abf-classychassis 02.JPG

Jim Hall, East Wenatchee, gestures to a friend as he and his wife, Patti, cruise in their 1923 Model T Roadster during Friday's Classy Chassis parade on Grant Road in East Wenatchee.

230506-abf-classychassis 04a.JPG

The Tin Lizzie entry makes its way down the Classy Chassis parade route on Grant Road Friday in East Wenatchee.

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