WENATCHEE — Parents and staff at Washington Elementary School and the Early Childhood Learning Center used to parking on the street might have to come up with a new plan next year.

The city is proposing eliminating about 10 on-street parking spaces along Washington Street and South Elliott Avenue adjacent to the schools, Wenatchee School District Facilities Director Gregg Herkenrath told school board members Tuesday.

The city contacted the district with the plan designed to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists trying to enter and exit the school parking lots.

“When you come out of the main parking lot, it’s hard to see around the cars that are parked on the same side of the street,” Herkenrath said. “You have kids who cross in certain locations. The idea is to eliminate all the parking on the side of the street adjacent to the parking lot.”

Herkenrath shared the plans with school staff and bus drivers before bringing it to the school board.

“The consensus is these parking revisions will improve safety for pedestrians, buses and vehicles when entering the public streets and school parking lots and bus lanes,” he said.

The board agreed, giving unanimous approval.

Herkenrath said he expects the project, which mostly includes yellow curb paint and new signs, will be completed during the summer.

“Most of the spots on the street are used by staff, so they might have to park further away next year,” he said.