♦ The 23rd Apple Blossom Festival was held April 24-25.

♦ Norabelle Roth was queen. Her princesses were Mary Jean Stockstill and Roberta Huffman.

♦ Elmer E. Reed was the director general.

♦ During a promotional tour around Western Washington, the royal court were guests for tea at the Seattle estate of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sick. Sick was a well known brewery owner as well as owner of baseball teams and stadiums in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. Queen Norabelle and her mother, Mrs. Al Roth, also flew to Hollywood to dine at Sardi's famous restaurant where a special breakfast show featured the queen speaking over the air about the festival.

♦ The festival began with an early settlers reunion and homecoming of former Wenatchee residents. Honored speaker was Sam R. Sumner.

♦ About 150 soldiers in a chemical warfare unit of the U.S. Army Air Corps from Fort George Wright in Spokane took part in the festival. The unit put on demonstrations about incendiary bombs and tear gas, as well as conducted a gas mask drill.

♦ The theme of the grand parade was "Victory." A detailed plan for handling traffic and crowds was worked out in advance by Chairman Ervin Gahringer and his committee. About 150 men were used to police the streets and direct traffic during the parade. The state highway patrol with 10 men, under the supervision of Sgt. Joe McCauley, were also on hand to give directions.

♦ The festival pageant was "Youth Drives for Victory," presented by Wenatchee High School students. Grace Gorton directed.

♦ Five-hundred dancers and 1,200 spectators attended the queen's ball. Those attending the queen were Annette Thomas and Corinne Bellas, flower girls; and Benjamin Hughes, train bearer.

♦ Festival baseball was played between a team of former Coast League players now in the Navy stationed in Seattle and the Boise Pilots of the Pioneer League. The Pilots won both games. Ticket sale proceeds went towards the Naval relief fund.