Chelan Valley Hope leaders

Chelan Valley Hope's board of directors includes, back row left to right, Barry Leahy, Servando Robledo, Michael Gibb (president), Jerry Jackson (treasurer) and Karen Anglin; and front row left to right, Julie McCoy, Sharon Patonai (secretary) and Laurence Noclain. Not pictured is Kelly Kronbauer (vice president).

I recently met with Chelan Valley Hope (CVH) board president Michael Gibb to talk about the organization’s vision for the next three to five years. He spent his career in the health care industry, nearly 40 years of his life. He joined the board in 2016 and was selected president this year.

“This was a year of transformation with the retirement of five board members and increasing the board from seven to nine individuals. We are blessed with an active board, each member bringing something special to the group. We are currently in the final stages of searching for a new director,” Gibb said.

Barry Leahy said he joined the CVH board to help make a positive difference in the community. “My wife and I were regular contributors to CVH through the “Give Naked” program,” he said. “I have been a volunteer for the Manger Mall for a number of years, witnessing the wonderful impact on people’s lives with both programs.”

New board member Jerry Jackson stated, “I chose to join this team of Chelan Valley Hope volunteers to continue the tradition of giving that others had the foresight to start more than a decade ago. The Chelan Valley is a better place because of the generosity of those putting their trust in Chelan Valley Hope, who helps those needing a hand up in our community.”

Chelan Valley Hope’s focus is helping individuals and families in crisis accessing basic needs like food, transportation, utilities, rent, clothing, emergency shelter and other social and health services. The organization empowers people to improve their lives through enrichment programs, family advocacy programs, mental health services and educational opportunities.

“My vision for Chelan Valley Hope is to continue effectively serving our community; providing resources and referrals, encouragement, and emergency assistance for individuals and families struggling in life. Addressing and preventing homelessness is our major focus,” Gibbs said.

CVH’s strategic plan includes growth in client services, such as including community classes in family finances and new parenting skills, in addition to growing the capacity to provide emergency vouchers for food, gas, and utility shut-off prevention.

The organization has re-launched “Give Naked” under the name of “RAISING HOPE”, which is a crowd-funding program that will periodically inform and invite the community to donate to a specific need in the Chelan Valley.

CVH’s major annual fundraiser, last month’s Woodstock Festival at Watson’s Alpenhorn, helped raise significant funds for the organization’s client assistance programs, Gibbs said.

“We will continue to seek out funding resources to realize our mission of furthering positive changes in people’s lives,” he said. “CVH is very thankful for our supporters and local organizations that contribute to our agency through periodic and monthly giving. Sustained giving, on a regular basis, certainly is a wonderful tool as we develop our yearly budget and project our client needs in all categories.”

For more information about Chelan Valley Hope, to volunteer or make a contribution, call 888-2114, email or visit the group’s Facebook page.

Norm Manly volunteers with many local organizations, including Chelan Valley Hope.