♦ The 57th Apple Blossom Festival was held April 22-May 2.

♦ Jan Randall was queen. Princesses were Mary Repass and Maggie Morton. The Royal Maids were Lori DeCamp, Trina Erickson, Gina Haney, Donna Holman, Juli Marshall, Beth Poltz, Diane Weis and Lisa Williams.

♦ Dick Woods was director general.

♦ Youth Theatre of Wenatchee presented “Babes in Toyland” at Wenatchee High School. Cast members included Connie Corrick, Eric Wilson, Jody Graves, Sue Griffith Bob Sizemore, Brian Bofto and Allen Harper.

♦ Music Theatre of Wenatchee presented “Mame” at Wenatchee High School. The cast included Luella VaughnMyles HuberMary Ellen KerbyGary Vaughn Jr. and Peter BixbySue Lawson was director and Gene Robards was producer.

♦ Scott Wilson pedaled his way to first place in the 440-yard free style event of the Apple Blossom Festival Bike Race. Other winners included Traci and LaVonne Kiehn, mother-daughter relay; and Greg and Tyler Fitzgerald, father-son relay.

♦ Shirley Duchow was one of the featured attractions at the festival’s Ginkgo Gem and Mineral Show at the National Guard Armory. Duchow had been making jewelry since the 1950s. Claude Johnston was show chairman.

♦ Youth Parade grand marshal “Sparky” the dog and his mini fire engine led the hundreds of parade participants down the route. Receiving the sweepstakes trophy for the motorized float division was Palisades School. Other winners were Kim Dorsey (Betsy Ross float), non-motorized; Wenatchee Eagle Cadets, drill teams; Orchard Junior High School, bands; and Wenatchee Girl Scouts, groups.

♦ More than 160 floats, bands, drill teams and visiting royalty participated in the grand parade, on a route from the Apple Bowl down Orondo Avenue, to Wenatchee Avenue, and then north to Fifth Street. Grand sweepstakes winner was Port Orchard, with the theme “Fathoms of Fun.” Community sweepstakes winner was Cashmere's "A Touch of Early America," featuring a young Brad Brouilette as "Nathan Hale."

♦ Sunnyslope captured the Bicentennial Award. Special parade guests included Mayor Junji Nakahura of Kuroishi, Japan, Wenatchee’s sister city.

♦ Calvin Jones, of the Denver Broncos and a former University of Washington All-American, was the featured speaker at the Celebration of Faith in the Apple Bowl. Rev. Charles Strawn was event chairman.


♦ The 58th annual Apple Blossom Festival was held April 28-May 8.

♦ Debbie Crump was queen. Her princesses were Julie Gellatly and Stacy Boswell. The Royal Maids were Julie Bryant, Christy Duvauchelle, Lauri Ford, Tami Kiehn, Kathy Loudon, Stephanie Selland, Annette Smith and Kim Williams.

♦ Mike Ogan was director general. Assisting him were Bob Crandell, Steve Joy, Mary Ann Warren, Sharon Utigard, Ron Ward, John Hornstein, Ed Bollinger, Elaine Harris, Larry Hurd and Mike Salmon.

♦ The queen’s ball, with the theme “Blossom Fantasy,” was held at at the Orchard Junior High School gymnasium. Bev Hauge was in charge of arrangements.

♦ The fifth-annual Apple Blossom Choral Festival was held at Wenatchee High School auditorium. Local schools and directors participating included Frank Trujillo, Cashmere; Ed Sand, Eastmont; Dick Lapo, Wenatchee Valley College; and Ron Jones, Wenatchee.

♦ Youth Theatre of Wenatchee presented the musical “Tom Sawyer.” In leading roles were Kelly Hankins and Lori BurnsJoan Fadden was the director.

♦ The festival musical was “Pajama Game,” presented by Music Theatre of Wenatchee. Cast members included Deloma Ensley, F.A. “Milo” Milovich, Pat Cregor, Gayle Pinkston, Alice Kerr and Dixie Wilkinson.

♦ Don Lumberg was chairman of the Wenatchee Valley Shrine Patrol Antique Sale and Collector’s Market held at the Masonic Temple. Lumberg and his wife have been coordinating the event for the past four festivals.

♦ Claude Johnston was chairman of the festival’s 13th annual Ginkgo Gem and Mineral Show at the National Guard Armory.

♦ Singer Barry McGuire led the roster of guest performers at the festival’s Christian Arts Fair.

♦ Roger Pollock was chairman of the youth parade. Among the parade winners were Heidi Klein, grand sweepstakes; NCW Council Camp Fire Girls, motorized floats; Orchard Junior High School, bands; Laurie Bonwell, bicycles; and Cory and Kim Stephens, individual costumes.

♦ Bessie and Frank Haider were the Senior Hospitality Center’s queen and king for the festival.

♦ Gov. Dixy Lee Ray was among the dignitaries appearing in the grand parade. The Tri-Cities Water Follies float was named grand sweepstakes winner. The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale horses were a big hit in the parade.