Name: Judy Derpack

Position seeking: Cascade School Board, Position 2

Age: 65

City: Leavenworth

Work history: 30-year veteran teacher: early childhood (birth to grade 3) instructor/ director/parent educator for Shoreline Community College, 1997-2011; substitute teacher for Cascade School District, 2012-2014; instructor at Mountain Sprouts Children’s Community, 2014-2017

Political or volunteer experience: 12 boards throughout the years, including: Wenatchee River Institute, 2013-2019; VP Friends of the NW Hatcheries, ‘spawnsoring’

Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, 2018- present; Upper Valley Preschool, 2013-2019; Cultural Connections NCW/Leavenworth Spanish-2018-present

Education: Bachelor’s, Early Childhood, minor in Psychology, 1996, National Louis University

Personal: Married, four adult daughters, four grandchildren

Wenatchee World: What do you see as the district’s top strengths and top weaknesses?

Judy Derpack: The whole community, not just the district, is dedicated to a strong education for all. Well-educated children are essential for the future of our strong community. People are invested, cooperative, collaborative and have a "can-do spirit." I haven’t seen this level of commitment in other communities. The diversity is inspiring, the culture genuinely kind.

We draw excellent teachers — they really care and work so hard — but affordable housing and long-term loan reduction are key issues.

The new beautiful schools/facilities were built under budget, on time and with a great relationship with the contractors. That’s something previous boards should be very proud of.

Our district (any district actually) can always find new and better ways to balance social and economic equity. Since 50%+ students qualify for free or reduced lunch, I will work toward social justice. We can intersect the Hispanic cultures in more specific ways. We can strive to diversify curriculum and meet each student’s specific needs to create optimal learning. Every policy change we make at the "top" directly affects each student, and every decision made for each student directly affects the whole district and community. That inter-connectedness is imperative. We need a strong economy and culture.

WW: If elected, what do you hope to accomplish during your term?

Derpack: I will champion for better funding for Accelerated Learning programs, Learning Assistance programs, the strong AVID program, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) with a heavy emphasis on the A. I am very proud of the Early Childhood programs. I will work toward social, economic, cultural and educational equity.

Nevonne McDaniels: 664-7151