WENATCHEE — Local growers are still assessing damage from Thursday’s storm, but early estimates show most of the ripening cherry crop survived the downpour.

CMI Orchards, which is made up of four separate growers, may have lost between 5 and 15 percent of fruit maturing this week, said spokeswoman Rochelle Bohm.

The losses vary depending on variety and orchard location, she said. Large cherries, like Skeena, are more susceptible to rain damage.

Most of the company’s damage happened in orchards between Rock Island, Orondo and Cashmere, she said.

Luckily for growers, most of the storm’s downpour hit in the urban areas of Wenatchee, said General Manager Tim Welsh of Columbia Fruit Packers, which is part of CMI Orchards.

“There has been some slight damage, but the duration of the storm meant there was nothing significant,” he said. “... Wenatchee got the lion’s share of it.”

Stemilt Growers is still assessing damage and will likely have an update on Monday, spokeswoman Brianna Shales said.

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