♦ The 21st Apple Blossom Festival was held April 25-27.

♦ Festival royalty were Queen Patricia Clapp and Princesses Virginia Maus and Esther Mann.

♦ The royal court rode in a baseball parade in Seattle marking the opening of the season. They attended a game and sat in a special box. Queen Patricia was introduced and invited the crowd to attend the festival.

♦ W.B. Young was director general.

♦ Among those involved in planning for the festival included K.J. Boender, Guy Zimmerman, Willard Abel, Robert Clapp, Mrs. E.P. Wisenburg, W.A. Luce, John Jessup, James E. Burns, Paul Meyers and William O. Just.

♦ Camp Fire Girls took over the town April 13 to sell apple blossoms, made by the organization’s guardians. A portion of the profit went to the festival committee to defray expenses with the remainder to the Camp Fire Girls to go towards summer camp. Mildred Naughton led the efforts.

♦ The festival officially opened with a trumpet call, sounded by Hazel Hobson and June Palm, Wenatchee High School musicians. Ed Ferguson was the speaker at the program paying tribute to pioneers.

♦ Wenatchee Junior High School’s float, with its interpretation of King Apple and his royal court, drew the most attention in the school parade.

♦ Margaret Stevenson directed the Apple Blossom pageant which followed the coronation ceremony. This year’s program, with 400 students participating, told the story of “Johnny Appleseed’s Dream.”

♦ A novelty program was planned by Marjorie Reid. Her dance students, ranging in age from 4-18, presented a program that included tap, ballet and acrobatic numbers. The finale was a patriotic number, “Dance of National Defense.”

♦ One of the many entries in the grand parade was that of Holden’s “Mountain of Copper,” with Princess Carol Henderson.

♦ Secretary of State Belle Reeves and Mayor and Mrs. C.T. Haskell were among the honored guests at the queen’s ball. Performers included the Kilowatts, a quartet with Jack Brownlow, Chloe Watkins, Zeke Watkins and Yvonne Watkins.


♦ The 22nd Apple Blossom Festival was held April 18-19.

♦ Miriam Corner was queen. Princesses were Emma Jane Hansen and Jeanne Whittemore.

♦ Willard E. Abel was director general.

♦ The royal court visited Washington State College in early April and were greeted by four former festival queens who were students there. They were Jean Driver, 1937; Lois Jo Strong, 1938; Lois Ross, 1939; and Patricia Clapp, 1940.

♦ J.H. O’Neill was chairman of the Apple Blossom button campaign. Returns from the button sales amounted to about one-fourth of the cost of the festival.

♦ A photo of three local girls alongside a new 1941 Dodge custom luxury liner cabriolet with an orchard of blossoms in the background was published as a promotion for Valley Auto Company, 210 S. Wenatchee Ave. The three were Norabelle Roth, Martha Jane Bowers and Jean Stockstill.

♦ Youth also took center stage with the royal court. Joan Coleman was Queen Miriam’s train bearer, while Beverly Kienitz and Mikell Nelson were flower girls.

♦ Another Apple Blossom “parade” was held prior to the real thing. The ninth annual Walker Street Parade had 25 children participating along with royalty. Queen was 8-year-old Jacqueline Johnson. Princesses were Ann Farrington, 5, and Betty Lou Baker, 5. The real Apple Blossom royalty were honored guests.

♦ Sports took more of a role during the festival with swimming at Hughes Memorial Pool, archery championships at Pioneer Park, tennis championships at the city courts, a five-team track meet, and baseball between the Wenatchee Chiefs and the University of Washington.

♦ John Shaw was in charge of arrangements for festival entertainment in Memorial Park. He was assisted by Jim Dunstan and Jack Goodfellow, stage construction; Fern Duncan, stage design and decoration; Merle Lanphere, public address system; Erving Easton, lighting; Grace Gorton, pageant; and Mrs. C.W. Hatfield, coronation.

♦ Theme of the grand parade was “Appleland on Parade.” Sweepstakes winner was Safeway stores.

♦ Gov. and Mrs. Arthur B. Langlie were honored guests at the queen’s ball.