Sunflower stem

Sunflower stem cut open show bud moth caterpillar frass and feeding.

Sunflowers are wonderful garden plants. They are easy to grow and offer a wide variety. Huge Mammoth sunflowers can grow 12 feet tall with 12-inch wide flower heads heavy with seeds that can be roasted for delicious snacks. You can also grow dwarf varieties less than 12 inches tall with 5-inch wide pollenless blooms for cut flowers or bouquets.

The classic sunflower is bright yellow in color, but you can find varieties with flowers of white, lemon, orange, red or even green. A beautiful Teddy Bear sunflower won the Best of Show flower at the Chelan County Fair in 2021, so Master Gardeners decided to feature it in the Boswell Garden at the Chelan County Expo Center for 2022.

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