Tango frontal

Rozanne's Tango frontal

One of the more impactful projects in our valley for helping kids develop their creativity has been the Beauty of Bronze program started by Jeanette Marantos and then adopted by Art on the Avenues.

Peter and Rozanne

The late Rozanne Lind with her late husband Peter

Tragically, Beauty of Bronze coordinator Rozanne Lind passed away of ovarian cancer earlier this summer. Art on the Avenues founder Wolford and artist Kevin Pettelle have launched a project to honor Lind’s contributions that we ought to generously support.

Pettelle, the sculptor who since getting involved with the project in 2003 has inspired thousands of Wenatchee fifth-graders, is creating a sculpture titled “Rozanne’s Tango” that will be placed near the fountain at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. To make this project happen, we will need to raise just under $24,000 with community supported tax deductible donations to cover the cost of production, Wolford told me.

Tango to scale

Rozanne's Tango to scale

According to Pettelle, the sculpture “is a reflection of the dance of life.” One hand is female and the other male and the forearms are intertwined with mirrored fingers touching. “The touch is not light but pressed into one another with commitment and unity. Such is the stuff of life,” Pettelle writes.

What’s significant about that placement is that the kids who participate in the Beauty of Bronze project will walk by that sculpture on their way to the sculpture garden at the loop trail, learn about the tribute and the other sculptures while doing sketching.

From those drawings, students craft a three-inch wax image that are turned into miniature bronze sculptures.

These sculptures have enormous impact on the students. Wolford told about an electrician who was working on her home who had been through the Beauty of Bronze program and said it was one of the best experiences of his life. She also recalled a visually impaired student who used her hands to “see” the sculpture and then created her own image.

I was inspired when Wolford told me that Beauty of Bronze is all about creating a better future.”We’re all part of a team for the future and I am happy to say that,” she said.

Rozanne, as the coordinator of the project for many years, was the person who put together all of the details and made the event possible for the kids, Wolford said. Her husband passed away a few years ago and then in April she was diagnosed with cancer and lived only another seven weeks.

During that time, Rozanne continued to work diligently to make sure that the next person to take on the Beauty of Bronze coordination would be successful. What a wonderful legacy that she has left us.

We can help make this tribute to Rozanne Lind a reality by supporting the effort. The Community Foundation of North Central Washington is collecting donations for this effort.

To support this effort, visit cfncw.org and click on Give Now to donate to the project. Let’s dig deep and honor one of the valley’s great volunteers. In honoring her, we honor the spirit of contribution that lives so richly in our valley.

Rufus Woods is the publisher emeritus of The Wenatchee World. Contact him at 665-1162 or rwoods@wenatcheeworld.com.