EAST WENATCHEE — Monday’s first day of face-to-face instruction for about 10 special education students at Kenroy Elementary School was successful, but short-lived.

A 15-gallon-a-minute leak discovered in the school’s water main Monday afternoon means those students and the school’s 25 regular classroom teachers who had been basing their remote instruction at the building, will work from home, at least for a couple of days.

“It was so good to see kids back in the classroom, working with teachers,” Spencer Taylor, Eastmont School District’s executive director of elementary education, reported Monday to the school board. “Unfortunately, they’ll all have to switch back to remote learning for a day or two.”

Superintendent Garn Christensen said the leak is not related to the on-campus construction project — adding a kindergarten wing and cafeteria. The water flow, however, softened the ground enough so some of the construction equipment started to sink.

The water needed to be turned off to allow the ground to dry out and the leak to be repaired.

“Without water, not only do we have no restrooms and no water to drink, but we also have no hand washing,” Taylor said. “In a time of COVID-19, we are very attuned to the safety of our staff and kids. We decided not to have staff and students on campus for the next day or two.”

Most students, who have been working from home, won’t notice any difference except their teachers will be working from home, he said.

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