♦ The 65th Apple Blossom Festival was held April 26-May 6.

♦ Marlene Mardian was queen. Princesses were Laura Black, Dana Murray, Lisa Linterman, Darcel Recchia, Mindy Piepel, Dana Defina, Marcy Bird, Christy Duncan and Errin Seale.

♦ Morrie Payton was director general. Applarian chancellor was Vic Duncan.

♦ Music Theatre of Wenatchee's festival production was "Anything Goes." Cast members included Michael Webb, Josh Horner, Mike Magnotti, Nita Paine, Dixie Wilkinson, David Hammond and Sonja Morton.

♦ Youth Theatre of Wenatchee staged "Trudi and the Minstrel" for its festival production. In leading roles were Alicia Moffat, Frank Hussey and Jewel Cripe.

♦ The first festival quilt show was held with 175 entries. The Judges Choice award went to Addie Doneen

♦ Jazz musician Don Lanphere was special guest director for the Wenatchee Big Band during the Applarian Ball.

♦ Seattle TV sports personality and talk show host Wayne Cody was the featured speaker at the all-service club luncheon. Wally Schulke, retired head of Wenoka Sales, was honored as Apple Industry Citizen of the Year award. Others honored by the Allied Arts Council were Glenn Kelly, practicing artist; and Cora Burt Hartley, arts supporter.

♦ Wenatchee Soroptimist Club was presented the Lehman Johnson Award for providing crowns and robes to the festival.

♦ Eighteen youngsters who entered the youth parade as "King Apple and His All-American Subjects" received the sweepstakes award. Maxine Galloway, grandmother of several of the children, came up with the idea.

♦ Joel Sackett of Wenatchee gave the pre-grand parade show one of its most novel starts ever. Sackett arranged to do a parachute jump into the Apple Bowl signaling the beginning of the activities.

♦ Thirty-five former festival queens were grand marshals. They rode the parade route in cars of the same, or close to the same year, in which they reigned. Queen Marlene wore a new crown in the grand parade, designed and crafted by Marty Nottingham of Button Jewelers. Evergreen State Fair was named best float with the grand sweepstakes award.


♦ The 66th Apple Blossom Festival was held April 25-May 5.

♦ Darci Henke was queen. Mikael Kuske, Kelly Standerford, Robin Haynes, Heidi Thomas, Dawn Maloney, Tamie Keeler, Debbie Hambrick, Cami Harris and Cindy Lee were princesses.

 Larry Frack was director general. Jerry Anderson was chancellor of the Applarians.

♦ Queen Darci and her royal court were featured in a filmed segment on "Good Morning, America," ABC-TV's morning show, promoting the festival. 

♦ "Oklahoma" was the festival production of Music Theatre of Wenatchee. Cast members included Jerry Smith, Leslee Pike, John Westerman, April Szymkowski and Doug Kropff.

♦ "I Believe in Make Believe" was the festival production of Youth Theatre of Wenatchee. Cast members included Mark Beilstein, Jamie Carlson, Rick Cripe, Maribeth Huber and Ashley Lodato.

♦ Jazz saxophonist Don Lanphere and his quintet played at the John Horan House Jazz and Wine Festival, a new official festival event.

♦ Gordon Higginbottom, one of England's top tenor horn players, performed with the Wenatchee British Brass Band. The concert was one of the first festival events.

♦ Arthur Pearson and Mildred Braaten were crowned king and queen of local senior citizens for the festival.

♦ Joe Brownlow, recently retired from the Washington State Apple Commission, was honored as Apple Industry Citizen of the Year.

♦ Marilyn Hauck and Louise Buchanan received the Lehman Johnson Award for support of the royalty program as high school advisers.

 Thomas E. Schaefer, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and a former Iranian hostage, was the featured speaker at the all-service club luncheon.

♦ Members of Lad and Lassie and Wenatchee Heights preschools won first place in the motorized division of the youth parade.

♦ Earl and Linda Marcellus brought their International Lumberjack Show to the pre-parade festivities in the Apple Bowl.

♦ The Wenatchee High School Golden Apple Band wore new uniforms for the grand parade, featuring open collars, golden cummerbunds, purple slacks and matching "Aussie"-style hats. Johnny Appleseed, the costume character, was the grand parade marshal. The Seattle Seafair float took grand sweepstakes.