WENATCHEE — The two main irrigation districts providing water to Wenatchee and East Wenatchee are gearing up for the season.

The Wenatchee Reclamation District is set Monday to start filling its 34-mile canal that stretches from Dryden to East Wenatchee.

“Our irrigation season is off to a great start. General spring cleanup is wrapping up, and no serious surprises,” said Manager Waylon Marshall. “We will be turning water into our canal on April 5 and it will be in Wenatchee/East Wenatchee on the 6th. Our whole system should be charged by the 8th.”

Once the water starts flowing, crews will continue to check the system.

“Our district trucks and equipment will be out on the system during this time, so we would like to caution the public to give us plenty of space to do our work,” he said.

The Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District, which provides pressurized water to the upper bench in East Wenatchee as well as Brays Landing and Howard Flats, is expected to be in full operation by April 15.

Crews started testing the pumps March 22.

“Pump testing went awesome,” Manager Mike Miller said Thursday.

Once the system is full, the valves are opened to each meter or delivery and checked for leaks.

Water users can help by making sure their valves are shut and ready, he said.

“This is a time consuming task,” he said. “It will probably take us until mid-April to have everything fully open and operational.”

Nevonne McDaniels: 664-7151